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Play chess online with over 80 million players from around the world!
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Sep 5, 2022
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How to install Chess · Play & Learn MOD APK v4.5.1 (Premium) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Chess · Play & Learn MOD APK v4.5.1 (Premium) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Chess · Play & Learn MOD APK v4.5.1 (Premium) Game for Android


Its chess. There are some other boards, you’re able to play versus AI, randomly match online, or play pals online. The AI are nice but most are locked behind premium, which would be great with me if it was single buy…. they desire membership, and not at an inconsequential amount. In fact prices are even going higher. Its fine for what it is, but I can’t help but believe that the makers must be a little greedy.
If I could, I would give 4 and 1/2 stars, however I do have to reduce something for them still not having the “excellent move”, “amazing move” etc. algorithm adequate yet. When the king has only two movements and one of them plainly subjects him to dreadful discovery, it does not make the other one “excellent”, I’m sorry! Also I do not understand why sometimes it says my move is “great” but then the “best move” has a rating number that is really inferior. If you fix it free of charge, 5 stars.
I don’t know why I decided to go back into chess, but really pleased I did. Here app is excellent, and if you’re seeking for an app, this is my advice. So many things you don’t even need to pay or have an account for, plus it’s not extremely pushy with commercials like other free applications. Causing virtually no interruption. Just a heads up, certain AI opponents demand patience and expertise. I also recommend looking at pros if you want to grow better and looking at other techniques and formations. They are crucial.
I play on this app with my cousin every day, and it includes many features and tools to educate users how to play and stay playing. If you’re prepared to pay down the additional bucks for premium, it’s even better. For old/low-end hardware users, note that the “Play Computer” option may not work as it is very demanding. Other than that, I strongly recommend it.
The site provides more features and functionality than the app. I still prefer the app to play the game, but the site provides greater analytical features. On the game analysis the app now shows the best move with the green arrow, however annoyingly it shows the best move for the next player, the site analysis shows the last player best move which is more useful. They should just reproduce the analytical feature from the site, it works beautifully!
Would be good if there was some ability to store games and analyze for later, would assist newcomers like me, I think I can still use screen recorder but yes here you go, so far it does its job as a chess game, even with multiplayer option functioning quite fine, won’t ask for more.
There isn’t a better chess playing app. The only tiny problem I have with it is that it occasionally make my phone hang extremely terrible. Otherwise, amazing UI, perfect fluidity and a necessary tools accessible 👍
I wish the free version had more bonuses. But no other complains other than that. Anytime we need to play with other players, you will always find some player around, such is the reach of this program. I will subscribe nevertheless at some time looking at my schedule. Don’t want my money to go waste.
Few small issues but nothing game breaking. I have diamond membership. Expensive unless you play a lot and want to develop better, using all the rewards. Which there are a lot of. Online games are entertaining. I will add I believe some individuals take a long time and play great movements, feels like they are running another device to check what’s the best move to play. Only method to avoid I’ve discovered is to play short matches with less time to cheat. Nice to get a reply from developer so promptly. Another star!
Great App. Love playing chess and learning about my moves. I hope the app upgrades soon so that it performs all the new things as the internet version. I like to look over my excellent and brilliant move and see all the colors of each move when I watch the analysis. The new excellent move indication and revised brilliant move algorithm show me that I’m progressing.

To allow chess enthusiasts to freely enjoy their beloved board game, as well as allowing them to learn interesting chess lessons, Chess – Play and Learn provides its huge library of interactive video tutorials and learning materials on – the largest chess playing site online.

Have fun playing your favorite game in multiple modes with unique approaches. Explore new chess tactics and riddles as you progress throughout the game. Discover fresh chess teachings as you freely study the trade with numerous approaches and methods that you may deal with certain opponents. Play the game with friends and online opponents, or have fun with the single player challenges against the outrageously challenging AI.

Join and discover the chess community on the internet. Here, you may genuinely engage yourself in the utmost chess experiences and learn how to become a master.

In this intriguing game, apart from the game of chess, there are more than 50,000 puzzles in the game, which demand a lot of time to complete. The game features fantastic visuals that you may put 20 outstanding and lovely themes on the game and utilize them to offer a distinctive beauty to the game. In this game you may have intense competitiveness with your competitors in this game.


