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Braindom 2: Who’s Lying? Fun Brain Teaser Riddles – puzzle game with several levels that will make even a lover of the genre ponder. In each mission, the player will have to answer the question offered. For example, at one stage it is important to determine which of the girls is married, and at the other it is necessary to know the father of the kid. Puzzle games have nothing on this hard and free mobile quiz game! Puzzle games and riddles feature clues buried in words, visuals and the questions themselves. IQ games that stimulate your brain and help you think beyond the box.

Who is the thief? Who is the killer? Who is the married man? Those are the questions in your head when playing Braindom 2 MOD APK. If you do not want to watch adverts during the game, download the MOD version of APKMODY using the link below the article.

Introduce about Braindom 2

Who’s Who?
Braindom 2 is a game in the puzzle category of the publisher Matchingham Games. The game swiftly drew a great number of players (more than 10 million downloads and more than 400 thousand ratings on Google Play) because to its unique gameplay like never before. Not match-3, not identifying things, you need to utilize your observation abilities to hunt for clues to show who is lying in the photo.

Braindom 2’s problem consists of choices displayed on the screen. Like a multiple choice question, except you can’t just pick an answer arbitrarily, you need to gather clues to show why you chose it. For example, in the 17th task, you need to find out who is cheating. By touching the bearded guy’s computer screen, you can view his cheating evidence. Or in another mystery, the three guys all claim to be the child’s father. When utilizing the child’s phone to call his father, the man who picked up the phone iss the child’s father.

After each puzzle, Braindom 2 will display some amusing sayings connected to the puzzle you just solved. It can be a comment, a lesson or a proverb regarding real life situations. In particular, at levels 5, 10, 15… you will access facts on notable people in the globe such as Albert Einstein, William Shakespeare, Leonardo da Vinci.

Braindom 2 for Android \sBraindom 2 APK download \sBraindom 2 MOD by APKMODY
Clues are useful, but not always believable
For most puzzles, you need to use your excellent observation to locate the clues that help you solve the puzzle. However, you need to preserve your sanity so as not to be tricked. Sometimes the game sends you some “fake clues”, intended to distract you. When I was faced with a quiz “Who’s a liar?”, the guy thought the girl was only 13 years old, but the girl always swore she was 30 years old. I immediately saw her ring with the words “Graduated from college in 2008”. I immediately thought that she was above 30 years old, but the answer of the game was quite the contrary. The explanation is because no one uses a gold ring to celebrate their graduation.

So, in addition to examining the clues of the problem, you also have to assess its logic and actuality. This aspect makes the game more appealing, more unexpected for players.

What is Brain Point use for?
Brain Points are the only currency of Braindom 2. It helps you access hints, presents or even get you through the level without solving riddles. When you are stuck at a challenging puzzle, you can use any help to conquer. In my experience, you should only utilize the Magnifier to locate clues that will assist you complete the puzzle. If you pass the puzzle, you cannot experience the joy and curiosity will make you want to play the puzzle again.

There are several ways for you to gain additional Brain Points. Completing puzzles and watching adverts earns you bonus Brain Points. The lucky spin is also a chance for you to raise your Brain Points. You can also connect the game to your Instagram account and share entertaining quizzes to win Brain Points.

Does Braindom 2 include a lot of ads?
Yes. Ads always display every time you complete a problem. It is true that puzzles will give you numerous benefits such as increasing the quantity of awards after each puzzle or free hints, but the frequency of advertising too much makes the player experience horrible. It is recommended to utilize Braindom 2 MOD APK version of APKMODY, you can unplug from the internet while playing but can still obtain prizes.

MOD APK version of Braindom 2 \sMOD feature \sUnlimited Money

Download Braindom 2 APK & MOD for Android
Some customers remark that Braindom 2’s touch is too unsteady. Sometimes you tap the answer numerous times but get no reaction, making you assume it’s a wrong answer. Hopefully, the publisher will quickly fix this condition in the next updates. FEATURES: \s- Puzzles for teens and adults of all ages!
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