Candy Crush Saga MOD APK (unlimited moves)


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Feb 10, 2023
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Android 5.0 and up

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How to install Candy Crush Saga MOD APK v1.246.0.1 (unlimited moves) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Candy Crush Saga MOD APK v1.246.0.1 (unlimited moves) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Candy Crush Saga MOD APK v1.246.0.1 (unlimited moves) Game for Android


It’s a relaxing and enjoyable game that appeals about my need for order as well as the need to manage. The downside is that after a certain point, the game turns fierce, even if it’s just with you! A majority of levels require boosters that you can get for at no cost, however the temptation is to purchase. If you’re not willing to pay for an online game, you should be content to winning the levels with no boosters. All in all, it’s addictive and fun. If you hit a point that’s too difficult, just restart!

Screen goes small. When I first play the game following reinstalling it, the screen remains at the standard size. If I close the application and then reopen it the initial screen is huge, but once the game begins, it reduced to a smaller size. Reinstalling and uninstalling it results in exactly the identical thing. It plays once, then close it and then reopen it. Then it becomes smaller. It began doing this recently on my laptop. My husband also has the same tablet, and the game does not cause it to him, and all of our settings are identical.

It’s a lot of fun but also addictive. Sometimes, it can be frustrating! I’m at level 6624. Certain levels require boosters to be passed, however most don’t! It is important to think strategically and plan your actions. The difficulty levels increase once you reach 3500. I typically pass all levels within a couple of days Some require longer. The level I was working on took 2 weeks. I play only at night, when I have the time.

Everything about the game is fantastic, but my one issue is that I’m not able to view ads, specifically those that allow me to with additional moves after having exhausted the amount of moves per level. I was in a position to view advertisements, but they’ve been removed, and I was thinking when I updated the game it would be back, but that wasn’t the case. Please assist. It’s making passing harder than they should.

Fun and addicting! My only complaint regarding CCS having just 200 levels of experience is my belief that if a user is able to toggle hints and off, the actions which the “hint-bot” will show will be more precise as a tool for teaching to surpass the level you are on until the player feels comfortable enough to take on commando. The bot can be useful at some levels, however in others could lead you in the wrong direction.

Advertising not in stock… It’s tiring to watch an hour-long video, and at the end, it informs that “Ad unavailable” with no reward. I’ve been at the same level for a while, so I’m likely to uninstall it and then move forward. This game is awesome it helps you get through levels without spending money. However, I’m in a tough level and it took me a long time to complete. I finally made it through and finished the level. Then I’m stuck on the same level. I don’t want me to deal again.

Extremely difficult levels Very difficult But, I am addicted to it all the same I’m not sure I’ll ever stop doing this, I’m still playing and playing especially during winter, when there’s nothing else to do. Playing, playing, and playing. The issue with the game is that it has an animated Tiffi which is in the corner. I’ve been forced to place an inscription over it since it’s very annoying to stick an image over it is vital or it makes the game inaccessible, must be able to erase animated Tiffi

It’s generally enjoyable, but sometimes a little irritating when you’re at the edge of winning at one of the levels and then changes happen or disappear, meaning you don’t have time to finish it and you have to look at an advertisement (or 3) for a chance to be successful. If this happens more often than usual, I’m frustrated and quit…if this is the goal of the game, then congratulations to the programmers. More success means more players.


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