HellCopter MOD APK 1.8.16 (Unlimited Money)

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How to install HellCopter MOD APK 1.8.16 (Unlimited Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded HellCopter MOD APK 1.8.16 (Unlimited Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


HellCopter creates a special mission system every day to approach targets and execute them with weapons. Non-stop operation, the complexity grows to a new level through each level, and they will have successive challenges. Get ready to embrace the new update with several unique gun types, check out their characteristics, and discover methods to own them! Fun and excitement are what gamers may experience when playing in this 3D space.

To start various missions in HellCopter, all you need is to prepare the essential equipment and jump onboard the waiting aircraft. This private plane will transport you to the mission site and continue to look for stuff to destroy. They are present in a building, performing whatever task, attacking them with bullets, and finishing the assignment, then returning—the most delightful leisure activity while relieving tension by fulfilling requests received in the inbox. You will be paid a lot for this task.


For the optimal mission, appearing cooler and more organized at HellCopter is a prerequisite. First, go to the inventory and convert the items you desire from costumes to weapons. Look, there are quite a few themes; they will be suited for each individual event. Normal clothing may also be renovated by upgrading, which costs your coins, be careful when doing them. Prepare carefully for this spectacular clash!

Trendy hair and outfit styles will be ideal for each diverse situation so that you won’t be recognized while on job. Hide and make it tough for the adversary in different ways, battling alone against a large organization. Every day, add something new to your collection of diverse styles by visiting the store periodically to remain up to speed with new models.

As for weaponry, a gun with devastating solid force is the greatest choice. Supported gun lines in the collection will always be accessible, and the rarest, hard-to-find firearms also have a chance to own: typical load ammo, cat ammo, or any animal to kill the target. Never have to worry about the scarcity of ammo supply; the stockpile is infinite! Fire single or dual shots to finish your opponents faster.



Grow HellCopter’s task list by completing all of the specified stages in one day. There are more challenging levels since you are faced with new problems, the boss holds dreadful strength. The crooks inhabiting the facility are hard at work; here’s your opportunity! A mission map is wrapped in around ten separate sites; players walk through all and leave green marks for completed missions.

HellCopter Mod Apk
One of the greatest games I’ve played. Exceptional animation snd good use of mechanics. Love the gameplay and the way evil people soar in the air 😂. My only problem is that the game repeats the level after a certain point. I’m a software engineer and I realize that it’s not simple to construct 200 levels, each distinct from the last one, but I have some ideas that I think would make a terrific addition to your game. Again, amazing game.

This game is fantastic, the shooting is enjoyable and the stages are wonderfully constructed. I just want to offer one thing, could there be a mode or setting that turns off the slow motion, I believe that would be very nice and could boost the challenge if people desire that. Thanks for developing such a nice app game.

Download HellCopter Mod Apk
HellCopter Mod Apk: Very similar to a lot of games but something about this like the graphics are great the controls I like how you just have to tap to shoot like there are no more buttons like you don’t have to turn it’s not like a thousand buttons and it’s not overwhelming cuz that’s one problem for me a lot of games are overwhelming and if you get overwhelmed very easy this is a game for you.

App to Earn FREE Money Guaranteed! Absolutely! Genius! Cool game. Am presently inlevel. But one annoin feature about thisgame is that the red squad has got significantly betterweapons than the blue team. I’ve been gettingo comments whatsoever on my gamethat freezes kout of m games I play. I lose a lot of points because of this issue, yet there’sabsolutely nothing wrong with my internetconnection, the game entirely stop. Pleasefix this, this has been going on since the recent major version on anniversary.

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