BIGO LIVE – Live Stream, Live Video & Live Chat v4.35.4 (Full) mod


Watch great live streams, enjoy live game streaming, live chat with people worldwide, go live to be a social media influencer...All in BIGO LIVE!
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February 7, 2021
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[Free Download] BIGO LIVE – Live Stream, Live Video & Live Chat v4.35.4 (Full) mod APK App for Android

This app is great, a great way to spend time and socialize. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. The hosts in this app are very attractive women and most of them just want to send you gifts (money). They are very threatening and very poisonous. Some need professional help. There are some real people here who are awesome, but the primary purpose of this app is to send money to the hosts.
The app was fun at first, but after a few months it becomes boring. Moderators constantly ban hosts by the end of the month to prevent them from reaching the target. It is no better than any other streaming app. It would be great if they could match their policies.
Like this app, but updates often cause a lot of problems and eventually the app will have to use another camera, so I did not allow live streaming and only the top supporters are excluded from history, showing only recent supporters, which is not a real bee, especially a lot of past bees. Do not rejoice in this change.
This app is fun to use especially if it is your murder time. Hosts have different capabilities and fun to look forward to. Now I see a lot of private shows happening (nude shows) and you have to give up some gifts to watch them privately. This app is like an escort app, so bored Bigo staff will not take part in such activities.
For some reason my camera is no longer there. It says it is open elsewhere, in fact if I do not open other apps in the background please fix it. They need to show that they have seen / read the messages and that they do not need to show people that you have blocked anything, that is, if they are in someone’s panel it’s an empty box that you can not physically see, or vice versa.
Hi Bigo don’t ruin it. But a good social platform. Liked. But I think the money was cheated.
This is a good app with a lot of interesting features, but I have two big issues with it. I get upset when I do nothing against the guidelines, but if no one likes what I say or do, they report me to pornography and ban me right away. I want people to check it out before banning it. I was literally barred because I had itching near my chest. This is really annoying, no one is checking to see if they actually violated the rules.

[Free Download]BIGO LIVE – Live Stream, Live Video & Live Chat v4.35.4 (Full) mod APK App for Android

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