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Aug 17, 2022
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How to install City Island 5 MOD APK v3.30.0 (Unlimited Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded City Island 5 MOD APK v3.30.0 (Unlimited Money) APK file.

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[Free Download] City Island 5 MOD APK v3.30.0 (Unlimited Money) Game for Android

It’s a really fun game but realistically it takes too long to get to certain levels. For example with the snow level it asked for Community buildings I’m in level 16 but I have to wait to get to level 34 to get Community Builders realistically that’s too long and I don’t know if I’ll be interested in keep doing it by then. It’s too hard to earn the dollar gold coins and requires too many coins to achieve things.
Been enjoying the game for about 3 hours over a day /half making steady progress. One might initially think it’s a money grab but with a little patience and quest completion there’s plenty of cash to be made for further advancement. I really appreciate the amount of buildings that can construct and/or upgrade simultaneously. I will have to research what a couple of the road options are for but for now I Think I found a game I’ll put some spare time in to.
– UPDATE. Three point five. Cleared cache as developer advised. Game is doing better than last time. Thanks. Still not a five in case problem returns. – Cute buildings, simple game play. Those are the three stars. Crashes and lags whenever online and the popup ads fail to load. “Watch an ad” to speed up or to double rewards are 50-50 working – if the popup ad exits properly. I’m okay with ads just to play for free, but the constant crashing is hair-pulling frustrating.
Game looks very very nice. Seems to be still under development. What I didn’t like is: collecting money requires a lot of manual clicking – for example from commercial buildings :/ A lot of building but not possible to filter by region :/ Lot of building not required – just for look (atm, bus station, lamps, recycle bins)
Used to love this game and tell people about it, but now it’s just an ad fest!! I’m getting ready to stop much wasted time and the frequency and repetition of the ads makes me not want to play or try a single thing,really bad!!!!!!Impossible to get and process enough presents to get 9,000 plus tickets for best prize. Too long to wait for new ad for redemption… i figured out the prize thing…
I love this game so far! One of the best city builders out there! My only complaint/request would be that you don’t need a crew free to place decorations. Instead, you should be able to place them and they get built when a crew becomes available. Other than that? The game is perfect!
This is very meticulously made. I love all the tiny details. Wish there were more options in the category with trees and other things. So far so good. Not super difficult to play. Also it will be awesome if we can turn buildings in all directions.
I like the game a lot. But you give us so many options on items for the islands. Yet give us such tiny islands!! You can’t expand at all!!! Except to other islands . Which are tiny as well. Other lands are cool, just give us more land to build on on these others lands. Nice graphics. Bigger lands , more products to place on said land. If fact why not give game you start out with a set of money, say 20,000. Build your city starting out with that. Just give more lands.
I enjoy playing the game, I do wish they gave you more choices to buy without purchasing coins, take the daily task for instance, you can’t earn enough coins in one day to accomplish them without buying coins. It is a fun game and it has helped me pass the time while quarantined with COVID.
Highly addictive game with lots of buildings to build. So much stuff to work with here each time you reach the next level. If only this game could rotate 360 degrees I would give it a 5 star rating. Love it still.
This game is amazing but it would have been better if one would be able to get gold from numerous sources eg. Watching ads. And it would also be nice If somethings lyk houses didn’t cost soo much especially with gold please do something about this…this is the only issue I have with this game…overall this game is great.
I still play it bk it’s fun but you know what’s funny? You wanna progress faster but you can’t unless you have gold and you don’t have gold unless you buy it…..just like other games, they want your money, greedy mf’s..why can’t you just have fun with a game without them wanting to be paid!? Smdh
Enjoyable for passing the time, can get a little tedious when the grind sets in which us geared toward spending. Still playable periodically , good that it can play off line also.
Game is good however it takes to long to make money to buy more things. Also I paid for a crane for 24 hours I got to upgrade 5 building then it said I need cranes. What’s up with that. I just bought the crane and tells me I don’t have 24 hours. Wasted my money
Auto advertising during game is pretty annoying. Watching ad for nothing is just wasting time. It came out of nowhere. Ad for item in the game is understandable, but for nothing, and auto advertisements, is very irritating. Except this i think its a great game. Easy to play and understand. Can you Just fix that problem.
So far it’s ok. You should be able to earn coins along with cash as the coins are VERY expensive to purchase. The game doesn’t allow the use of a stylus pen which is a shame as I find it useful The ability to turn the buildings 360⁰ would be great as well as entire page. There is no explanation on what to do with the gift boxes? At times you cant purchase houses for $ only with coins. The sale was ridiculous, only able to purchase with coins what if you don’t have them?
I really enjoy this game, but for quite a while now, I have had all of my islands full. Now all I’m doing is destroying buildings & reworking my islands. No new islands have been added for quite a while. It’s really hard to keep playing with no new building grounds. I have almost 400 buildings needing built but nowhere to put them. Please add new islands very soon!!!!!

What's new

✨ We’ve further improved the tutorial, it’s a lot more clear now!
🔧 Fixed Returning Rewards badge in Island Overview Screen
🔧 Numerous smaller fixes and under-the-hood improvements



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