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Aug 31, 2022
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How to install City Island 5 MOD APK v3.31.0 (Unlimited Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded City Island 5 MOD APK v3.31.0 (Unlimited Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] City Island 5 MOD APK v3.31.0 (Unlimited Money) Game for Android

It has become less enjoyable. This game has become almost unplayable due to the constant and incessant pop-up ads. These ads are required to get any rewards. These events have become repetitive and routine. This game is not something I want to play any more. If you enjoy these types of sims, it is a fun game to keep your mind busy. It’s a little easy to click on the wrong button, and you can spend coins or keys that you are trying to save up. But it’s not a major problem.

Although it’s an enjoyable game, getting to certain levels can be difficult. It asked me for Community buildings in the snow level. I am currently at level 16, but must wait until I reach level 34 in order to obtain Community Builders. That’s too long, and I don’t know if it will be worth it. It is too difficult to earn the dollars gold coins and it takes too many coins to do so.

This game is addictive, entertaining, and fun. As I built more buildings, the collection time became a problem. The developers should add an AUTO COLLECT BUTTON. Right now, I have opened 2 islands. It is getting harder and harder for me to collect while transferring between the islands. It is also nice to be able to obtain buildings with keys. This is a great feature. It’s not easy to get

I have been playing the game for 3 hours and a half, making steady progress. Although it might seem like a money grab, with patience and completing quests you can make plenty of cash for advancement. It’s amazing how many buildings you can build and/or upgrade at once. While I still have to find out what some of the roads are, I think I found a fun game that I can spend my spare time on.

The game looks great. It seems to be in development. The thing I did not like was the fact that collecting money requires a lot manual clicking (e.g. from commercial buildings) :/ It is difficult to filter by area if there are a lot of buildings.

This game is my favorite. Sometimes, I have to quit accidentally and come back. The businesses then make it impossible for me to collect the profits. I even lost my gold coins due to a bug in this game. frustrating. ***UPDATE. The game keeps crashing. It’s very frustrating. This game cost me money. Please, help me.

This game is my favorite so far. This is one of the most amazing city builders! The only thing I have to complain about is that decorations can’t be placed without a crew. Instead, they should be placed by you and built as soon as a crew is available. What else? It’s perfect!

It’s a great game that is a time-killer and a lot of fun. A few improvements could be made, such as the requirement that you play in order to collect money. It’s a pain. It’s also ridiculous that you must pay coins to buy a building, even if you bought it in cash. Why should I pay extra money to get more of the same building?

This is exquisitely designed. Every little detail is amazing. I wish there were more choices in the category that includes trees and other items. So far so good. It’s not difficult to play. It will be amazing if we can move buildings in every direction.

Fun addictive game. First, I used the app on my computer. It’s fun to create your own city, complete with buildings, houses, and community. These objectives can be used as a guide.


City Island 5 simulates the role of a mayor. Players can send balloons around the world to discover new places and build new cities. Most city building games only allow one city to be managed. However, in City Island 5 you can explore an infinite sky and discover many new islands with masters. You can choose from a variety of topics and terrains to build your city. City Island 5 can be played offline, so you can create your own city even without an internet connection.

Your city will start out small, just like a village. But you can help it grow and unlock new islands by building more buildings. Building games in City Island series, such as City Island 2: Building Story, City Island 4 and City Island 3 – Building Sim, are well-known for their attractive offline gameplay. It is filled with interesting missions and lots of content. City Island 5 is no different. You can also visit the cities and towns of your neighbors and friends.

Interactive elements make the game even more fun

City Island 5 is a place where people and cities interact. You can see almost all the activities of your citizens within your city. You can see everything, from traffic conditions to daily commutes. You can also get opinions from people about the running of your city. To win rewarding prizes, pay attention to what they want.

For help with starting, intuitive instructions

To help new players quickly get started in City Island 5, they will have the opportunity to explore the world with the intuitive instructions. Your trusted assistants can provide you with important tutorials and guides at every stage of your journey. To make your city more prosperous and developed, follow their advice.

Discover a vast world of islands and build your own home.

This game is a city builder that introduces Android gamers a large world in which they can travel to different places to find new islands. As a content mayor, you have the responsibility of sending ships and aircraft around the globe to find hidden lands. You can travel to other countries and settle in new cities. Each city will have its own unique characteristics and traits.

Over five islands to choose from

City Island is the only series of city-building games on Google Play Store that is based upon Islands. While most such games are designed for simple towns and empires, City Island is an advanced game. This game offers a variety of islands, so if you are an island lover, you should play it once.

You can find five islands that are different based on their surface type and unique lifestyles. You will find almost every type of island, including Forest Islands, Fire Islands, and Icy Islands. You’ll be given a basic island to build, and you will need the stars to unlock the new islands. Start your journey now to unlock freedom and joy.


Once we have created our plans and built them, we can start the implementation process. You should break down the target group into smaller pieces and then implement the construction. This construction process is likely to take some time. Therefore, it is important that you have many backup plans. With City Island 5, draw the entire construction chain.

It is important to go back to city planning after construction is complete to make the city more dynamic. Encourage people to start modern shops and restaurants to support the city’s growth. Take a trip to neighboring cities and take part in the latest inter-city initiatives. There will be challenges, but you can turn them into something useful.

Join millions of online players

City Islands 5 is home to millions of players worldwide. You’ll find friendly mayors all around you as you play with other gamers. You can join other players in multiplayer activities to explore other cities on City Island 5.

Completion of quests and challenges

You can choose to take on new quests and challenges every day to make the game more enjoyable. Look out for new challenges in your cities. They can offer you valuable prizes.

With unlimited money, you can build infinite cities

Because City Island 5 is 100% built on buildings, you cannot earn any money without them. To make this money you must complete many challenges and events that require a lot of time investment.

If you are looking to skip this step and still enjoy a world-class city, Island 5 MOD APK may be the right choice. This mod will give you unlimited money to build any building that you like and can also increase your star(s) to buy your favorite islands.

What's new

✨ New! Crooks are on the loose! You can now catch thieves running through your city!
✨ New! 100 extra levels! You can now continue playing to level 250!
🔧 Fixed issue that the screen would darken when entering an island
🔧 Fixed issue that the game would crash when opening Daily Quests
🔧 Fixed crash that would sometimes occur from the Quests window
🔧 Fixed rare crash when showing wave text animation
🔧 Fixed crash that could occur during the tutorial
🔧 Fixed crash when sending gifts



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