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Welcome to Homescapes, the most heartwarming game from Playrix's Scapes™ series! Solve match-3 puzzles to restore a wonderful mansion on a verdant street. Exciting adventures start at the doorstep!
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Jun 3, 2022
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How to install Homescapes MOD APK v5.4.3 (Unlimited Stars/Coins) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Homescapes MOD APK v5.4.3 (Unlimited Stars/Coins) APK file.

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[Free Download] Homescapes MOD APK v5.4.3 (Unlimited Stars/Coins) Game for Android

I absolutely love this game. It is currently in the over 1000 stages of this game. It’s both challenging and entertaining! It has a unique storyline which you must beat levels to advance through. It’s also cool that you can simply go through a series of levels and accumulate points to advance through the game even if you’re just looking to solve the puzzles. A note to the designers I’m not a fan of”makeovers” and “makeover” and “knights race” activities. Since I’ve been watching the game evolve and I’m sure you can figure it out.

Fun game. It’s advertising differently than it is played. It’s really just an online game where you can unlock decorations for mansions (and cute pets with part of the app purchase)–which is an excellent game by itself. The characters are enjoyable and have a growing personality. The risk situations (as shown in commercials) are mini games which aren’t part of the main plot. But I still love the game. It’s well worth the in-app purchase. Very nice.

I used to be a fan of this game. However, I am now so disappointed. it is impossible to complete the challenges even after the purchase of Golden tickets. You only get one or two tokens per level and that’s just absurd. Change it to what it was before we could gain access to the level that we were waiting for. by collecting specific colored tiles and then I’ll award you five stars.

I hate hate and hate the latest update that lets you only tap to power ups to activate the power ups! I’ve accidentally activated many times by accident when trying to replace them with a different piece. Additionally, the difficulties are unattainable. I play each day, and I’ve yet to finish a challenge due to “super hard” levels coming out frequently. I had previously given Homescapes 4 stars, however they’ve lost one rating due to unsettling new aspects that the game has introduced.

The game could be an absolute blast even if it did not have insanely difficult levels! I’ve been at three days of a level I have tried every available help multiple times without success, and I’m above average intelligent. NOT FUN!! I’m not averse to having to test several times, but I’m hoping to see progress sooner than this. If you’re willing to spend money on apps, then try it out and save yourself the hassle.

There’s no way to go through the game any time you’d like on the phone red flag number one. I needed to access the Google Play Store on my laptop to and write this. This game is mostly the match-slide game and contains very little other minigames. Match games are excellent, however if you have a lot of wins, the game gets more difficult as random pieces start coming into ways that hinder the game from being good and cascading. Once you purchase the powerup, everything becomes easy. I’d rather it cost $5 to buy

A very interesting game. I really enjoy it, but certain levels are extremely difficult with not enough opportunities to complete the task. It’s frustrating to be stuck on the same level over and over again. While I really enjoy this game, it’s starting to become very annoying as the levels get more difficult, and I’m not getting enough chances to complete these difficult levels. I’ve changed my rating to four stars due to this.

It’s an extremely enjoyable game. The teams are fantastic to be part of. I do believe that some levels when you are above 3,200 are a bit more difficult than they should be. The time spent working on a level can be somewhat frustrating. It’s a game and is supposed to be enjoyable and fun. The graphics are amazing and the storylines are great fun. The support has been fantastic in the event of a difficult problem, and has been able to resolve problems promptly.

I’ve been enjoying it so far. Good graphics, interesting stories and a lot of storylines that aren’t too obvious, and so on. However, 5 hours working on a game isn’t a lot of amusing. Once you’ve gotten to 50+, it becomes extremely difficult. It has a limited number of moves, massive boards, and a lot of tasks, to the point that you’ll need to use every single thing you own and coins to get through one level to start a fire. It’s supposed to be a challenging game of strategy but, come on.

