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July 7, 2021
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How to install Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia v5.3.7 (Pro Pack Unlocked) Mod APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia v5.3.7 (Pro Pack Unlocked) Mod APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia v5.3.7 (Pro Pack Unlocked) Mod APK for Android

I just wanted to tell people, especially fashion topics, and some of them might be good at this game. The servers are still down and coming to the door, and it’s so natural that it can’t play anymore. The creators were affected, but hackers are already in the process of development. So the big capture-the-flag game is “unable to connect”, we’re missing out on a very good game. Thank you from hackers and modders, totally ruined the good thing.
Worst time ever .A game to lose. Customer service is even worse When I try to connect, of course, run, take us back to the room. The same applies to a closed room with friends. I have an internet connection of 150 Mb / s, you still have a connection that is not stable. When I was at the help center, they should have said … maybe this will help. Sausage is the worst game ever
This is the best game I’ve ever played . I’ve been playing for 9 months now, and it felt so good that it became part of my day . Ever since hackers came up with the contest, it started lagging far behind, and now I think it’s the least well-off game in the world, as well as a mini-army of programmers, it doesn’t give you updates about accepting the lagg problem . Below you will find a solution to this problem . Otherwise, I won’t take the time to delete it . Please
Mini Police team, I played this game for a very long time and I really liked it because it is really unique, unlike other games that save money in most cases. In the previous version, Mini-Police gave us the freedom to choose if we wanted to play, whether online or offline, with friends, and this was the only reason why players will play all these years, having survived many other games of the young man. Give senior features with constant admiration to the game.
Great app, but it’s just a problem on my part. Requires a lot of time in order to access weapons and some properties of some weapons, such as a shotgun… and sometimes it annoys me when I see someone that I would normally destroy him, but I have access to him, can put him in any weapon, and I hooted. If not, then you are able to make changes, I will like that
I used to like it, but after Miniclip took over the game for long walks, even after many updates, the problem still hasn’t been resolved. Well, now there’s another problem that we have, and the video doesn’t work. I don’t know what the problem seems to be, as I and others have the same problem. To try to resolve this issue.
The game is literally all great and then, but since then, the latest updates of the game do not work at all ….I am the leader and the icon in the game … because I’m a very old player. but now the game starts normally, but if the game is about to start, it shows no internet connection…but my internet speed literally ranges from 20 to 25 Mb / sec … fix it, otherwise I never wanted to come back here…….I just love this game
Questions about why this game has become a nightmare=> 1. The position of the problem – and it’s a pity to see that the game is already so much. 2. There is a network problem and you can’t connect even if the network is too crowded. 3. Not even able to earn a salary, watch movies, or watch movies that are unavailable.
And the game catches up with some update, they launch it…. I’ve been playing this game since 2015 … … it’s sad that they won’t find it to remove bots from the game.. they’ll ruin the whole game… and this is kind of a problem when connecting…. The creators of this wonderful game waste
Until a week ago, the game was working fine. Now when I try to play a random match or with friends, the game is lost. This may be a mistake, even if my friends are experiencing the same thing.

[Free Download] Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia v5.3.7 (Pro Pack Unlocked) Mod APK for Android

What's new

- In-game Friends is here! Now you can add players as friends and play custom games together!
Note - just make sure you and your friends are on this latest app version, only then you could find them and play together
- You can also search for other players by nickname or ID, and add them as friends directly in the game regardless of your account type (including guests)
- In addition, we’ve made some bug fixes related to Friends.


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