ES File Explorer File Manager MOD APK v (Premium)

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July 02, 2022
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How to install ES File Explorer File Manager MOD APK v4.2.9.7 (Premium) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded ES File Explorer File Manager MOD APK v4.2.9.7 (Premium) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] ES File Explorer File Manager MOD APK V4.2.9.7 (Premium) App for Android

When using an Android device, we will have to work quite a lot with files. Maybe you want to extract a ZIP file to a specific folder, or simply cutting, pasting and moving them to different areas of the memory. ES File Explorer was developed to support these tasks, including advanced features such as compressing images or hiding personal information. We will learn about the benefits that the application can bring in this article.

Memory capacity analysis

This is the first feature that I mentioned and it is probably something that you are interested in the top because the storage space on the device is gradually shrinking. ES File Explorer will scan all files and folders, then give parameters about the amount of space each file is occupied. These include images, sounds (recording files, and music), documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), applications, etc. Scroll down is the analysis and prediction, about the files and junk (recently created, duplicated or redundant). From there, you can easily free up memory to make more storage space.

Zip and unzip

Usually, Android devices also come with a default file manager, but they’re weak, don’t have high performance, and don’t have many features to support them. For example, compress images, or other media files to make them smoother, match the screen resolution and reduce storage capacity. How ES File Explorer shows its usefulness when you can do these tasks with just a few simple clicks. The file after compression will be stored new, or overwrite the original, depending on your settings. In addition, the application also supports decompression but with superior speed. You can try with big compressed files to see the difference.


The best thing about ES File Explorer Manager is that even though it has a pretty intimidating description of catering to users who need a more comprehensive way of viewing their phone’s file structure. It has, surprisingly, a very user friendly interface. The app is beautifully designed, and even before you can choose the menu to access the file structure as it is, the app would compile the majority of the files you probably would be interested in such as documents, videos, and photos.

Down to a more advanced level, ES File Explorer gives you the basic ability to browse through your file tree. But at the same time, also give you the ability to modify them as you see fit: Splicing, copy, pasting, moving, e.t.c. as well as transferring them to different devices. The app also came with a viewer and player for you to see your photos or watch your videos without leaving the app. While this can also be done on the vanilla File Manager, ES took it one step further by also integrating support for .rar and .zip archives.

The master function for true professionals who want to unlock the full power of their phone with this app, however, would be the Root Explorer. This function, obviously, requires you to root your phone, and once you did, ES File Explorer Manager PRO would grant you access down to the barebone files. This is something that the vanilla File Manager did not allow you to. There are risks in doing this, since you would be messing with the components that made up your phone’s operating system, but if you are aware and willing to brave this, ES is there.

Various default Android managers, although intuitive, often cannot effectively deal with multiple residual files. This is exactly what ES File Explorer Pro was crafted for. First of all, the application scans the whole system and checks how much space every single file takes to help estimate an actual memory usage, which seems to be an extremely profitable feature in the era of multiplying content – news, archived messages, pictures, music and movie files. ES Explorer Pro analyzes memory capacity up to date and helps to avoid overload, as provides efficient and intuitive cleaning tools. Keep an eye on your mobile’s memory loss and be sure that your device will always operate at full speed and at full capacity. And last but not least – ES  Explorer Pro Mod enables to a user compressing files and thanks to that save even more storage space by saving or overwriting data, whatever settings you prefer or need.

In this context, another useful option cannot be forgotten. Thanks to ES File Explorer Pro Mod Apk you can create convenient shortcuts for all the downloaded files. No need to dig into a folder hidden inside another folder, hidden inside another folder, and so on, and so on, in and all this only to find one particular file. With ES File Explorer Mod Apk you can easily add a shortcut to your main screen and as easily delete it when no longer needed. No more frantic ransacking, only simple and intuitive navigation. A FISTFUL OF OTHER FACILITIES

Download ES File Explorer Pro and breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your personal files and documents may be guarded with PIN numbers and passwords, protecting you from any kind of fraudulent activity, if necessary. Thanks to ES File Pro you also get a chance to effectively refresh the mobile’s image with a bunch of new themes provided by the application. Bored with default colors, backgrounds, patterns, and icons? Now you can change the whole look with a few clicks, discovering many differential templates, available in both free and paid versions, but always refreshing and energizing.

Pay a visit to HappyMod Download and download ES File Explorer Pro Terbaru for free and give it a chance to make your life easier. The application can be found in the download section on HappyMod site. This is one of the most useful applications you can find on the market. It will become your best companion thanks to its functionality and tools. You can’t miss it. Download the application now!


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