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You break into the mansion at night.
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Aug 16, 2022
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[Free Download] Eyes – The Horror Game MOD APK v6.1.96 (All Unlocked) Game for Android


It would be wonderful if tale chapters were unlocked by 100 percent completing the preceding chapter, rather than by using in-game currency. The power that allows me to see into the enemy’ eyes has to stay longer. Looking through keyholes might also be handy, so as to avoid run into the monster when leaving a room.
This is excellent, it’s terrifying but not too scary. The first time I played this she startled me but now she isn’t scary I wish that the eyes we’re longer and clear but overall I like it. My cousin beat the game bc he kept reviving lol but after that,you can’t play a fresh level since they cost money, which makes me sad. I would give it a (5 stars) if it were free or you could be at a level to proceed to the next one, but cautious if you beat it because you have pay for the next level. Thank you❤
So firstly, I’m delighted that this is the full version of EYES and it has improved. It’s a terrific gameplay, with clues and such like. Secondly, graphics are plain it’s acceptable, at least you got nice textures. Love it. 3rdly, it’s challenging. Keep up the wonderful job on the next update! 💕 Excited for the next level shortly. Lastly, tough for opening cupboards and drawers cause you need be near it lol. Additional: The ghost’s hair glitched through the walls in the music room. That’s the only bug I’ve experienced.


Eyes: Scary Thriller tells about a burglary in a mysterious mansion, located outside the suburbs. It was owned by Mr Miles, an immensely wealthy merchant. However, this property has been abandoned for a long time and no one knows the cause.


A group of robbers knew that the mansion has a lot of money, they created a strategy to surpass the protective walls and break inside. But it appears bizarre things are going on. The scene within has grown bleak, chilly. And they felt as if someone had appeared in this monstrous mansion.



Eyes: Scary Thriller delivers each material through levels, you will move through them in turn with each small area has been pre-divided. In each level, the goal that you need to fulfill is to find the money bags hidden in the mansion. Then, you need to hunt for the door identified by your teammates previously to certify that the mission is complete.

In fact, all the success of a horror piece is in visuals and sounds. You can immediately sense the oppression when playing this game. Everything is in darkness; only a small quantity of light is reflected from minuscule nooks. You cannot light this scene. Therefore, the dark areas are usually a great place for ghosts to lurk there and unexpectedly attack. But if there is not an extraordinarily good sound system, it is impossible to express the terror of this game. Every time you glance at the darkness, there will be subtle sounds, enough to make you think about numerous things. But you can’t estimate which direction the enemy came from.

the game, certainly everyone understands. The player will have to perform two things at the same time as discovering clues and dodging ghosts. These horrible foes cannot be vanquished; you only have one option to escape. Use hand-drawn maps to plan your next step carefully. Before opting to do something, you must examine it attentively and rely on the information acquired to infer. But obviously it will not be possible to avoid meeting ghosts; they will suddenly rush to attack you. If you wish to keep your life, quickly run immediately. Only that manner will help you keep your life.

I loved the game, but it can sometimes be too hard to pass some stages, like in school hard mode the difficulty is yes high, but still I find the challenge pretty impossible, and it’s really hard to reach all journal entries, there should be something to help you achieve them. And I believe the game should have more chapters, I realize it might not be easy to build one, but please, make new chapters. 😊

Fun game with controls that actually function. A lot of horror games on here tend to be lazily created, cheap visuals and no effort put on the minor things, but this game is considerably better and with smooth controls it makes all the difference. Sound is also crucial to creating the perfect spooky atmosphere. First ghost you nailed it, the last one could do with a bit of fine tuning. But over all, definitely worth the download.

I Love it!! I adore playing this game, this is the most horrific and disturbing game I have ever seen and it’s a really interesting game. Thank you so much for adding a new character. I’ve been waiting for a new monster to release. Keep on inventing new monsters, and make new locales. The new monster (Ursula) you introduced, is when if it’s on the same floor as you, I can’t hear the sound of it, the lights only flickers and the sound of objects shaking is all I hear. So could you fix this problem. Also can you add a multiplayer feature and a VR mode. Thank You.

