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Develop and customise your own F1® car from the ground up, race for one of the 10 official F1® teams, and challenge opponents from around the world to thrilling multiplayer Duels.
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Aug 9, 2022
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How to install F1 Mobile Racing 2022 MOD APK v4.2.17 (Money) + Data APK?

1. Tap the downloaded F1 Mobile Racing 2022 MOD APK v4.2.17 (Money) + Data APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] F1 Mobile Racing 2022 MOD APK v4.2.17 (Money) + Data Game for Android

I hope codemasters can fix bugs in the game. For example, when you play an advertisement for the wear of the engine the back button to lobby disappears. The solution is to restart it. Another thing I would like to see is that you could fix the levels so that each player can compete equally. For example, I am level 9 and my opponent level 31. Where’s the equality? Codemasters, I hope you can find a solution. I will still play the game even though it is difficult. We are grateful!

To be honest, a great game. Beautiful graphics and very real track experiences. Races should be mostly against other drivers from the same league in the PvP mode. In the career mode, particularly towards the end seasons, as we build up our cars, other drivers’ cars need to be built up too. This will keep the competition tight. It is a bit easy to allow a car’s leveling up and others getting left behind, especially if your car is much better. We are grateful

It’s an acceptable ……game, but it’s less p2w than 2021. All team cars have the same liveries, but they are all identical. Engine wear is too high. Since the last update, I’ve noticed that I cannot open drs, even though the option is open ……. This means that clicking the drs buttons is not effective. It is a multiplayer internet battle. The one with slow internet tends to win so the other gets paused every millisecond of low internet ping.

Fun game, but there are a few bugs. First, the penalty system does not work for everyone equally. My car slows down when I get off the track. However, it doesn’t slow down for my competitors who get off the tracks. Their car doesn’t slow down at all. Second, the DRS sometimes doesn’t work during sprint qualifying.

The graphics are impressive and the sound effects/sounds overall are great. However, I am annoyed by the physics. Every green bump slows down you at an excessive rate. They can be difficult to beat, and take a lot of effort to catch up with. However, they don’t offer much in the way of fights for being so fast. Online matches “with” collision give dirty players an advantage, as they can knock you off track and offer a faster recovery than yours. These are the best ways to attract more players.

It seems like the new update is working well. Except that sometimes I have trouble controlling the car. On certain tracks, the wheels lock and the car goes straight instead of turning when I try to turn them. It’s possible that the game is causing the problem. This happens at certain turns. The car won’t turn until it reaches the barrier, even though I tap the screen. I don’t know what the problem is. Is anyone else having this problem? ?

The game was great until the last update, when the brakes stopped working. It’s the third consecutive race in league where i have to press the brake, and the car won’t stop. The engine power cut can sometimes be so severe. I find it annoying that when i cut corners, the engine power cuts off. However, the opponent gains speed and is able to overtake many cars. It seems like the AI is very slow and blocks you. I’m sure you can resolve this issue.

Carrer needs to be updated. 3 laps is not enough. Also, car degradation is very rapid. Increasing laps can decrease car degradation which would be awesome. Carrer mode is for cars only. AI cars are not affected by the degradation. Pitstops are a minor request. All in all, it is a fun and enjoyable game.

This is a very addictive game. It’s very realistic and fun. Unfortunately, it does have some glitches as it is a live game. Developers are under immense pressure to resolve issues. Patients will need to be present while they attempt to resolve or offer advice. A great game otherwise.

This is a great game for those who can’t get official F1 games. However, there are some bugs in the penalty system. Personally, I don’t like the auto reset to track mechanic, off-track slowdown, or the penalty system. I would like to see a countdown or manual reset system, greater technical penalties and longer career mode races, depending on the difficulty level.

Hello Devs! This is my second review. I am going to add 1 star, because the update was fire. The 2022 F1 car is a great choice. Although the graphics are good, i believe you could make them even better. Although the controls are more responsive than the previous version, there is still an issue with the connection. It keeps disconnecting after PvP games. The loading screen remains. Minor bugs aside, i’m sure y’all are working on it. Devs, thank you!

The game is much more enjoyable now that the latest updates have been released. Career mode is easier to play because you can spend so many tokens on upgrades to your car. You can’t move to another team every week, but the car is still so basic despite the hundreds of thousands of tokens spent. There is a need for balance. It’s okay to rest. It was great! It still has a lot to improve on so I’m giving it 4 stars.

It’s a nice game, but the steering is twitchy. A slight adjustment doesn’t do much until suddenly you go off-track. The ghost car can speed off the track without losing speed in challenge mode. I however use the kerbs to stop acceleration! The online opponent can also ram me off the track and make me go around corners faster using the runoff, which slows down me. It would be much better if the steering and cheating AI were fixed. Edit: Very glitchy, freezes constantly, and the coin rewards are very pitiful.

What's new

Update 25 is here and it brings a bunch of fixes and tons of new content for you to enjoy!
Enjoy all 10 teams official 2022 contenders & race against the official 2022 driver line-up in Duels, Events and Career Mode!
Experience the excitement of Miami and race in the sun at the Miami International Autodrome, a brand-new track introduced to F1 Mobile Racing! Centred around the Hard Rock Stadium, this track is one of a kind!



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