High Heels! APK MOD v3.7.4 (Unlimited Money, No Ads)

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How to install High Heels! APK MOD v3.7.4 (Unlimited Money, No Ads) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded High Heels! APK MOD v3.7.4 (Unlimited Money, No Ads) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


High Heels! MOD APK is a joyful, bouncy multi-platform action game, produced by the developer Zynga. The game is presently the 4th favorite app on Android, number one on the iPhone, and is generating news on TikTok.

Introduce about High Heels!
When life is the high heels!

Silly but addicting
The gaming world is where you find all types of monstrosities in this existence. Typically this game. In High Heels!, you will control the figure walking on high heels. Not regular high heels as one may expect, but true “stilts” like these.

You, playing the part of a girl in a myriad of characters from scratch, will begin your life by collecting as many heels as possible while strolling down the obstacle-filled routes. The more heels you acquire, the higher the shoe you’re walking. For what? To keep continuing and overcome hurdles most discreetly and playfully, to the point of seeming absurd like this. Each level moves on with increasing complexity and density of obstacles, and of course, only a pair of a “high enough” heel can enable you pass effortlessly to continue the following round.

The addicting point of High Heels! is at the conclusion of each challenge. When you pass a challenge, you will once fall on your face and lose a few inches of heels. And you will need to find another heel to put on; otherwise, you don’t expect to pass the level. The unstable, wobbly step yet highly skilful of the female and the excitement of dropping a few heels are both incredibly amusing and engaging.

Nervous, but don’t think too much \sHigh Heels! Using the same gameplay as Stair Run or Tower Run, highly peaceful and entirely comfy. No foes, no ultimate bosses, no stunning slicing techniques. Your only opponent is the barriers along the way and yourself. The ultimate objective of High Heels! extremely apparent, no concealing from the start: ascend to the peak at the last level. After each triumph, there was a circle of supporters encircling to toss fireworks to applaud them passionately. It’s incredibly inspiring and pleasant.

High Heels! In my opinion, it is one of the few short games that contain several qualities in one: stylish, fashionable but yet very simple gameplay, hilarious but well-tuned, tense, but no brain hacking. Watching this easy, simple gaming level like this, you can understand why young, old, and toddlers can play proficiently simply.

Generally, when waiting for someone, you may play this game to kill time or even blogging while playing. No issue.

But you must have some tricks
Like many other games, you always have a particular urge to immerse yourself in the challenges of High Heels!. And to advance to the last level, you will need to pass the previous rounds with the better score possible. Doing this is not easy. In addition to acquiring enough heels to go along the road, it’s crucial to remember:

Find a technique to conquer the hurdles at the lowest parts since the more you touch the high, the more heels will be lost.
Of the loops, the most challenging is the rope-riding task. In these instances, it is preferable to get just in the middle of the string, maintaining the character’s hand as solid as possible not to lose the balance.
You may even take a photo and get yourself more enthusiastic by collecting additional diamonds on the way. There are enough from 600 jewels to swap for a new skin. There are some pretty cool and stylish goods such as: dog purse, choker necklaces, angel wings. But just like in real life, the outfits or accessories that I got merely make me get more attractive and more inspired to continue playing, regardless of talent or the height of the shoes. Especially, Zynga is quite “addicted to advertising”, so if you patiently watch 2-3 adverts after one round, you can even unlock a new character.
But careful not to get too caught up in the prize, since many diamonds are lodged someplace in the corner of the barrier. If you focus on it, you might easily fall into the trap and lose a lot of heels.
The appealing visual style, flexible gait of the figure several times keeps me captivated in watching. Whatever you do, remember not to be sidetracked, but focus on the road ahead because the more hurdles arrive later, the more obstacles, and they always appear unexpectedly.
Super psychological: Real queen or drag queen \sHigh Heels! quite psychological when from the first level, the default has provided the player to pick from a number of characters, from feisty Nicky to gorgeous agents or even aliens.

This is also the component that makes its infectious pace so quick. Whether you are an office girl, a housewife, or a male, you may play High Heels without being timid among crowds. I can select a gorgeous Agent 47 after viewing 3 advertisements. The male figure wearing the drag queen shoes is quite awesome, isn’t it?

Many people assume that the game is trying to prolong the duration, and after a few more updates, it is not known how many levels are remaining. But this is precisely the charm of this type of thought-free-time-killing game. It suits those who enjoy fashion, adore unique notions, want to immerse themselves in the raunchy vibe of a fashionable game but do not want to squander too much energy only for fun.

And yet, the game also dubbed a few really brief but effective shouts, making me both humorous and engaging. You may hear the term “Yass queen pop off”. Then at the end of the level, there is “As you should” in a robot voice.

MOD APK version of High Heels!
MOD features \sUnlimited Money \sNo Ads
Download High Heels! MOD APK for Android
Personally, I score 8/10 on the High Heels! in the genre of the brief entertainment games. The gameplay is concise, extremely straightforward. Easy to comprehend, play is addictive. Timely graphics, modern but also extremely basic products, most of which are just blocks of color that are in harmony with each other. The characters, except at the first selection, the only surviving face may be viewed from the back, thus it allows the developer “create” expressive things.

The characters’ motions are highly rhythmic. The most evident one is that her brother could still walk normally when she grasped the lanky heel. The obstacles are not too difficult, but playing for a while also becomes crazy at times, especially when you walk on the wire. The soundtrack is composed according to the character playing and the obstacle’s level and is often extremely “catwalk” music. Anyone who appreciates fashion music of all types must go through this game.

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