Golf Battle MOD APK v2.2.0 (Auto Reach Hole)

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How to install Golf Battle MOD APK v2.2.0 (Auto Reach Hole) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Golf Battle MOD APK v2.2.0 (Auto Reach Hole) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


Golf Battle MOD APK is a beautiful golf game, both tactical convergence, teaching you the essential expertise in Golf, and offering entertaining and dramatic matches.

Introduce about Golf Battle
The most entertaining multiplayer mini golf game competition!

Playing Golf is not relaxing in Golf Battle
Golf Battle is an online sports game whose premise is a fairly fussy subject: golf. There are also quite a few games with the same issue, although some are too much for hilarious and enjoyable animation, not everyone loves it, some are focusing 3D effects to replicate real life, even to the characters who are also renowned golfers.

As for Golf Battle, in my opinion, is to balance both, a game in between the two categories above. It meets the demands of real golf with a full variety of highly technological experiences. It’s highly dramatic because of the combat quality on every mile, contending continually on dozens of challenging tasks. And it’s both pleasant and not too stressful because the character creation and the scenario in the game are built in the manner of colorful, realistic 3D animation.

Your main job is to compete with many different players on several golf courses with unique topography and gorgeous landscapes. A simple golf game is typically rather dull. For players to constantly feel enthusiastic and never lose their enthusiasm, the manufacturer has built a range of maps, distinct features on two primary game modes, PvP or multiplayer mode, maximum of 6 people. In each game mode, there are two alternative options to pick from, Classic or Rush.

In which Classic mode is the classic gameplay. Your aim is to hit the ball to the hole, the less hits, the faster you win. Rush mode is a series of fast-paced performances, in a set amount of time, you must get the ball into the hole if you want to win.

Golf Battle MOD by APKMODY
Golf Battle for Android \sGolf Battle APK download
But the “deadly” aspect of this sumptuous game is neither in the manipulation, not the basic approach. In this game, after each round, the distance between the standing position and the hole will be longer. And yet, between them will come obstacles to obstruct the ball and to impede the player’s view, and create illusions surrounding the golf hole area. That means you will have to use all your talents, experience from previous rounds, plus the tactics taught during the game tutorial to place the ball into the hole, in such an increasingly tough circumstance.

During the game, it is vital to keep away from Penalty infractions such striking the ball into the water, flying out of the stream, or waiting too long to gain overtime when playing Rush mode. Also, always keep in mind, you’re not wandering about like the aristocracy playing golf in the movies. Golf Fight is a genuine battle, where you will have to continually contend with other players, competing for little by little in terms of score and skill, and time.

The secret for beginner players is to focus on learning how to utilize the right force like playing in real life. When you comprehend and master the range and power output of each shot, you will be able to manage the distance and height of the ball. Even the following strike is predictable. By doing this, you will no longer be terrified of any problems.

Another strategy to increase the quality of your shots is to utilize your earnings to update your clubs. A decent club will help you estimate your striking force more properly, your tee shot more flawlessly and neatly.

When you have achieved the challenging level, the Golf Battle repeatedly “gives” you terrible sandpits. When playing Rush mode, you will be limited to a specific amount of quick little shots and have to bring the ball back to the grass if you don’t want to lose. When playing Classic mode, you also need to learn how to escape out of the sandpit with highly strong hits at full speed. Sandpits are both a specialty of this game and a severe obstacle that makes players both squander time, the amount of hits, and fall into unanticipated scenarios.

Simple but not easy
When playing the game, you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with all the golf techniques from basic to advanced like correct stance, alignment, reflexes, how to see and aim the ball-to-hole distance, how to use force to hit the hole, the right swings, and the right force to control the rolling force of the ball.

Once you’ve mastered it, you can join in-game tournaments or challenge other players across the world, asking your Facebook friends to play.

Every win in each game style will yield a lot of money, enabling players unlock numerous intriguing things and features.

It’s very wonderful yet everything does not come right from the beginning. It takes a time to get used to the controls in the game. Simple operation is merely dragging and drop to align the route of the ball. But to achieve the anticipated impact, you have to alter a lot. To enter into the game, players need to consistently learn and practice the golf abilities described above, until they acquire and comprehend the fundamentals.

Graphics and perspective
All details, progressions, and visuals in Golf Battle are produced on high-quality 3D graphics. There is much lovely scenery as the background for high-class golf courses: a big green meadow, a windy valley, or a field of storks soaring straight. Just gazing at it makes me feel like an aristocracy.

In addition to magnificent visuals, interesting scenes, the game also offers a function that enables altering the viewing angle. You can entirely control your view before hitting a shot. This both helps players feel more comfortable when playing while minimizing defective phases (where players would blame the error of obscuring the visibility of obstacles) (which players will blame the error of blinding the vision of obstacles).

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