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How will you live your BitLife?
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April 24, 2021
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[Free Download] BitLife – Life Simulator v2.1.2 (Bitizenship) Mod APK for Android

First love, love love Game Love !! Bitzen buys 100% of that value. One thing I’ve noticed since the update. I have the ability to learn instruments and learn voice is talent but I am not able to join a band or start a solo musical career. . I don’t know if I missed something or if it needs another update. Everything else is great! Just wondering if it’s a mistake.
One of the really good mobile games that are not just ports of PC games. Frequently updated and extended. If you are lucky you may get some hilarious combos of events. I just wish the game wouldn’t put you back on the main screen after almost every action. Getting relationships behind and behind the main screen buttons, for example, will make it a little less boring. It would also be cool to have a little control over your lifestyle, such as going out with a spouse or kicking your adult children.
So funny to play. I have been playing for a long time and love to get achievements. Fantastic game. Just a negative 1 star because it breaks down on me occasionally, but other than that it’s awesome. Update: The new update completely improved the game, it is of higher quality than before and now it looks very stable and has not crashed. It’s a better game with more features now and I give Davies more credit
It’s just an overall exciting game and you should get it. I play in my freetime during class and it really helps to pass the time. I have no complaints except ads but if you pay for membership, you don’t have to worry about them. It’s the best app on my app and I use it every day. 5 out of 5 Great job and thanks to the creators for making this game. The best game !!
Beautiful game concept and strong sandbox feeling. You can really live for generations and want each generation to be as different as possible; And I’m not a bitizen either. I can only imagine how much you can do as one, but my only problem is that I updated the game today, and lost all my saved lives. I put a lot of time and effort into them, so it is very disappointing that this happened. Overall great game!
This is a simulation game like Sims or something of that nature but in a text based format. There is a lot to do and the game is constantly being updated. Anyone who advertises too much, again the developers are constantly working on the game, so they need to make money. I strongly suggest supporting developers so you can pre-advertise. The game is fun and has a lot to do in the game. If you enjoy simulation games, give it a try.
I’m so happy with the update, especially the new gender options! I like the fact that you can already choose gender identity as a child, this is very real because children develop an inner sense of race in childhood. There will be a kid on the cake if you make it possible to choose a pronoun because pronouns don’t always match gender and personally I miss them / them classics. I feel like people seem to be performing more.
Lost all my saved life and progress. Again. This has happened many, many times. So frustrating. Please do not publish premature updates; You should properly test the problems and iron out the ones that break the game badly before releasing. I paid to be a bitcoin a long time ago, but now I’m getting ads again, when I try to restore my purchase, a pop-up says, “Error: BitLife had an error processing your transaction. Please. Please try again. ” I’ve been playing this for a long time, uninstalled

[Free Download] BitLife – Life Simulator v2.1.2 (Bitizenship) Mod APK for Android

What's new

Thank you, Bitizens, for your incredible reaction to this week's "Code Merge". In addition to all of the incredible Royal Update content, we love hearing about all of the features and details that you are now able to enjoy like gender identification, neopronouns, switching to your kids' lives before you die, half year age ups, the new font, custom cities, sharing finances with your spouses, and much more.

This update adds back in Challenges and fixes a ton of issues that you've reported!


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