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Bounce the penguin sky high! Bouncemasters is one of the funniest casual arcade games with endless replayability where you compete to beat your own and other players records!
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Aug 29, 2022
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How to install Bouncemasters Mod APK 1.4.8 (Unlimited money/diamonds) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Bouncemasters Mod APK 1.4.8 (Unlimited money/diamonds) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Bouncemasters Mod APK 1.4.8 (Unlimited money/diamonds) Game for Android

You are a person who enjoys playing the games. And you are seeking for the basic game. Bouncemasters will be an excellent pick for you. Bouncemasters is the game of an arcade game. In the game, you will aid a penguin to get to a mate. Besides, the game also will deliver many various exciting stuff for you. Let’s install Bouncemasters and investigate those items immediately.

Travel to an ice chilly land
Bouncemasters is one of the games that has been produced and sold by Playgendary Limited. They are among the top 10 game producers by installs – the total number of downloads has topped 1 billion, and the monthly audience is more than 250 million gamers. Bouncemasters is available on both Google Play and App Store. So you may install the game on mobile devices that operate on Android and iOS Operating Systems. You can may play Bouncemasters on tablets. The game is free to download but it only is for single player. Bouncemasters doesn’t also take up too much memory capacity on your device, so you will play the game smoother.

Besides, the visuals of the game is extremely great. In Bouncemasters, you will be sent to the frigid area that is covered with snow. Here you may observe numerous lovely seals and whales. Snowmen too constitute an integral aspect of our region. Moreover, you also will get an opportunity to go to many various sites and observe numerous magnificent sights. A blue sky with white clouds, the night sky with a lot of stars, igloos, pines and so forth. Especially, you also may view flakes of snow falling or even a green field. Our main character is the penguin. He is quite pleasant. Sometimes you may notice him sans feather. They will assist the game to be newer.

In addition, the sound is really vivid. In the game, you may hear your penguin uttering several things such as “Help me”, “Amazing”, …. This will make the game be more engaging. Furthermore, a humorous music will be always turned on while you are playing Bouncemasters. But if you don’t want to bother people when playing the game, you may turn off the sound in the Setting of the game.

Start to aid the penguin to go to his mate
In Bouncemasters, the player’s penguin is observing the scenery around. And he found a buddy. But he can’t go to her. So your major aim is to aid your penguin to go to his pal. First, you need to tap on your screen to start the game. Then press again so that a polar bear may swat your penguin. But you also need to be careful to prevent missing the penguin. If you miss him, the polar bear will be upset. You will need to touch to have the polar bear smash the penguin and start again. So that you play Bouncemasters more simply, the publisher has shown a short text to the players. So you don’t have to remember how to play the game exactly.

In addition, there will be numerous various obstacles in the penguin’s road. For example, the seals, the killer whales, the snowmen, mushrooms or a guy that is frozen, … With some obstacles like the killer whale, you need to conquer them if you don’t want the penguin to go into the killer whale’s stomach and terminate the game. But you may rely on them to catapult your penguin higher. Tap on your screen to bump against the seals. This makes the penguin jump.

Upgrade your penguin
In Bouncemasters, your penguin will have 4 signs that you need to notice. Those indications Power, Max Speed, Rebound and Beat Force. The great power will allow the penguin to develop stronger. But the greater Max Speed is, the faster your penguin will fly. And if the level of Beat Force is high, the penguin will launch better. Your penguin will need to hurry to his pal as soon as he can. So you need to enhance him by using gold money. There are a lot of gold coins which are in the penguin’s way. Let’s gather them to enhance your penguin. Sometimes treasure chests might provide an upgrade card to you. Besides, you may make a lot of gold coins by playing Bouncemasters every day. Completing Daily Missions also will offer various prizes to you. For example, when you launch the penguin 12 times, you can get 1800 gold coins. But if you produce 8 fantastic kicks, you may win up to 2700 coins. Fly swiftly, bounce high, beautifully evade obstacles in all areas.

Especially, there are up to 24 bats in the game. Each bat will have its own perks. And you need a specific quantity of diamonds to be able to own them. The stronger the bat is, the more it will need a lot of jewels. So gather the jewels while your penguin is travelling to your pal. Daily Gift additionally will enable you to gain numerous gems.

Bouncemasters is a game where you will control a penguin and try to fly as far as possible. With the aid of your pal, you will witness it soar at great speed and make various landings to increase momentum. At the same time, there will always be impediments under the snow that the player will need to take care of, and of course, solving these difficulties effectively will let you continue your trip. Surely there will be many more things that assist you achieve this.

In Bouncemasters, users will encounter fascinating gameplay to assist a penguin fly as far as possible. His companion, a polar bear, assists with this work. Specifically, the penguin will stand on a steep cliff, while the bear is waiting at the bottom. The bird’s job is to jump down and let his companion strike with a stick, reach a high speed, and then gradually descend. Any player may completely enjoy this gameplay and touches do all operations. Specifically, you will need to touch to strike the penguin far away, and of course, you will notice it have a surround effect that suggests it is approaching a pretty fast speed. Also, you will need to land and have other seals push you up and continue to sustain your flight from time to time. There will be various ways for you to attain the longest distance.
There will be numerous things and creatures dropping beneath the snow in Bouncemasters, and based on your interactions with it, there will be varied impacts and assist you stay in the air. The first element that we cannot overlook is the seals with varied levels of maturity. Depending on your maturity level, pushing you into the sky is also varied, and when you see a seal, you will touch the screen to land to acquire momentum, and if you are not cautious, you will not be able to continue flying. Each time you land on a seal, it will count as a combination, and it will help you remain in flight for a long period if you make a lot of combos and be cautious when doing it. The next aspect is the icebergs with humans within. If you land on top of it, you will continue fly, but you will shatter the iceberg and quickly halt if you touch it straight. The third element is that the snowman helps you curl up and enables you to fly when there is a slope.
The major resource you use in Bouncemasters is gold coins, and how much you earn will depend on how far you travel. You will see an accomplishment map and will progressively add stamps on it to indicate the utmost distance you can travel. At the same time, you will see the landmarks with the icons as trophies on the map. When you hit a certain milestone, you are likely to earn additional stunning incentives.

[Free Download] Bouncemasters Mod APK 1.4.8 (Unlimited money/diamonds) Game for Android

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