An outstanding real field chess experience
Now it might be your moment to shine in the limelight among your chess friends using the greatest premium features and benefits of our Chess Play & Learn MOD APK and manufacture the legacy along with this precise game. Get your knack for developing the greatest chess expertise playing with all competent players from every part of the earth.
Honestly speaking, Chess Play & Learn is a great game indeed. However, we have found that at times many chess players may choose to go for hacks to gain infinite coins to make it to the victory which is surely going out of line. In that case, the whole point comes to a solution, if the resources can be endless in the built-in system to enjoy the finest premium features and that is also in a fair method, the question of these inexpensive alternatives concerning the short-cuts to win does not exist. Because all there is left to do when you have the infinite cash and resources is your talent and potential to make it to the finishing line with the winning slash.

Take on numerous problems to enhance your abilities
And to develop your talents, merely taking courses isn’t going to be enough. You’re going to require numerous engaging practices to help you grow better. And with more than 150,000 distinct puzzles accessible, Chess – Play and Study will allow Android players to completely learn the trade and help them grow via the numerous obstacles.

Have fun as you apply your lesson into the interesting problems. Try out numerous ways and strategies that were offered to fight the issues. Take on the greatest difficulties with diverse configurations, as you race against the time to beat your best score in Puzzle Rush. Or have fun practicing your picked puzzles with many different themes.

And most significantly, the sophisticated AI will learn from your success to decide the proper level of difficulty in each task. Thus, making the great gameplay of Chess – Play and Learn a lot more fun for mobile gamers.

Take against the ridiculously challenging computer opponents
For those of you who are interested, you may now fight the computer AI in an exciting single player showdown at any moment, even while you are offline. Simply pick the level of difficulty that you want to approach and have the match ready. Have pleasure playing your favorite game with fascinating and entertaining puzzle gameplay of puzzle. Take against various opponents with escalating challenges to discover how far you can go. And most importantly, Chess – Play and Learn will enable you evaluate every finished game to learn from your blunders.

Compete against all chess masters from all across the globe
Chess Play & Learn MOD APK becomes significantly more competitive when it comes to playing against all actual gamers. You can go up against different competent players from all around the world with great potential with top-notch chess abilities.
With the limitless resource and money arriving with our Chess Play & Learn MOD APK, you may experience the best of some remarkable teachings, phenomenal but fluid action, and competitive performance platform over duels like one on one games with players from all over the world. On top of that, the studying chess courses and 50,000+ tactical problems are also important draws as well among the gamers. For general practice (particularly useful for novices) you can go against AI as well.

Keep track of your own progress
And to make sure that Android players in Chess – Play and Learn can keep track of their in-game development, the game now presents its in-depth and intriguing performance analytics, which will allow you to look back at your success. Feel free to get your current performances on the offered puzzles and classes. Then have fun comparing them with your pals to show off your improvement.

Free to play
And despite all the fascinating features, the game is still free for Android gamers to freely enjoy on their mobile devices. That being the case, you may easily acquire it from the Google Play Store, no purchase is necessary.

Enjoy the modified app on our website
For those of you who are interested, you may also opt for the modified version of Chess – Play and Learn on our website. Here, the engaging mobile game offers intriguing and unlocked gameplay of chess for you to freely enjoy. Feel free to get rid of bothersome advertising and enjoy infinite money with our mod. All it takes is for you to download the Chess Mod APK from our website, follow the offered instructions, and you’ll be good to go.

With the unlocked limitless resource option, there are various bothersome bugs solved with the current version in the Chess Play & Learn MOD APK. Play your best with the genuine players in real-time with hands-on experience while picking up the greatest teachings from the best masters including all strategies and suggestions. Also, you may enjoy hundreds of puzzles to solve and work your way up to the top over time. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download the Chess Play & Learn MOD APK game below. In case you have any concern or queries about the download or the game, please not hesitate to let us know in the comment box.

What's new

This update makes it easy to play with your friends and learn from your games!

- Game Review helps you study your moves like never before
- Work things out on the new Analysis board
- Make yourself at home on the improved Play screen
- Vs Computer has even more personality with Bot Chat
- It’s easier than ever to invite your friends to play
- Use Stats Compare to see how you stack up vs other players

Thank you - and enjoy your chess!



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