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Jan 2, 2023
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How to install Call of Duty: Mobile – Garena MOD APK v1.6.37 + Data APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Call of Duty: Mobile – Garena MOD APK v1.6.37 + Data APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Call of Duty: Mobile – Garena MOD APK v1.6.37 + Data Game for Android


I’ve been playing the game for the past few months and have really enjoyed playing it. But, I noticed that ever since the latest updates there are some buttons for control like slides, jumps and movement aren’t working, it simply doesn’t move even a bit. Therefore, I’m somewhat frustrated, especially when playing in ranked mode and keep losing the xp. Please fix it This is a huge waste to have a great game to be deleted, and then not playable again due to an error that isn’t too difficult to fix.

I love the graphics, game design, gameplays, maps, everything is fantastic. However, this game isn’t suitable intended for phones with small storage capacity It would be extremely unresponsive. However, this game is enjoyable and I would highly recommend it to everyone It’s a great game to play. Also, please improve the lag that is extremely annoying when playing a rank as well as the fire button on my hip occasionally isn’t working! Please solve this..

It’s a great game! Good graphics, good gameplay and a distinct style. However, I would like to say about the guns, they aren’t balanced and the game is obviously lagging, and sometimes the audio can be distorted. However, I highly suggest this game if you’re looking to play at a high fps this game, and the gamodes and events are enjoyable! If you can modify the guns and improve the size this game is an excellent 5 star.

Could you consider adding something to the fire button on left? For example, when you press and move it around, it doesn’t move as that of the fire buttons on either side… It’s similar to when you press and hold your left-hand fire button, it does follow the aiming, but it frustrates me “come on just copy the control settings of pubg” not the buttons, but the user interface. This can be very beneficial for beginners and advanced players.

It’s fantastic and everything is great. I enjoy the game. It’s a fantastic game. There’s no issue that I’m facing, except for one issue. It happened when i tried opening the game earlier it told me i had to login again. I logged in, but when the game loads, it states timeout. And then it happens again and again. I’ve tried to log in again, but it’s impossible. I’ve tried uninstalling the application and reinstalling, but it doesn’t work. Is there a way to solve this issue? Let us know if you have.

My phone is a Poco X3 Pro, I have noticed that this season I’m having frame-drops on my device and I observed that the controls aren’t as responsive as they were in the past. My internet and phone are both working perfectly. I suspect this is a game-related problem. In the past, I could play at Medium Graphics and Max Frame rate. Now I can only play at low graphics with max frame rate. I’m still experiencing frame drop issues during fights. I would like to see the developers concentrate on issues related to games rather instead of releasing random draws.

It’s a fun game but there’s too much toxicity glitches and bugs especially visual. I hope these bugs are patched. than 5 stars! Edit: It is ideal to have medium graphic settings for devices with weaker graphics and instead of five attachments to a gun, increase it to 6 and it could be useful, it could be useful to have the ability to alter the color saturation in the game, and perhaps make use of some optimization. game, but it’s getting boring.

Codm Please fix the game on devices that aren’t the highest quality. We cannot jump more than once using the snowboard. We can easily be able to see enemies even when they’re only 20 feet from us . And I keep getting fps drops and lag despite the fact that I own an game booster 2. and the game appears like a game simulator, but not like 2019-2020 , where even if the graphic quality is poor, things appear like they’re real and authentic. It’s time to fix the game as you’ve lost a lot of gamers over the years. I am a huge fan of this game. I hope that you realize this.

My most loved game to date. However, i’m experiencing constant FPS drops, even though the phone has 4g ram, however it’s not happening on my friend’s device and there’s the same RAM and there’s no audio in br. It isn’t able to hear any footsteps, however it’s a great game, it needs a minor fix on the sound. It does not matter if i continue experiencing drops in fps. I’ll rate the game 4 stars and return when it gets better : )

It’s a fantastic game that isn’t rife with glitches or bugs like some people say that it’s the phone’s fault and not with the game. If you’ve noticed that your game is extremely slow in the present, then you’ll require a new phone. I’ve played for a few months now , and although it’s slow because I’m using a low quality phone, it’s the best. It would be amazing to have some player/operating perks be included in battle royale. I could benefit from the High Alert feature! !

At first, I gave 5 stars. Now, everything is great, but matchmaking. There are times when I’m in a game with three players who have badges on the opposing team. I believe that when it comes to matchmaking, players with badges must be distributed equally. For example, 2 on one team and two on the opposing team. However, if it’s just one person, I’m okay with being in any team. I hope that developers are able to find a solution to this. Thank you!


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