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Jun 1, 2022
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How to install Clash of Lords 2: Guild Castle v1.0.336 Apk Data APK?

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[Free Download] Clash of Lords 2: Guild Castle v1.0.336 Apk Data Game for Android

First I’d like to highlight the best things. I really like the layout, the designs heroes, that new basic model. However, players are unable to login to their account if they plays the game on a different device. This is why the developers need to provide alternative, such as logging in using Facebook, IGG account or Gmail. In the event that our previous account is linked to one of these three options we can sign in using these options and begin playing from exactly where we left off. Therefore, this choice is essential for players.

Play since 2015 Great game. Right now, there are a lot of new characters. I don’t like the new style of building, but they have added the option of choosing an older style, which is awesome. It’s an excellent game for smartphones when you’re looking to spend your time on a rides or other idle time.

It’s an incredible game! It’s true that many people believe it’s similar to Clash of Clans, which isn’t the case. It actually has some similarities to COC. However, Clash of Lords truly does offer a new twist on what’s known as the Build or Battle style. The only thing I find irritating to me is there’s a Coliseum as well as the battlefield square. They only open at specific time slots (same time every day) I believe it shouldn’t take nearly the same amount of time during certain times to load up to play. Other than that, the game is great. 10/10 work

It’s a fantastic game packed with things to do and activities, and different battle modes. It is easy to create an excellent village. However the game also favor those pay more than the players who can play for free. numerous advantages. However, I’m having an issue, please, since the latest update, I am unable to change or reduce the volume on my phone using the volume buttons in games using my phone : HTC U Ultra I hope you can spot this and assist me in resolving this problem.

The top 50 player for the Android server. Been playing since the beginning of the game’s development. It’s an incredible and enjoyable game, but you must be realistic in your expectations. Know that progress is extremely slow if you don’t invest money and won’t be able to compete with the best players. However, I’ve had more fun with my poor f2p account. There are a lot of bugs, horrible game modes , and rewards that haven’t seen a major update in many years, and power creep has new characters, but it’s still an enjoyable game

The game can crash randomly after the latest update or maintenance. It also happened after the update when shooting stars were added. The game closes instantly when I play guild clash and lords league. I tried reinstalling the game , and clear my cache. I also tried testing my internet’s down speed and latency , and there was no issue. I’m able play multiplayer games without issue. There are a lot of players having this issue and I’d like to see you fix this issue as soon as possible. Thank for your time.

After nearly 18 months of unreliable logins, due to my dissatisfaction with the overall quality of the game, I’m now returning to my regular playing self. I was interested again after the amazing progress made in the free-to-play rewards in the past few months. The PvP matchup systems have made great progress. It’s frustrating that enlightenment still restricted to the 10-year-old Ancient Spirits wall for Piscies heroes, but the rewards improvements have slowed down some of this monotony.

I’ve been playing this game for a while, but not regularly since 2013. This game is among my favorite games. I’ve played this game in the past but I came again today to show them my appreciation for their attention to the issue I was facing with one of my heroes I was updating or evolving. While I was angry about the issue I was frustrated, they were patient and accommodating. Customer service was responsive, resolved the issue, and paid me for my loss! Thank you Support Team!

What I really like of this title is that the game’s features are unlocked when you advance, so they’re not overwhelming , and you can take pleasure in everything can be done. You can play for hours without becoming repetitive You also earn frequent gems that aren’t a “mystic p2w currency”: You get a lot of enjoyment from them in the free game playthrough (my impression). Sure, spending money speeds things up and gives you access to more exclusive content however I wouldn’t consider it a P2W.

I love this game. Have had to uninstall it several times, but I would always not play it for a while and then revisit it. There is a need for money been spent in order to make progress quicker, however it’s okay . I would like to ask the developersto please not cause the old heroes to become outdated as new heroes are added. A few people have spent money for this game, and it’s a pain to see the heroes you’ve loved and worked hard to upgrade become old news.

I love this game. There is no need to spend money to win, however it will help many of players pay. In contrast to other games, there are all heroes you can get at no cost. You can match lvls which means that people with a higher level than you are unable to attack you. If they could be able to, you will not lose all your resources and have to start again like in other games.

I remember being ranked in the top 100 and then quitting the game. Now that I have my Google account and can return to the game. It just removes me! Two years of progress was shattered. Edit: Thank you, I’ve finally logged to the game once more, however, it’s still the wrong account. For an unknown reason, google play has an issue that erased my progress. But it’s not your fault I am grateful to your for fixing this glitch.

A great game in general and perfect for players who are new to the game. It’s not necessary to buy one or the other to enjoy. I would like to see rings more simple to acquire. But unlike many games, are the only currency that is very easy to obtain. Overall, I would like to be a tester or do something with this game. I would also like to say in one of the quests that I don’t love this game, and I’m going to let everyone know.

What's new

New Features:
1. New Hero: Bow Ranger
2. Official Discord community account-related features
3. Reward redemption feature
4. New Hero Costume:
Pan Goli: Gashapon Sentinel

1. Adjusted Coliseum and Battle Square rewards.
2. Other bug fixes and improvements.



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