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Official game for Shark Week!
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Aug 8, 2022
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How to install Hungry Shark World MOD APK v4.8.2 (Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Hungry Shark World MOD APK v4.8.2 (Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Hungry Shark World MOD APK v4.8.2 (Money) Game for Android

I love the game but: Mecha sharkjira is really buggy, after about 40 min in a swim the boost stopped working, making it impossible to break certain things without the ability. If you get a mega rush bubble during a mega rush, it overrides and halfs your rush making you lose out on coins. Not a bug but on extinction, I get the same mutations after swapping one which is annoying because the gems go to waste. Fix these and it will be a 5 star from me.

It’s a fantastic sequel to hungry shark evolution, but it seems to not really get the full scope of the original. The original had more sharks, cosmetics, and pets. That would be fine though if the actual maps were all as good as the original’s. The original game’s map was full of life, and places to explore, but the maps in this game feel flat, scattered, and isolated. If the maps were either all as in depth as the original, or connected in some way I think it would be as good as the original.

The game’s graphics are extremely good, the ads aren’t exaggerated like most of the games, it’s just that it takes a lot of time to progress in the game and the fact that some accessories cost many gems that are also really rare and hard to get. In simple words, the game is good but you need to grind on it for much time to go on.

Excellent game for just a few minutes or a few hours, it’s all the same when a few hours pass by so quickly. I just have 1 issue, the new stages will never download due to connectivity issues, it isn’t my mobile or wifi connection so, please fix as I really do enjoy the game.

I love this game but I encountered a way to lose via two of the large oval miles stacking near each other randomly and when you hit one it sets off both and I died three times while playing the game. And the worst part was that I was playing with my free Use Megalodon.

Absolutely adore this game! I’m a huge shark fan…it’s addictive even my kids love playing it. It has some issues could also just be my phone as well. Will try on a different device, however not all adds are rewared… sometimes I’ll be in the middle of a swim and I’m back at my home screen… other than just a few little things, I would definitely suggest it to my friends and family ❤️

Its a great game, loads of fun. However when you use the watch an add feature, the game exists on its own, and you lose all of the earnings for that round. Overall, love it

Really I am satisfied with this game. It is smooth and clear interface. I like this game so much.There should be an account of this game so that any body can login any device and play because if the device burn. If the account system is turned on then it will be the best game in the game world. That’s why I rating 4 start.

This is a great game I am glad that this is easier to play then a while ago and the price of shark went down, as well the game is very fun for your free time i reccomend downloading the game no complaints awesome gameplay and I also like the texture of the remodeled sharks, if you are unsure about downloading this dont be! You won’t regret it if you got this far have a good day

Very enjoyable game and satisfying, I used to keep going back at it everytime I miss this. The update with the op sharks are also insane. But I do have issues with the meltdown shark. At one point randomly the shark just stops eating everytime I approach any edibles and the ancient megalodon also just slows down so much when I overuse it’s skill that it barely even moves which it makes it kinda annoying and always happens everytime.

A very fun, fin-tastic game! Definitely worth installing as a time killer. In this game you’ll be certain to have a whale of a time. It does get a bit grindy at times but it’s well worth it. Lots of places to explore, especially with the maps to sink your teeth into. Cannot wait for future updates.

I love the amount of content available for this game’s play modes. I wish the mobile content would get ported over to the switch version. I adore that the devs support ocean conservation

The game has become a lot more fun since the last time I came here but there are still a lot of things that need fixed. The skins on the sharks are all costing money! I don’t spend money on skins. If I wanted to do that I’d play fortnite. Also, where are all the costume attachments or pets? You can’t just throw them out at contests one at a time! We should be able to see everything! Other than that it’s a good game.

I absolutely love this game! It’s so much fun and it’s really cool to see all the different sharks that are based off of real sharks. It’s silly and relaxing and I can find myself playing for hours. It’s not too difficult to earn gems and pearls without purchasing. The graphics are great and there’s nothing frustrating about the game that I’ve discovered.

The game is cool but my problem was this the older version allow me to buy some equipment like rocket and shield and an ordinary map using gold coin but the new version doesn’t allow me that I can only buy those things using diamonds but it was fully upgraded but I sure wish that I can still buy them using coins because it was so hard to get diamonds and my second request was I wish there were more location i can go to😫

This game is AMAZING!! I am literally playing this at any spare time I have, level up your shark, customize it as great as you can with YOUR style! Get pets to help and chomp away! I FULLY recommend this to everyone and I hope you guys like it as well. There’s barely ANY adverts and the adverts are just there to give you time to quickly go grab your gamer snacks! This game is incredible (Also if you enjoyed thus game as much as me, go check out and!

Really like this game, but I cant continue or get any bonuses that require watching a video, none of your videos will play, absolutely non of them, why does every bonus or continue work on watching a video? The videos will not play so alot of the game is just ruined for me, cant your game see that I tried to watch? Its not my fault the videos won’t load, but I cant get any rewards, so frustrating, so 4 stars, till you fix this issue!!

Cute game, a fun way to pass time and relax! I like the fact its not a lot of ads except for reward ads that I can chose if I want to watch or not lol but I do like to get rewards! Just wish there was even more ocean to explore!!

I’ve began playing this game since I was young on my parents phone. It’s a all around amazing game. the cool new sharks and updates about every month is awsome. The graphics are realistic and cartoonish which is a great mix. I also like how full costumes give you a boost for something. 5 stars amazing game.



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