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FR LEGENDS is all about drifting!
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May 27, 2022
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How to install FR Legends MOD APK v0.3.2 (Unlimited Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded FR Legends MOD APK v0.3.2 (Unlimited Money) APK file.

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[Free Download] FR Legends MOD APK v0.3.2 (Unlimited Money) Game for Android

This is , of course, one of the top games I’ve played! It’s just that it needs more information. As with newer cars like Supra, RX-7 FD, R34, Mustang (as it’s also FR) and many more. Additionally, you must include the championship mode since it’s locked for long periods of time. Also, you should add some large free roam maps, so I can join in multiplayer. Still, it’s an excellent game.

It’s one of the top phone games for those who want to drift. So far, it’s very stable. There are some issues with advertisements. Sometimes it states that I missed it, even though there was no video or timer. In any case, just wait for 1 minute before pressing the X. In other words, a excellent game.

One friend from my internet play this game. The game looked very promising from one screen. I can confirm that it has been played after 13h of time. There’s a lot of personalization and tracks. Also that there aren’t any ads in this game unless they’re to earn in-game currency. The only thing that the game is in need of in the moment is more cars and perhaps more wheels, other than it’s the best car simulation game I’ve played on my mobile.

Excellent game, among the most drifting games I’ve played. The game’s customization is 9/10, the driving mechanics 8/10 game play (levels and other stuff) 8/10. Needs more cars (some domestics) and more levels, perhaps an adventure mode, a friend list type of thing or the ability to manually shift. The art style and graphics are excellent quality, and it’s extremely distinctive. The ads are only displayed for when you’re looking for free items and they don’t show up in a way that is annoying which is a major positive.

The game is fantastic! Many customization options and excellent Physics. I’d love to get a drift point’s system implemented in multiplayer it could be that at the beginning you earn 20 coins every 2 seconds that you drift, After 15 seconds, it increases to 40 before settling down to 80 after 15 seconds, and so on etc., since Rammer’s as they’re known are extremely expensive, and you have to spend 1000 coins to repair the damage caused. Therefore, I think the return of something in the lobby would help to balance the problem…

The game is incredible! The balance between easy managing the drift while ensuring it takes to make it with perfection is just right! Both the cars and their interiors as well as the tracks are excellent. What’s missing is: 1. The engine sounds are very poor. The car sounds all similar. 2. The capability to paint various areas of the car’s body in a separate manner. (eg. spoilers, wheel fenders) skirt). 3. It is a point-based system. It’s good however you have to include penalties for corrections. Because everyone does them every day.

It’s extremely difficult. I’m always failing in the beginning. It’s not a good beginner’s game. The music is great but. It seems like this game doesn’t appeal to me. The game is worth 4 stars for the music and nice design however, I’m likely to delete the game as it’s too complicated for people who are just beginning their journey.

This is among the top car games played that mobile phone users can play. There are no ads, no BS only pure pleasure. The degree of customization can be enough to build the perfect car. Game modes work awesome The camera angles and drone modes are extremely impressive, and most importantly, the gameplay and control is awe-inspiring. It’s evident how enthralled the developers are with this work of art. It is truly a 10/10 game. Edit: Please include the RX7 fd3s. What is the reason this game does not include it?

Graphics wiring is initially wired but it looks great later. It works great on lower end devices. The graphics aren’t as real as the others but it’s fine. The game is a bit monotonous, but if your passion is drifting, it won’t be a problem. Multiplayer is fantastic and I’m not sure if a the lack of communication is something that’s good or bad however typing can be tedious. It’s easy to find, and doesn’t cost a lot. I love it.

The game is great for people who have no notion of drifting . The game isn’t about drifting but for me who have played too numerous drift racing games, it’s awe inspiring because the things I can do in this game takes more time and effort to achieve in other self-proclaimed drifting games. I’m not even able to think of the times I’ve played the game . However, I believe that the download was the most enjoyable thing I’ve done. Thank you to the developers for putting together a very basic game.

Fantastic game. It’s free and with no advertisements. The only reason I give the game 4 stars is that in battle mode, it’s telling me to am able to hit the leader car once it gets clise and I own a car I haven’t yet used and also i need to purchase new tires every day due to the fact that the tires on this car are getting less durable. It’s a fun game, however. Hope to see those gliches repaired!

I am a huge fan of this game as I’m a fan of drifting. However, I’m only 12 and don’t have the ability to perform this in reality. However, I can do it in FR Legends. However, I have a problem , we require many more vehicles (Fast and the Fast Tokyo Drift cars) and that’s all.

Fantastic game! I’ve played for some time now and it’s still fun. (Review) I’m experiencing problems now, and every once in a while , the game tilt steering seems to cease to function. I’m not so good with different types of steering. What should I do ? The length of time it takes to be back in operation. It is urgent to fix the Samsung S-21 ultra

Overall, it was a good game. It would be interesting to look into the possibility of adding additional touge mountain tracks as well as dirt stages? Touge is a topic that has been discussed. what could really propel it to the next level is adding an AI to race on in practice, similar to drift. A night mode , and driving isn’t without its challenges. For example, racing without touching grass, causing damage or running on worn tires before the timer or tire wears out. These are only suggestions. already satisfied with the game, so good job!

The game was enjoyable and however, please correct the ads as it will not work, and you should add more cars such as R34s, and JDMs with newer models offer us quests, like rewards for Gold because getting the gold is difficult. However, the main thing to do is to make more slots free and then include an possibility for selling the vehicle to ensure we can purchase newer models and then add more cars. If this occurs, the game will likely be better.

Fantastic game. I really like it. However, there are a few things I’d love to see modified ….. 1. Two more cars. We either earn more money or the things we purchase ought to be cheaper since it’s very difficult to earn money. If you could solve these issues, it’s as a 5

What's new

New Car
New Rims
New stickers:ReveD,RushD,MFC
No Collision mode option in Multiplayer
Ping limit in Multiplayer



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