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December 1, 2021
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[Free Download] Golf Star v9.3.1 (Full Version) APK for Android

I can’t even play in a match challenge that is BS. The game always gives me a stroke penalty for the time limit. It basically allows me half a second to shoot before it’s time for the next player to shoot. If this is fixed, it’s five stars.

Game is not loading since last update! I get a black screen that displays your name for about a moment but then it turns black! And nothing occurs! Can wait 10 minutes with without loading anything, just a black screen

It says I’m not able to play due to mismatched versions of the game Update to try it again. I can’t update because I don’t have an the option to update on the play store. Therefore, I uninstalled and then restored… Still get say message.

It is well-designed and has a great graphics gameplay. The game has the internal downloading of 800MB The only issue is that I don’t find any written text on anything. like the amount of money I have tutorials and such.

The programming is not up to scratch to use “Time Zone countdowns” I have just tried! I was waiting for the purpose of testing for the final 30 seconds before I took the test within 29 seconds and with 1 second left. But my guess is correct. Ai immediately got a positive score! The amount of seconds that are transferred from country to country isn’t synchronized! I’m guessing that millions of players were playing this game, but did not realize the “Time counter” issue! A serious issue! Each of the “microseconds” counted, isn’t it? !

The game cheats on free players and US players a lot. The guides are completely BS where it shows an uncluttered shot which does nothing as shown. Greens aren’t matched between players, so a player can have straight shots and your shot will be impossible from a distance. A beautiful game, but the greedy bias can kill it.

Like many others I enjoyed this game in the past, however, since the updating, I’m fortunate to be able to play it. This is extremely frustrating, until I’m about to finish. I’ve uninstalled, installed repeatedly and haven’t seen anything except for issues. I love the game, so please fix it before I be able to say “I USED to play Golf Star but they just couldn’t get it right.”

What has been going on with the game! The online play won’t work it’s impossible to play an additional shot in any game because it claims I’ve missed the timer when I’ve had no opportunity to shoot in the first place! It’s a shame for something that simple to go wrong. If this issue is fixed, it could be a great game, but this glitch is absurd and renders the game impossible to play.

It is a broken sht game that isn’t playable against your opponents ???!!!!! I’ve played multiple times but was punished because I took too much time, when in reality, I never have an opportunity of hitting the ball since I am immediately penalized when it is my turn!! This is the case throughout the entire game. !!!!! It’s been happening for quite a while now and YOU are a bunch of idiots who have no idea about the issue with no solution or a change! HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE!! byeongsindeul!!! geseggi deul!!! !

While downloading this game on the first time. It successfully downloaded the game. It then wanted to download more data. My experience suggests that it’s an update that is in addition to the game. I have stopped downloading. I’m not able to open the game. Too bad. I like golf games. Patches never ever, ever work.

App crashed upon updating and is no longer working, Support is lacking You can simply forward the problem to someone else equally useless. Say goodbye to golfstar

Best Android golf game. However, it is expensive and I don’t have the luxury of hours on end to play. It took me a month to earn I won new clubs and won prizes. It took me 2 months to reach the level of 20. Still pretty amazing though.

I really enjoyed playing the game, but it would not update, and I was advised to uninstall and reinstall. Everything went missing. My stars the ultimate and legend clubs, and I’m looking to get to get them back. What can I do to get all the things I’ve earned since I have to install the game? Mulligans7

[Free Download] Golf Star v9.3.1 (Full Version) APK for Android

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