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#DRIVE is an endless driving videogame inspired by road and action movies from 1970s. As simple as possible, allowing the player to pick a car, pick the place and just hit the road. Just be aware not to hit anything else!
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Jun 10, 2022
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How to install #DRIVE MOD APK v2.2.99 Full (Unlimited Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded #DRIVE MOD APK v2.2.99 Full (Unlimited Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] #DRIVE MOD APK v2.2.99 Full (Unlimited Money) Game for Android

Game gives a great first impression. Beautiful graphics and design. But that’s about it. The maps are attractive however they are repetitive. Once you’ve driven about 30 seconds you’ve seen all the maps have to provide. A lot of cars, but they’re all too little of an improvement in terms of driving to make it worthwhile to save the money for these maps. The person who talks is funny in the beginning but then becomes a bit irritating. I’d suggest reducing the frequency of his talk to 10%, and then adding more lines. There is no option to choose only the cars owned by him.

Fantastic game. I love the tracks, and the weekly cars are awesome. The “coolness” of each car is awesome however, for the customization it would be great to have suspension adjustments and also add a full-colour wheel instead of only four colors. I’m also stuck with Level 13 of the challenge, which states ‘Trick the police’. I’ve tried for more than an year and still can’t find a way to complete it. I’m hoping you can help me.

I am a huge fan of the gameplay and aesthetics. Its photo-based mode is awesome. However, the car-choosing interface is a disaster. It’s beautiful however it’s not usable. The collection panel does not really assist in navigation, since it moves too fast, and it isn’t possible to click on the cars that you have. Also, I would like to see a the ability to timer 3 seconds after you exit the game using the Pause menu.

A great game to drive even though you know there’s a possible issue in the steering (eg when you turn it left and it goes towards the left). However, is it really off line? I’m in a poor service area and even though the phone isn’t connected I’m not able to play the game. It will be stopped at the option of cars, or at the map I’m playing or if playing a map, it’ll play a loop that has the map with no oncoming cars, and no coins, etc.

Great game! Needs some time to get familiar with, and so that you can master its controls. Once that’s accomplished, it’s great fun. We can’t wait for the next maps and vehicles in the next updates.. If there’s anything I would like to add to this review, it’s that the voice actor could have been more specific in indicating the fuel pumps that are coming in and other services. It’s not a major problem. Overall, this is a great album.

I am a huge fan of this game and I would highly recommend it to all who love cars. after the initial download, you’ll never want to uninstall it, but when you sign in as a brand new player, be aware that it’s not so easy to download Maps and cars. You have to wait for and also progress devs. If you’re reading this, could be a bit more specific and include an 1980s accord or an 70s or 80s tacoma. Thank you for taking the time.

I always look forward to this game every time I want to take a quick drive and gain some caps. The incredible graphics go with the simple controls. I would highly recommend it if you’re looking for a relaxed experience.

This is among the most enjoyable games that you can play on your mobile device! I am awed by the graphics, gameplay , and all the other aspects of this fantastic game. What I love most is the old-fashioned theme it is based on! The game is getting better with every update. Keep it up devs!

Daily gift feature has been updated to 5. This update seems to improve control and is now more tolerant when you get off the edge in certain circumstances. Paid for premium/remove advertisements a while ago, and I am not regretting it.

This game features amazing and unique graphics and thrilling gameplay. It’s like you’re taking a road journey! If I were to make improvements to any aspect of the game, I’d just add more options for customization as well as more modern vehicles? Perhaps around the 90’s. Maybe add a PC version? Please include a PC version I beg you to do so.

Hello , devs! I enjoy your game. It’s fun and relaxing at the but my one issue in this game is selecting your car, it’s difficult to move and look for cars because it is difficult to click the majority times. I’m not pressing it to select the car and not the arrow. It’s time to make it more precise and user-friendly. The gameplay is enjoyable, but when it comes to choosing or searching the internet for vehicles isn’t that great.

Excellent art style, which is perfect with great maps and relaxing music. The game is perfect to play casually as you listen to your favorite podcasts and other things. It also has a range of vehicles to play with like police cars, easter eggs unlockables, and of course the special vans that are stunning.

I’ve never paid to remove ads previously however I thoroughly enjoyed the sport, and so decided to. I also bought extra tickets and caps, however an updated version of the game has removed the additional tickets and caps. I’ve contacted the developers numerous times, but haven’t received a reply. I am extremely disappointed with the developers for basically stealing my money. Update: 4/15/22. Developers have refunded my money. Since I actually enjoy playing the game, I’ve changed my review. 3 stars due to the time required to resolve my concern.

The best driving game at least , in my opinion. The graphics are great for devices with low specs and the game was a little painful, but it was fun. Despite the fact that certain aspects of the “coolness” feature are nonsense however, I had enjoyment playing it.

Very good game! There are a lot of cars were built in the 70s. That’s a unlike other games which only feature 90s JDM cars. The graphics are original and look great. The map’s number is acceptable and the controls are easy to use. There are still things to be added or improved like additional modifications for automobiles, and a wide range of colors, so why not add an Switzerland map? With villages and mountains, as well as beautiful roads, it might be fascinating and also include cars like the Monteverdi as well as an Opel GT 1900. Tkx Dev !

A nice and unique design. Simple and complicated enough.lots of vehicles to pick from and update.fairly quickly by playing a tilt stering game with an adjustment for sensitivity would be the best alternative. . The game itself isn’t too big on storage (under300mb) however it feels huge when playing) I’ll keep it around in anticipation of updates in the future. to install .only the time is going to tell until then the store on play will inform me whether I missed any updates. Fun game I enjoy it. It is a must-play for anyone.offline too.

One of the few games today that do not have you milking your money until it’s dry. Excellent attention to detail in the different kinds of food and maps The only thing to consider is do you have a method that you can sort your cars according to the order of numbers?

Fun arcade racing game. You can drive the fastest you can until you get hit or run into fuel. The cars are beautiful The music plays it, it has controller support and plays very few advertisements and you make money quickly. One of the biggest complaints is that the cars are expensive to unlock there aren’t many maps available for driving on and various colors you can choose to paint your car are restricted and boring. I would like them to include maps with ramps, loop-deloops and stunts to perform. Also, more different kinds of cars are needed.

This is a fun game for those seeking an endless run kind of game. There are no frills and each vehicle is unique and has an individual driving experience. My only complaint is that there is very little variety in the visuals between runs (different colors for towns could be nice) and that the drifting mechanic feels very awkward, and is more of an obstacle to conquer than something that can be learned. But I do think this game is played every day.

What's new

- The Vitello car added
- Fixes to the Daily Gifts feature



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