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Cat Spa is the adorable management simulation game your body has been aching for! Cat fairies will help you relax and remove all your worries at the the furriest massage parlor and spa around.
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Aug 5, 2022
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How to install Cat Spa MOD APK v2.15.3 (Unlimited Awards) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Cat Spa MOD APK v2.15.3 (Unlimited Awards) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Cat Spa MOD APK v2.15.3 (Unlimited Awards) Game for Android

It was a very cute game that I really enjoyed. After you really get into the game (maybe 4-5 hours), you end up stuck at a loading screen. You are forced to uninstall it. This not only causes you to lose your progress, but also means that any money you have invested is lost. This should be fixed by the developers. Based on the comments, it is a fairly common problem. If you are forced to reinstall, there should be a way to recover your progress/collect your paid upgrade payments.

It’s a cute game but has many issues. The game is slow and unresponsive. It’s also very easy to use both visually and mechanically. It might close if the game is running in the background. If you open the spa again, it will be empty. I find the “Watch ads” buttons intrusive. They make me feel uncomfortable and force me to wait for 3 seconds before telling the game that I don’t want one.

It seems that getting to the top of the game and then it failing is a common theme. I find that a lot of ads I watch will allow me to get through, but then the game crashes or it won’t give me the reward. It feels like the game crashes all the time and I never get any ad rewards. I usually open the game most of the times (LITERAL DAYS AFTER). My progress never ends either (roulett wheel and workers on break) Overall, I love the game but it’s a bit boring.

This game is amazing. The loading screen is black and does not display any game features beyond the gem promo page. I don’t want the program to be uninstalled and reinstalled as I would lose my progress and any gems that I have earned or spent in the store. This bug isn’t something I have ever experienced before. Although I find the game to be very enjoyable, there are many bugs that keep it from shining.

It’s adorable and I love it. However, after playing the game for two months, the app keeps getting stuck on a loading screen. I tried to contact the developers via the website, but they didn’t have any contact information.

I like the game cute atmosphere, cool employees and customers and uniquecustomers,customizable,and game play.BUT the game can’t load like when you click on the game to play it the game thing pops up then the loading screen with one of the employees then it would just stop randomly like I had to restart the game multiple times to get to work andsometimes it didn’t work even with perfect connection to internet it would not load and say oh fix it up when I did it didn’t work hours of gameplay gone

Game won’t start. I tried restarting the phone, clearing memory and cache, clearing up space, updating apps, restarting the phone again, etc. Nothing else. I was disappointed and really wanted to see the summer furniture. Please fix it ASAP. Edit: Thank you devs! I look forward to playing again.

This game is adorable! It has been installed 3 times. Today is the third. I just opened it as normal to play, and it loaded up until i reached my daily reward. I had completed my 7-day challenge and was about to start my second day. It then froze. I mean that it displayed the screen with the daily reward but didn’t allow me to take for day 1. It is impossible to continue playing. later i even got 93 customers at once.

Edited review after fixing bugs: This game is adorable and addictive. I love the furniture you can find and the tree-shaking ability that allows you to get seasonal items. The characters are very quirky, and I love seeing them in all their different clothes and wigs. This is a great way to relax and escape the daily grind, aside from occasional bugs.

This game was a great experience. I played it for about 2 months. After getting really far, a loading screen appeared and kept loading. I then deleted the file. This game crashed. I downloaded it again. Overall, though, it’s a super cute and fun game! 🙂

It is amazing. It’s been 30 minutes of fun and I love it. One suggestion and one problem. Problem: Every time I press the button that takes me to an advertisement, the game exits. It says “Cat Spa stopped”. Please fix. Suggestion: I would like to see a button that will close the spa for a day and then reopen it after it closes. This would make all employees happy because they have had a good night’s sleep. 5 stars if you developers do.

It tells you to view a lot of advertisements. It’s a lot. They placed an ad just as I was about to open the kiosk. This caused the game to freeze. My phone also freezes quite often, surprisingly for a 2D game. My phone has 4g WiFi, and a pop-up kept telling me that I didn’t have WiFi. I had to quit the game and retry it. This game has potential, but it is not enjoyable if it goes this way.

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