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Jun 22, 2022
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How to install Candy Crush Saga MOD APK v1.230.0.2 (Unlimited all) + Patcher APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Candy Crush Saga MOD APK v1.230.0.2 (Unlimited all) + Patcher APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Candy Crush Saga MOD APK v1.230.0.2 (Unlimited all) + Patcher Game for Android

It’s an excellent game in general, love all aspects of it, aside from the fact that it makes me pay. I have a profile, and I know what my progression has been good, however, I removed this app when I was level 802 , and when I reinstalled it I was at 598. This is incredibly frustrating because I’ve invested long hours reaching different levels, it occurred twice to me, and I’m begging you to keep track of progress made by others instead of just saying it. It’s a waste of time to continue to go through the same levels.

It’s clear that the flow of these candy candies is controlled to ensure that you don’t lose in the first place, and once you’ve lost enough times it will alter the flow and you’ll victory without boosters …. it’s unfortunate and has nothing to do with the skill. I only take it out whenever there’s nothing other to do. Because it’s pure chance, it’s unlikely to be addictive.

It’s been a time since I played after I had removed the game to ease the frustration. I have added one star. A big benefit is the possibility to view an advertisement or two to boost your game/extra moves. I also noticed that the tiny “bombs” don’t end your game, but instead expand into “jelly”. These two modifications make this game less stressful and enjoyable. I’m not sure where the game will play in higher levels, but I’m not sure yet. I could add stars if discover that it’s still pleasant and enjoyable once you get there. TY C C!

The game I’ve been playing Candy Crush Saga on and off for a long time. The mechanics are perfect. I am awed by the feature that the game app does not rely too much using my smartphone’s resource. I can enjoy a long game without Android’s user interface hanging, or even crashing, or experiencing temperatures increases. Also, ads aren’t required. Suggestions: You could reduce the frequency of updates for events at every stage. Include the option of creating an alias as well as changing the pictures for accounts connected to Facebook.

I love this game! No ads! This game needs to be made simpler to earn points and prizes to earn points and prizes! Levels are difficult and difficult! What are you going to do to win? what you require isn’t displayed on screen! I’m so mad! There are many times where chocolates don’t appear on board and you won’t be able to be successful! It’s time to improve. There aren’t enough rewards, and it’s too much work! Need extra moves. More prizes are needed! The more difficult levels become better..Fun game. I love this game.

I am constantly having issues when I view an ad and when it comes back to say reward awarded, it goes again to playing the game says that there are no videos are available, and i do not get the power-up or additional moves. It is your responsibility to fix this problem. I’m not opposed to playing games and watching commercials but then I’d like to reap the rewards from it.

There is a lot of fun, however the latest puzzles don’t offer enough strategies to be successful, and you will always require boosters. Changes to the game made to friends have been a disaster. Additionally, the boosters that have been hard-earned aren’t doing the job they were designed to do to beat the game, as the saucer wastes the time to hit just one target, which is an rip off to force us to buy a new booster. It’s odd that the game is intended to encourage players to pay for boosters. The game has become more difficult perhaps that’s why a lot of players have left a one time fantastic game.

Pls fix lvl 149. So impossible! I can’t even pass 20 years!! And fish, how useless in place of jelly. Why aren’t stripes able to pass through the black stuff? They go through everything. It’s getting out of hand!! It takes too long to explode after 5 stripes are done isn’t it? It’s like all at once when it’s over, the same is the case with disco balls. My brothers too have this issue. Pls solve this. 68% annoying. Please solve this.But I still prefer the other versions. Super hard and terrifyingly scary.

The game of fun and match-3 has been my favorite game to play while just waiting on my little girl to be from school. I don’t have internet during this time, so you’ll get the extra stars for this! However, I like various Candy Crush games you can see an ad that offers additional turns or see ads to earn more lives. This version doesn’t come with these features, and that’s a shame. 🙁

Played for years which was once one of my most favorite ways to kill time, particularly when traveling since I could play without internet. I’m afraid this may not be feasible during a 5-hour flight as my email is now limited to me having 30 lives from my friends. I had the ability to save them before however, since the latest update it will no permit me to save them. It’s a bit disappointing to see the game limit my play time and the amount I can play, especially since we’ve already waited 30 minutes to play 1 life.

I’m not sure if I am a fan of this game, or if I enjoy hating this game! It doesn’t matter, I’m addicted! I use it whenever I get a bit of free time. The game is fast-paced enough that you can play some wins and lose. However, they aren’t too hard that you become down and discouraged when you fail to win the first time you attempt the new game. I’m loving this game! A wonderful way to be away from everything for a short time!

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