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Start playing Candy Crush Saga today – a legendary puzzle game loved by millions of players around the world.
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May 31, 2022
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How to install Candy Crush Saga MOD APK v1.228.1.2 (All Unlocked) + Patcher APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Candy Crush Saga MOD APK v1.228.1.2 (All Unlocked) + Patcher APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Candy Crush Saga MOD APK v1.228.1.2 (All Unlocked) + Patcher Game for Android

Fun and very addictive! It’s still a great way divert yourself from the long lines in the DMV. ha! I still love it after one years of play. Still awestruck by this game even after all these years of playing. I think it was once more difficult, but it’s still an enjoyable opportunity to spend time. I love the variety of video options for boost your gains. It appears they updated which changed the levels to make it a little tougher. Welcoming to the game. It was a short break, but am back and I still am in love with it. Yay!

Lots of fun, but the latest puzzles don’t offer enough options to be a winner. I am not a fan of the changes to my friends. I’m not interested in signing for more accounts to make friends. Would like to watch more of the moves from more difficult puzzles. I’m not happy that you that you can’t watch a video for 5 minutes to see 5 more. The boosters that have been hard-earned don’t do what they were intended to do to win the game. It’s odd that the game was designed to encourage players to invest money in boosters. Please .let friends return as they did before

It’s addictive, but it’s been a bit glitchy recently. It seems like you have to tackle these more as you advance through the game. I’m currently on an area with 3300 levels. I’ve spent days playing a difficult level but the game would fail after pressing the skip button when I was solving the problem. This has happened several times in previous 3000-level puzzles. The most frustrating thing is that you do not get credit for completing the game prior to the game’s crash. This means you must repeat the game after you have purchased boosters.

The game is fun and appears to be much better than many years ago. At present, I’m having trouble with advertisements not playing and not allowing me to go back into my game so that I can continue with five more turns to take the lead in the round. For instance , I’ll be given additional candy to clear, but I am out of turn. In lieu of gold, I choose to watch advertisements. Sometimes, the ads don’t play. This means I have to go reverse all the wayout, close the app and restart the process. Could this be fixed? Thanks

Oh, I love the entire range of levels and events. It’s easy to master how to utilize the boosters at the correct timing. But, the fishes don’t reach the desired area in a variety of levels, and it’s a real pain I’d like to delete the application a lot of times. Additionally, I dislike how it displays each time I’m done with the previous level. And then there’s the annoying event section that always informs me that there’s something that’s new, but there’s nothing.

I do not like the new animations. Too glitzy. The whole thing was enjoyable to look at for its simplicity prior to. I used to enjoy playing it to kill time however, the difficulty levels have become boring (currently in 1292) . You can be stuck for days with just a handful of levels that can be completed in a matter of two attempts. The cost of boosters is insane when you consider.

It’s a relaxing and enjoyable game that brings out my need for order as well as the need to be organized. However, once you reach an initial level, the game turns intense, even if just with you! A majority of levels require boosters which you can obtain for at no cost, however there is a temptation to purchase. If you’re not willing to pay for an online game, you should be content to beating the levels with or without boosters. It’s all fun and addictive.

I’ve played this game for all day long and never skip an entire day. The only problem I have is that the advertisements they show can be difficult to quit and go back to play. If I look at ads for moves, I’m expecting to be able to play the move and not get trapped in an ad that claims 16 seconds are left for eternity. There should be an option to report these ads , or to close them even if that means we have to forfeit the movements.

I hope that nothing has changed. I enjoyed this game, it seems that the game hasn’t changed much. and I’m really enjoying the game.its enjoyable and relaxing. I was disconnected accidentally I’m still frustrated with the frog. There is there is no explanation on what to do to get rid of the frog on an episode. To come back later. We’re having a blast and there have been some adjustments that are better. Have fun, be successful and have fun.

The game I’ve been playing Candy Crush Saga on and off for many years. The mechanics are perfect. I like the feature that the game app does not clog up my phone’s resources. I can enjoy a long time without having the Android user interface freezing, or even crashing, or experiencing temperatures rises. The ads aren’t mandatory. Suggestions: Reduce the frequency of updates for events after each stage. Include the option of creating an alias or changing the picture for accounts that are linked to Facebook.

EDIT:NO VAULT CHALLENGE OR BLUE TURTLE CANDY EVENT HAS SHOWN UP IN 90 LEVELS OF PLAY ???? Since I started playing the game about the time of two months, the game has definitely become more difficult as I move up however, it’s also become significantly more enjoyable! It’s much simpler to join friends in the game. Once you’ve got friends, you are able to give and receive free lives which is awe-inspiring. You can also compete with players and the winner receives an increase in their lives. In essence, the game has just gotten better. I’m loving it!

It’s fun when it’s entertaining. Very aggressive when it comes to money. Inquiring for money. Many slides . It’s like you need to pay for each level to progress onto the next level. When you purchase the boosters, the level is very easy to get through even with no boosters. Without the boosters it could become extremely irritating and frustrating. Gold bars are expensive to purchase , and easy to lose. If you do not utilize the boosters you earn or buy at the current level currently, you lose

A very nice game. It could be improved in the options. As an athlete, would like King to incorporate these items to their game: 1. Include a feature that (owner of the fantastic five team) can eliminate any player. There are many players who fail to score even one point. 2. Include a chat message within Fantastic 5 so players can chat with one another. 3. Enhance the algorithm for searching. If we search for for any team, we will get different result. 4. If anyone is stuck at any level, friends can help him out by taking that level and then

I enjoy Candy Crush so addictive. But, I’ve experienced problems with a particular booster, and I did not get those gold coins. Bomber. Additionally, after winning an episode, it took me 3 different levels before my game let me claim . There are a few bugs that require attention. I’d like to inform someone immediately whenever this happens. Overall the issues haven’t stopped me from playing the game and have given the game 5 stars.

It’s a wonderful experience playing the candy crush, however there is an issue with the game , and that’s after I’ve completed the levels, an annoying pop-up windows that appear which is the worst. do not like these suggestions anymore along with the boosters cost is very expensive, making it not something I would want to buy. I’ve bought a small pack but I haven’t received the one hour of free lives this is so annoying. Please update certain features. Thank you

Would like to award 5stars, but I was forced to remove previous game because I was stuck at level 340, which lasted for several days, repeatedly again. I’ve purchased a lot of boosters, bars and the like. I’ve donated a large amount in money for the game, but it was difficult to complete levels without more money which is why I deleted it and installed. It’s a fantastic game, however I’m not planning to buy more it’s had more than enough.

I used to be a fan of this game, but no more. I’m on the brink of deinstalling the game. I really enjoyed Candy Royale but there has been some problems. The Candy Royale timing went from 8 hours to 16 hours, and the timing is now three days. What can Candy Crush cause the most annoying feature I love in the game? If the issue is resolved and it returns to the standard 8 hours, then I’ll be able to give Five(5) points and write a the game a highly positive review. I’ll check back in couple of days, but if I don’t then I will deinstall it as I do not like it anymore.

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