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Dec 6, 2022
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How to install Homescapes MOD APK v5.8.5 (Unlimited Stars/Coins) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Homescapes MOD APK v5.8.5 (Unlimited Stars/Coins) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Homescapes MOD APK v5.8.5 (Unlimited Stars/Coins) Game for Android


I absolutely love the game and it’s a blast to play, however, some levels are difficult. I spent hours and hours playing endless lives, and didn’t manage to complete them until a few several days after. They’re extremely difficult, and I’m unable to do anything until I’ve completed the levels. The challenging levels are increasing in frequency, which is slowed down the pace of play. It’s a great game, and I’m loving all the options, but the progress is slowing down and is beginning to get difficult.

I’m close to reaching 10000 levels and I must acknowledge that this game can be extremely addictive. A level that is easy appears to be more difficult depending on the moment of events, however I’ve did not pay for the game. Sometimes it’s just more time. Four stars because following the update, I frequently experience issues with stuck game loading. I am able to access it after a certain amount of period of time (up to a couple of days).

Adverts are deceiving. I really enjoyed the game, but it’s really just candy crush but with a story. The game is addictive and once you’ve reached level 500+, you need to pay for a subscription. It’s a great idea, but I do not have the money to keep playing. Certain levels are not possible without spending money on the game. I played an unfinished level over the course of a few days prior to spending money to buy boosts. Then it became a breeze to use

The game has been going on for quite a while time. I’ve just reached level 4000 and was enjoying playing Austin’s childhood games or whatever the most recent side hustle was. But, in the past 2 days, I’ve had to replay levels I’ve played and restore areas that I’ve restored. Today, I’m unable to access the game. I’m not sure what’s wrong. Edit: I updated the game twice this morning after uninstalling it and reinstalling it twice It appearing to be working properly again!

I really enjoy this game. the increasing difficulty as you progress through the game is enjoyable and the mini games are fun. I am awestruck by the new season passes as well as the special events, but the only regrettable aspect is the fact that you don’t have the chance to play the mini-games if we fail to complete them within the allotted time limit. For instance, I wanted to complete Lars’ transformation, but I ended up getting stuck on a difficult level for two days and then failed. I’d like to see that the old seasons and events returned every so often.

I like playing and completing the challenges. The difficulty levels can be a bit challenging but I enjoy the way it plays out for a couple of levels in an easy level, before crashing into a difficult. It keeps me engaged. I am looking forward to watching the whole thing through to conclusion and also to getting the mansion back in order. Beautiful gameplay and gorgeous options.

Incredible animation and story and also interactive. But, it’s a mess in terms of puzzles. The mini games virtually disappear when you reach levels 30-40. Turns become shorter and less (around 12-10) even though they are on the more difficult levels. You have only 5 hearts which require a long time to replenish. It makes me want to not play this game and it seems unfair. And then there’s the fact that it is to earn coins. Ad-based systems or anything will make getting coins much simpler.

I am a huge fan of this game! However, since the most recent update, it keeps closing, and when I attempt to open it again the game closes instantly. My phone displays an alert that states that the game is infected with an issue. That I have to wait until the developer updates the game to ensure that the issue is resolved. I recently purchased the golden ticket, but I cannot play.

It’s fun. The only thing that I don’t like is some of the activities. They’re not the main reason why I’m playing the game and I’m not interested in the events, however they can be a nuisance and often cause me to lose my mind. I really like how frequently the game offers gifts and power-ups as well as the fact that some levels follow the format of advertisements you might encounter (so they’re not false ads technically) as well as the fact that there’s an option to skip dialogue. I’m here to decorate my home with a few things, and I find it enjoyable that the game accommodates my playing style.

I’ve played for about four years. Advertisements are misleading. The game includes mini games of pulling the pin to select the tool, however it’s primarily playing a match-3 game. The game doesn’t require paying to win levels. If you’re performing poorly and are taking the time needed to beat a level power-ups “just happen” to start popping up more frequently. If you’re bad enough and have enough time it’s almost like you’re tripping over all the power boosts that you receive.

It’s a fun game, but you should provide us with more lives, or ways to gain more lives at the least watching ads or other things as well as more methods to earn more coins, because it’s absurd to play an area that doesn’t have any moves, and I only play for three minutes, then fail the level over and over and then sit for hours before I even receive lives. After that, I repeatedly fail the same level and over since the actions are ridiculous similar to 10. Give us something.


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