This game is an amazing horror game on the move. Just two difficulties. ONE- In the map “Mansion”, there are wierd errors where the drawers and boards are missing or in the wrong place. TWO- I personally play offline to avoid lag, but there is one thing that annoys me more than anything…THE “YOUR OFFLINE SO YOU CANT TO THIS” bubble that pops up in the midst of your game…and always at the worst time imaginable. Either make a setting to turn this off or get rid of it totally. So many deaths.

Some information you should know

There are a few things you should know when playing Eyes: Scary Thriller. First, Eye Runes cannot be acquired with coins. These supporting things are placed about the house, you will have to find and use them in parallel with locating bags of money. Eye Runes are particularly significant since at higher levels ghosts move quicker and become more clever. It can catch you anywhere if you cannot locate it to evade.

Second, if you do encounter ghosts, you need to run fast, sneak through narrow areas so that they lose track of you. The game features quick mobility capability, allowing you to accelerate within 3 seconds. Although not too long, it is enough time for you to leave.

Love the game. The graphics are getting better. Contains some new features which is making it entirely much better. There is no adverse comment for the advertisement since the placement is simply fine, no fault at the ads. But, it’s not that scary I guess. The first you play, it’s probably gonna spook you, but for the third time, forth time it’s just like easy to beat the game. And I noticed that the 3d sound of the monster is just not right:) also my idea is how about in nightmare mode, you can’t have some clues like no shaking stuffs, sounds and light faults, so that we have more challenge to beat the level.

It’s eyes a classic game but it’s simply a slog and a half to play different levels nothing really strikes out as remarkable unless it flashes. The witch (spoiler) is also in the mansion? So I’m paying 500 coins for the same map only a different character skin instead of klause. Even still with that this game is pretty enjoyable and thrilling. The controls are easy cooldowns are a pain watch an ad though and you’ll move faster when you Sprint and it lasts longer. And utilize an ad for eyeballs.

I loved playing this. It seems this game has various locations you can visit and play them at different levels; there are 4 levels. The 1st location is free. While the other locations are not. You need to buy the rest of the locations. In-game currencies make this easy. The one thing that I did not enjoy is that is not a completely offline game. Some of the advantages needs internet for you to use it. I don’t know if it was just mine. The hand produced maps was only for the 1st location.


Eyes: Scary Thriller is a horror game. Its material is supposed to imitate Evil Nun, Granny: Chapter Two or Five Nights at Freddy’s. This game contains a lot of disturbing scenarios, from dark halls, frigid walls, abandoned chambers with dirty stuff.

The most terror is the ghost Krasue. Krasue has a look that makes the player feel uncomfortable, she only has a head with long hair and floating organs. She carried her wrath, willing to make the people who broke into the mansion suffer like she did.


Along with that, the background music tracks are full of sadness. Soon you will feel like you are inside Mr. Miles’ abandoned estate, with the thrill, drama, and trembling of not knowing what’s behind the door.

The game is good by itself. It is sorta nerve frightening for the first few plays (2-3), plus it is a minor time killer. But it does have a shortage of enemy designs, and they all seem to be the same gameplay wise, which makes the game turn bland very, very fast. Also, I’ve seen the floating head model in multiple other games, and I could tell it was ported from some sort of store.

Absolutely LOVE this game!!! The mood is fantastic (although it could have been nice to have some more changes other than continual wind and creaky doors) (although it could have been nice to have some more variations other than persistent wind and creaky doors). I suppose Krasue is probably my all-time favourite. Takes a bit to accumulate up coins, but worth it. Nightmare mode really IS a frickin’ nightmare! Almost NO chance since the ghost/monster is just too quick. Hopefully next time they do upgrades they might make it even more terrifying (‘specially the jump scares!)👍🏻😱

What's new

* updated libraries
* fixed IAP flow


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