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If you love exotic village to city building games, then you'll love the City Island 3 - Building Sim Offline! Join over 25 million players and start playing this popular offline city builder game today! Start on an exotic island with some cash and gold and from there begin building a city. Just start with constructing one house, expand that to a village, then create a city and try to expand it to metropolis.
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Sparkling Society - Build Town City Building Games
Aug 4, 2022
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How to install City Island 3 MOD APK v3.4.0 (unlimited gold) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded City Island 3 MOD APK v3.4.0 (unlimited gold) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] City Island 3 MOD APK v3.4.0 (unlimited gold) Game for Android

It would be great if the ads did not pop up on offline devices constantly. Perhaps you could have a gold bonus each day or a mystery spin to make it worth playing every day. Additionally, the expansion should be cheaper until you’ve got three islands. Here are some suggestions to update the game. Apart from that, I love it because it’s fun and can be a great distraction while waiting in the doctor’s office or whatever. Fun to play with my husband who downloaded it and is hooked and was convinced I was texting constantly, which was a surprise since I was playing games.

This game is fun and adorable, ideal to keep my mind busy when I’m in need of. I like it because I enjoy finding the right equilibrium between various points and currencies. I am really enjoying this game! But I am unable to give more than three stars. There are always unpredictable and constant pop-up advertisements. Thankfully, none were too sexual. (except this one that involved a beautiful woman just .. watching? her wine? I don’t know.) Thanks for playing! It’s a lot of fun! Luckily, the pop-up ads help keep it from becoming addicting!

It’s going to be necessary to remove. It’s an enjoyable game. But the cost is astronomical and on top of that the costly game’s requirements for gold and dollars (which can require weeks to earn or require real money) It is necessary to be able to endure pop-up ads that pop up randomly. I would imagine that either of them could be acceptable. But , I’m supposed to pay to play and look at advertisements. You don’t need to shell out money for this, right? We don’t need these games. Take a book out or take a walk. It’s healthier for you and less expensive.

I love the game, it’s a time killer and extremely enjoyable. A few things bother me, like the number of ads that keep appearing and are very difficult to eliminate which causes the game to begin over. I would absolutely be thrilled if the money could be accumulated while not on the line. A little more gold would be very appreciated, as I am unable to purchase it. The structures is extremely difficult to maneuver around. Overall, it is very addicting and I am a huge fan. Thank you for this fantastic game.

It’s been fun! I love how easy it is to create communities on each of my islands. I’ve played for just a few months, and one of my islands is fully built. I often earn gold by watching videos, but I don’t like the pop-up ads that come into my way when I’m about do something, and that’s why the game is only rated four stars. Prices for everything rise when you begin buying properties to grow. It would be great to purchase several items that are similar simultaneously and have a levels 10 business profits automatically collected.

The game is truly incredible, addicting and seems like a game that is suitable for all ages, that for the spracking society company is a great result to the sport. In my opinion, the game does not require any tweaks, it’s simple and gorgeous, not like other games. But my biggest concern is that once my phone turned to charge, my phone, all my progress was erased. If there’s the possibility of saving your work, please include it in your guide. This would make the game fun.

I absolutely love this game. Five stars without a doubt. I’ve played it for many years. That being said it’s been an incredible game until recently. I was playing and was beginning to earn money from shops, but currently there’s no information over the shops that you’ll be able to collect the money or product once it’s reached its full amount. I’m thinking it might be an issue or glitch with the most recent update. I would be grateful for any suggestions to solve this issue

I am really enjoying the game, however i believe it could be improved. I’m finding it easier to acquire gold because I receive more ads per day, as opposed to the single advertisement I used to see at the beginning. It is still slow as the majority of the commercial buildings or otherwise, need lots of gold over time that you obtain mostly via ads. If you are looking for a quick rate in this game, you must pay however personally, I do not want to wait. My biggest complaint lies in the score of happiness, which is incredibly difficult to improve.

I would like it that it could automatically collect daily data by clicking a single button. It isn’t easy to build things in tandem as it only clicks the one that is developing. It is also difficult to drag objects to the areas you’re looking for, especially in water zones, which I haven’t seen yet. haven’t seen any water-themed decorations or anything else that fills the gaps that buildings cannot fill in, so it’s a bit difficult.

Great Game and Graphics no complaints in this department. I would give it 5 stars but the gold bars per ad and all the costly properties are ridiculous. It’s not real estate, it’s just an entertainment game. Not to mention that each time an advertisement plays when you tap one of the games suggested, the game won’t start again . I would like to see this fixed, Thank you.

I like this game a lot as much as the simulations. You build items and receive cash, and you can watch advertisements to earn gold. I wish the map contained more information and also allowed for rotation of the islands. I’m constantly finding myself having to rearrange structures to gain access to things behind them. Additionally, the water areas in the upper two levels have odd designs that aren’t able to allow most of them to fit within. Also, there’s a huge section in the bottom that which isn’t accessible at all. I’m hoping that in the next update, there will be some improvements

I am a huge fan of the game. It brings back memories of the Simcity game I played when my younger years were. Fun gameplay, great gameplay and cool locations to construct. I wish it was easier to earn money/gold for building things. It’s not easy for everyone to spend five to ten dollar (or greater) to acquire gold and money for the game, which would make it much easier… Apart from it’s a fantastic entertaining game.

To truly immerse yourself in an experience of gaming, you need to have good graphics and excellent controlling ( moving bldngs quickly is an illustration) that aren’t slowing or create frustration. In the example, in which both are happening. the hologram of the bldngs won’t stick to the players’ fingers. It takes many attempts before you are successful and make your game more efficient. Another reason is that it is difficult to establish any trust with the game prior to making significant investments are required to fully out build and make money. You should have sales of 25 cents per cent

The game is enjoyable and I actually am enjoying playing it. The rewards system that comes with daily quests and rewards are excellent. It is also possible to play offline, which is an additional incentive to consider playing this game. The reason I gave it four stars is due to the pop-up advertisements. They can be extremely annoying, as seemingly out of the blue, it appear. However, I would highly recommend this game to people who enjoy city building games.

What's new

❤️ You just focus on enjoying the game
🔧 We'll continue to improve your experience

⭐️ We lowered the gold price of instant construction on most buildings

⭐️ Improved the island loading times which could be really, really long on certain devices

⭐️ Daily rewards now contain gold more often and the amounts has also has been increased a little
⭐️ You can now DOUBLE your daily reward by a watching a video


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