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November 29, 2021
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[Free Download] Candy Crush Saga v1.216.1.1 (Unlimited all) + Patcher APK for Android 

A complete ediot-game. Jelly with Candy is not broken. The levels are extremely difficult. I’ve tried 152 levels several times. It’s hard without a the hard level. I’m very annoyed. This is why I made the game remove itself.

I absolutely love this game. It is Amazing is so enjoyable. When I first tried it, I loved it, and now I’m in love. It’s really difficult but it’s a blast. Don’t believe the people who claim it isn’t great? It’s amazing and it’s free of advertisements! !

It’s a fantastic game. It’s fun. At first, i thought it was a boring kids game. Now, i am enjoying it. It’s killing my time. Update more levels..! And now..iam no longer at all interested in games that require action any more

I really like this application. It’s my favorite way to pass the time. When I have time off I’ll eat some sweets here. I’m enjoying it due to the quality and convenience.

STILL THE BEST FREE APP GAME. I’m at Level 360 (again). The music has changed to a gentle version. It’s a refreshing change. Also, the new game forms. The game’s developers have ended the short-lived and annoying practice of granting bonuses or times (good stuff) in the event that I only have one life remaining, and after that making the next level impossible. No lives. There is no play with no payment. The levels do not get harder. It took days to finish some of them, which could be tedious, and certainly not enjoyable.

It’s a great game that entertains you, but it becomes boring when you lose lives, and there’s only one option other than to wait for the lives bar to re-fill for you to continue playing the game. There are a few people in the globe have the ability to purchase lives or coins, even though it’s $0.99 because some may be in countries that do not have access to international transactions. You should think about a different method to play the game , rather than waiting 30 minutes for each life you lose to get back in the event of losing. Thanks

I’m concerned that there are too many happenings simultaneously. The only thing I want is to move to the next level without having to deal with the millions of pop-ups that talk about a million events , and other things that happen within the application. We don’t think about streaks or additional candy or something such as that. All I want is to get to another level. It’s extremely frustrating to close so many pop-ups.

I’m stuck on a difficult level, so I thought of purchasing a special package for extra moves/plus boosters. After I bought the item, the game was unable to finish “loading” and I was forced to close the app and then restart it. I had the boosters stored, but I it was not able to pick up the place I left off on the game and had to start from scratch. Also, I didn’t get a refund and I’m now out of my lives. What can I do to receive a refund? I’m very disappointed that my app crashed after I had spent money.

Five stars would be a good score but I’m feeling the game is designed to encourage me to purchase apps things .. It’s either to purchase an item in the app and then win the very next time I play, or be stuck at that same game for up to a week or two. I’m not saying it’s always like this however it does happen quite frequently. One great idea is to organize a weekend event where booster packs could be bought by using”Google Play Pass “Google Play Pass” at the lowest price. The most loyal players would be thrilled! King is able to take a every now and then It’s a good thing! !

The game has become less enjoyable. It has up to 7 impossible levels in each zone, whereas it was previously only 3 levels. I think the game’s developers are simply trying to earn money by making you buy items to complete levels. I use this game to ease anxiety, but it’s in the opposite direction now and I’m tempted to remove the game. It’s so frustrating. There are no any more boosters for free to win too.

Have given 5 stars in the past but I’m downgrading to 3 stars as I am a little betrayed. The additional moves button which costs at minimum 10 gold bars is simple to click accidentally and they don’t require confirmation before taking those gold bars. This has occurred to me twice before and I’m hoping someone will come up with a solution to fix it. Thank you.

I am a huge fan of this game, however you’ll need to invest more than you think (if you’re looking to shift forward). In most cases, by the time you’ve already gotten into it to the point that you’ll be spending a bit there and then (with the possibility of paying a fee obviously) and in the blink of an eye, you’ve spent way more than you anticipated. To be completely clear, I do not play online games , except Words with Friends, and perhaps free solitaire. You play with your risk!

I love it. It allows me to relax and I am grateful for this. However, the team that is developing it could look into this and improve it to be more enjoyable by making the game a little simpler in certain instances. The tips to go to for a candy shop are there…a large amount – please make that Chocolate Box error. It has happened to me two times and the higher the levels I get it, the more I’ll need it…Thank you

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