Avast Cleanup MOD APK v6.6.1 (Premium, Pro Unlocked)

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How to install Avast Cleanup MOD APK v6.6.1 (Premium, Pro Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Avast Cleanup MOD APK v6.6.1 (Premium, Pro Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


Avast Cleanup will deliver all the greatest and most easy capabilities for users to totally clean or optimize the device; even the deepest areas of memory cannot escape. Besides, it can evaluate and assess every process, application, and more to generate complete results. Over time, different features and support will arrive to consumers, making their smartphones quicker and better than before.

The first purpose of Avast Cleanup is to assist customers free up space on device memory, such as eliminating garbage files or more. It can also erase caches or other types of memory from removed programs or files, freeing up more memory for other tasks. Moreover, users can restore some critical data if they are associated to apps in case they are unintentionally deleted.

Avast Cleanup & Boost, Phone Cleaner, Optimizer
Avast Cleanup & Boost, Phone Cleaner, Optimizer
After the Cleanup function, the user may scan the device’s full memory to look for unexpected changes in the files. The app’s analytical skills are robust and complete, paired with a streamlined UI to reveal every content or result in great detail, including their folders or locations. Of course, the analysis findings may be flexibly altered and provide the user a wide variety of desired outcomes.

Avast Cleanup will come with the option to enhance the system for the duration permitted or until the user turns it off. That will make the entire system perform at its maximum and surpass its limits, allowing for more stable work or play if their gadget cannot match the spec need. The booster feature may also be employed automatically or manually, enhancing the device to different degrees depending on the work or game it is running in.

Avast Cleanup & Boost, Phone Cleaner, Optimizer
Avast Cleanup & Boost, Phone Cleaner, Optimizer
Applications or programs will, over time, drain some battery or device performance for stable operation. So the application in this article will have a thorough analyzer and offer an overview review for users to chose to deal with them. Indicators like as usage time, battery consumption, and many other consumptions are presented elegantly in it. The user can also halt or disable the apps to prevent any usage.

Avast Cleanup may assist users evaluate memory or multimedia files by particular categories in addition to apps. All space or occupancy in memory of images, movies, and others will be listed. Users may also touch on any symbols to view more of what’s within. They can eliminate or manage the gallery more cleanly through extensive and particular examination.

Avast Cleanup & Boost, Phone Cleaner, Optimizer
Avast Cleanup & Boost, Phone Cleaner, Optimizer
The optimization and hibernation capabilities are especially handy if the user wishes to prolong the system’s life or its components. That function will force the system to halt all activities and programs operating in the background to keep everything in peace, making the device more nimble and outstanding. Meanwhile, the hibernation feature makes the tablet more energy efficient and disables practically every function in the biometric system to optimize the device.

Avast Cleanup is an all-in-one solution that helps users increase device performance or vice versa for a better user experience or assist preserve the life of the device. It is also important in cleaning or managing data in the RAM so that the device is always comfy to the greatest degree.

Avast Cleanup examines your phone’s storage space in seconds and deletes any useless things.
On one screen, you can see all of the critical information about your device.
App Hibernation suspends programs for a brief amount of time to save battery life, save mobile data, clean memory (RAM Cleaner), and optimize device performance.
Safe Clean eliminates unneeded data, system caches, gallery thumbnails, residual or unused files, and APKs in an instant. You may quickly erase acquired data that serves no use with a single swipe.
The Cleaning Adviser tool gives a thorough overview of all of your phone’s data.
To free up space, speed up your smartphone, and remove Android delays, just delete applications with a simple swipe.
Replace preinstalled bloatware programs you don’t use with factory versions and wipe up all their data by uninstalling updates for preloaded apps.
Phone Cleaner locates and deletes your device’s largest files, videos, apps, and junk.
Make the most of your storage space by optimizing and speeding up your Android smartphone.
Avast Cleanup v6.6.2 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) Download

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