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Create and save complete multi-track music projects on your Phone, Tablet or Chromebook. Record, sequence, edit, mix and render complete songs.
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Sep 12, 2022
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How to install FL Studio Mobile MOD APK v4.1.2 (Pro Version Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded FL Studio Mobile MOD APK v4.1.2 (Pro Version Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] FL Studio Mobile MOD APK v4.1.2 (Pro Version Unlocked) App for Android


I’m happy to help, just let me know how to combine my imports with my own samples. Also, allow me to modify my sample’s length, which can reduce it at any time. Let me add sounds into grids, then let it play and listen to the entire sequence I created. The app is very unstable currently, dear. You should have the ability hear the piano’s sounds constantly and it shouldn’t be stuck. Additionally, we should be able adjust the sizes of the keys on the piano to create more enjoyable music. More information on Emai.

One thing that I’m able to think of as wrong in FLS Mobile is that it makes me want more features that are already in place. *DEVs*: please improve upon the existing song search feature to add the ability to search and/or a feature that shows recent projects. It’s difficult for me to remember the songs’ names. Finding an album in my head when scrolling through an alphabetically organized listing, for me, makes it difficult to remain in the present. In other words thank you! Keep up the good work!

A little sluggish and unsatisfactory in a variety of ways, but nevertheless one of the best apps available on Android. I love it for driving trips, and also when it’s too late access my computer. But, I’ve discovered an issue that is reproducible if you name two audio files as the same and save them in different directories. you aren’t able to alter their pitch when you play it as an audio file. The issue is that once you set it to match, it’s using the incorrect audio file. I hope this helps!

I personally love this application. I believe it’s worth the money. The interface is at first confusing and also cluttered. I would prefer it wasn’t glitchy at times , and although certain Instruments names could be more specific about what they mean however they can be confusing at times. In any case I’d highly recommend this!

Like many others I’ve bought numerous music-making apps G Stomper Producer Audio Evolution and Caustic and other. However, only two are of use for me: Koala Sampler and FL Mobile. I have absolutely no complaints. I have it installed on my one year and a half-old Tablet and it works flawlessly. Thanks, Image Line. Keep up the good work.

Absolutely amazing. I like being able to write down an idea while in the car and save the file to FL studio. I can then use FL studio mobile app within the desktop version of FL studio to proceed with the project using my ideal setup from there. It’s really enjoyable to use using my Oppo find nphone, and it’s no problem filling up the screen and although the touch interface isn’t easy to master but this is Android, therefore just connect a mouse and you’ll be able to have no problems with controlling the application.

It’s actually not too terrible. The only issue that prevents me from giving it 5 stars that it deserves is that I can’t make notes on slides when working with bass or 808’s or even one shot to make extra sauces similar to the desktop edition which I’d like to add in the future as well as the mini gross beat for other effects. Overall, it’s pretty great.

To be completely honest I have no idea what this is all about, even after reading the instructional videos. I’ve tried for the longest time and am beginning to regret the decision I made to purchase this. It does however have numerous features that are superior to my usual software and is packed with effects that you can enhance. I would be happy to be able to use my brain’s tiny size capable of learning to do this without going to death.

Awe-inspiring application. Created a few songs as well. It was great earlier. Why would you remove the option of adding presets and samples. It’s a bummer. I’ve added the sample folder, but it does not show up in the application. This is a real pain.

Fantastic program. You can use it to create professional tracks. Imageline, are you planning on adding any sidechaining features where you could connect another channel to the compressor to manage the audio ducking instead than the basic autoduck unit? I would like to be able to sidechain my tracks using vocals in order to prevent the vocals from competing against other tracks. Are these ideas in the works?

I’ve been using this program for around a quarter of a year and it has been performing incredible. The only issue I’m having currently is that certain songs with vocals aren’t exported. The songs reach 8%, and then the whole app. It was resolved prior to the recent update. It is important to fix this issue again

What's new


3x Osc - New, 1:1 port of the FL Studio desktop version complete with 100's of patches.

Slide notes - Select note and 'Toggle slides' mode to slide notes and chords.

Note selection > More (menu) - New transpose functions, Humanize, Set note lengths, and more.

Note panning

Project Tab - New location to add project meta-data and analyze project performance

And more! Find the full What's New here: https://forum.image-line.com/viewtopic.php?f=1964&t=260871



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