So so far (about 30 levels) I’m really enjoying the game. My ABSOLUTE favorite part is the mini-side games that are similar to the ones that appear in the advertisements. I also hope that the levels don’t become increasingly difficult to get rid of and take all the enjoyment from the game and forcing me to give up and go on to other things. Some difficulty is fine but I do not need to go through an entire level 4/5/6++ several times before I can get to the next level. It’s too stressful and frustrating I don’t think anyone needs that.

I am in love with this game. But I wish I could play frequent plays. It takes too long to replenish lives. The decorating can take too many stars at times. Also, for the ridiculous. The choices don’t match or look nice. I love that it is free to switch and look at other options! Also, I prefer not to being bombarded by advertisements.

Love the game but am stuck at level 54 and there’s no way to beat it without spending money which I’m not likely to spend. It’s a great game! Also, when I was trying to complete levels fast so that I could beat in the RC automobile race lost because it would cut me off to show me a tutorial or the unlock of the swan season or even a mini-game to play! If you’re trying complete an activity that is time-sensitive any interruptions must be avoided or held until you’ve completed. ***

I am enjoying the adventure. However, one might think that when you reach game levels that exceed 1,000, points, the score will be more than one point per win in a game. What about making it 2 points per level victory. There should also be a balance to be considered when deciding to invest the $900 in an additional 5 rolls. There have been several times when I’ve wondered where my money went. The airplanes aren’t worth the cost for a game if they’re chosen prior to the game. they’re only helpful in the game.

It would be a great and ideal game if they don’t require the player to pay money to progress during the course of play. In most cases, you only get tiny moves needed to finish the game to continue. The challenge of games is great however, not when you rely heavily on pay-to-win strategies. I wouldn’t recommend homescapes unless are willing to tackle that all levels. If you don’t get a flawless rng, it’s unlikely to allow you to glide through. Beware.

Fantastic game. I have spent a lot of time and money playing it. But, since the most recent download, every time I try to play the game, and it is trying to load it keeps displaying the “sorry, try again later” panel that keeps repeating repeatedly, regardless of how many times I press the button that says “OK’. Also, I had hour of free time, and I had just bought 22,000 coins, two bombs and a variety of ‘power-ups and other ‘power ups. Unfortunately, I am unable to even launch the game and play!

The typical match 3 game, with the added benefit of design of rooms and home renovation as an incentive perk. It’s a fun game. Both “Scapes” games are but I’ve seen both very aggressively tackle a couple of challenges where you have to make a purchase or you’re going to have to play it out a dozen times. There’s no magical combination that you can pull off and it’s programmed to force you to be stuck until you have spent money or spend a certain number of hearts. To be honest, I’ll give it two

Update: Have been playing for the past two years. As I stated previously, it’s an online match 3 game. They also offer a mini-game which is available every now and then between levels. The mini games are an easy 3 step “fix it” scenerio. I really enjoy playing the game. Will keep playing. It’s not what was promised in the ad. It’s just another match 3 game and they’re getting old. I decided to keep it because of the plot.

I’m not a fan of races where you have to “enter.” If I get a five minute boost, I’ll be wasting 10% of my boost time, waiting through a start-up that I’m not keen on because it’s very rare to finish 15 rounds in one sitting, and therefore have there’s no chance of winning the prize for the race. It’s a time-filler only. Also, I’m frustrated with levels that are impossible to complete in a team challenge and then the next level become a breeze when the challenge has ended. It’s similar to playing with dice to the house in the challenges.

The game was fun, however, due to the limited options and the necessity to complete the levels quickly it is not a great chance of completing an entire level. Additionally, there are certain levels which will leave you hanging for an extended period of duration. The levels are getting more difficultand, after having completed an extremely difficult level, and the next one is easy then I’m back on an extremely difficult level. The events have kept me stuck for so long that I’m unable to complete the tasks required for the deadlines.

What's new

What's new:
- Bug fixes and improvements

Please update the game to the latest version.

• Save Emma's wedding!
• Change the character's style!
• Decorate the wedding venue!

• Help William join the Knight Club and decorate the yard with medieval decorations!
• Get the Knight's Castle decoration.

• Woolly Season! Use the Golden Ticket to get a cute little lamb!
• Help Betty improve her smart home and meet a robot butler!



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