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Ice Storm
September 19, 2021
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[Free Download] Drag Battle 2: Race Wars v0.97.79 (Awards) Mod APK for Android

The game is enjoyable and quite thorough. I defo enjoy it. But, the currency of choice (gold) has been a major scam , as is the shop. The cost of a driver’s chest was initially but it isn’t the same. When you get close to the initial amount, the cost went up. When I first saw this occur, the needed gold was 460. It has since increased to 620. In this light, I’ve never bought gold but amassed it through chests and quests. This is a scam system which cheats players out of all their hard work!

Very fun game. However, since the update, the car I have been driving has lost a significant amount of power. I have two different configurations. One with non epic cards and one that has epic cards. The one with less epic cards is more powerful over the one with epic cards. How do i correct that. I think that this game is enjoyable and I play it as often as i can.

We are so disappointed that you played an excellent game, only to have it ruin it by making it dull to keep your game. …. The same games repeatedly. The only thing that is worse than that is the one occasion when the similarity is the speed difference between the vehicle that you’re paired with is so large that it surprises you! It is then that you lose to the car you are matched with 4 to 6 times in the same row. This is not my concept of having fun or competing.

They’ve let us down and i’m not able to bear playing it any more. They’ve destroyed the car’s speed in the past and the price isn’t at all worth it If you are seeking an online drag racing game, check out drag racing streets , csr 2, drag racing without limit. They are worth more than this and i’m sure that the game is a known fact but it’s going to be terrible, really bad

It’s a very fun game, and the cars are designed and well-crafted and the graphics don’t feel too heavy on devices with low-end specs. There are some issues in this and that but the game isn’t overly old and fun. The biggest issue I have with this game is the Chests that take a long time to open following League 1 and you can’t increase their speed by introducing advertisements, just the standard chests. My inventory can sometimes be stuffed with chests that require 6 hours to open. In the end, I really enjoy this game, and I often play it.

It’s certainly a game that has potential. However, it is not like the first one. The insufficient customization is evident. I’ve contributed more than 2000 pieces to my family but I haven’t received over 10. Even after having invested $20 in real money, it’s proved to be impossible to get past 3000 points. I’ve been an avid and loyal participant and contributor to the an ice storm since I remember. I am confident that the current slowdown in progress is not more than the result of a minor hiccup.

The game is an obvious lower quality version of Drag Battle. Drag Battle. It’s a bit as if it’s an earlier access title, but with the level of polish it is lacking. I’m not able to list all the bugs it has, but there’s a lengthy list of crates that are f**king ugly. The reason I’ve rated it four star rating is that it’s likely to be updated at some point, but otherwise it’s only two stars at most. I suggest you make a wishlist for this game and then revisit it in around six months, and play it until the end of time. Edit the more you play it you’ll notice how boring and boring will become.

Promising drag racing game. I rate it 3 stars due to several annoying problems. 1. Too much attention on crates that require a longer to open. Too much grinding. 2. 2. Until the top league match the process is working well and I am able to be successful in a lot of races and advance. Today, I’m losing more than 90percent of my races even after being dropped to the next level. This is no longer fun and I’m thinking of abandoning. In the past, I thought about buying some deals, but only until I feel the game is worthwhile.

[Free Download] Drag Battle 2: Race Wars v0.97.79 (Awards) Mod APK for Android


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