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Play online with players around the world as you try to become the biggest cell of them all!
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Aug 12, 2022
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How to install MOD APK v2.21.2 (unlimited everything) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded MOD APK v2.21.2 (unlimited everything) APK file.

2. Touch install.

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[Free Download] MOD APK v2.21.2 (unlimited everything) Game for Android

It used to be a game I played often and really enjoyed playing, but for the past month, every time I click play it’s saying “connecting” and then it takes me back to my home screen which means it’s not letting me play anymore. I’m on wifi, and my other apps which use wifi function, so I’m not sure what the issue is.

I’m using my Nan’s Google play account , but I’ve seen my dad plays this app and app so well. I love this app however, I think there needs to be more improvements I’d love it to see maps options it would be awesome to have a cities or space maps you can pick from. I’m hoping the that the developer will be able to make these happen.

It’s a great game! The issue is that it won’t let me play classic , and it’s not due to my wifi.Still an excellent game! Also, it doesn’t include a lot of music, or sounds!

The game is very enjoyable and you’ll probably be wondering, why would I give it 4 stars? The ads, although not frequent and aren’t appropriate for children’s viewers. I have played the game and came across inappropriate ads that might not be appropriate for children to view. Additionally, the golden pass is somewhat expensive for its worth. While I’m not in awe of the app, but it’s because of some bugs that bother me. I’m waiting for the developers to be aware of this and alter the game slightly. Fun game!

Three stars only due to the fact that “DNA” frustrates me as the only way I have to obtain DNA is to playing the game. I would like that CREATE YOUR SKIIN game did not cost DNA. I would like it to cost 1000 dollars, even though I enjoy the game.

I’ve played the game for years , but it’s never changed. It’s always the most glitchy movements and delays. It’s never smooth but there are bugs. I’d love you could create an off-line version to stop it from being so slow. I am often eaten by this when I attempt to move but the response takes so long. I would like to see a fix or add an off-line version since I enjoy this game to death.

Excellent game, however Battle Royale sometimes gives you an item when you finish 11th instead of top ten , as it should be. nearly all of the times the advertisements that claim to take 1.5 hours off the potion’s opening time do not work. The ads that offer tokens throughout the season have failed me.. I’ve only tested these token advertisements a couple of times before deciding to forget about it. Given how often the potion ads aren’t working I’ve concluded that the token ads are inoperable. Great game however the bugs are annoying me.

Battle Royale and Rush modes are great fun however, lately I haven’t been able to find the minimum number of players of 15 to sign up. Classic mode is for teams only and absolutely no fun. Battle Royale is the best option to play without teams. please add more players to have a go at it again. It’s so fun! I’ve played this game for a long time! !

Fantastic game. My son and I both love it , and we probably play it all the time. However, other gamers have also downloaded skins, but we’re unable to find out how to get them Please help us.

Agario is an enjoyable game. But after the update for burst mode became available the entire servers and the party system froze out. In the present, I’m able to join one server of 3 and when I go to an event, I’m not within the same server as my friends who do not have the latest version. Another issue is the Update only appears for any other player. This must be fixed immediately since I am unable to longer play with my buddies or in any other server.

The game is extremely addicting and enjoyable. The only thing I dislike is that there are more players teaming up more than ever before. One way I think they could fix this is to create an option where you could play with cpus or something similar. Apart from that, i am a huge fan of the game.

Lovely. It can make you angry at times, but most times it’s enjoyable. In the event that you do not have reliable WiFi and it’s not always reliable, sometimes it’ll be slow and crash but generally it’s a great game with amazing game modes that are unique and fun. To make it truly great however, they must add private servers because often clans will crowd the servers and there’s no way to become big and have fun. But when they include private servers, it will give players the chance to master the game’s mechanics and enjoy fun. Add them as soon as you can.

I’d prefer it to be more simple to obtain DNA and also that people were spawned into New servers more frequently. Also, let people zoom in when creating skins and provide more color choices. Ads aren’t really an issue, but this should be given better ratings.

The game is entertaining and interesting. I am impressed by how many people are enjoying playing. But there’s been an abundance of bots, teamers, and hackers recently. It’s really frustrating and I urge you to get involved. I don’t like the way they make a mess of the emojis. Please be cautious and this game won’t be destroyed. One star was lost due to this, however playing on mobile can be a bit difficult.

I am awestruck by this game because of its visuals and the frightening concentration this game demands. It’s a great game and most likely due to its advantages of having a good brain and teamwork skills.

It seems fine However, it is plagued by horrible for spawns. There’s no logic behind the spawns. It’s not uncommon to get spawned and then immediately be consumed before you even move. This has happened to me many times than I’ve ever actually been able to play.

A great game, but it could use some adjustments to balance. I’ve played this game for a long time and enjoy it. My issue is that when you get in, there is an excellent chance of becoming a victim of a huge cell. It makes it impossible to play once you start. I believe that this game needs to be based on a game similar to in which, once you reach a certain point you are required to shift to a more difficult portion on the board. In this way, small cells could increase in difficulty.

What's new

* It's what Fans have been waiting for! The all new... Burst mode! Eject cells faster than ever before
* Presenting Emojis - NOW available in any arena
* Introducing Spring Season, arriving 11 March 2022
- Collect ladybug tokens in any arena and in potions to unlock rewards galore
- Buy the Golden Pass to take your season to the next level for super exclusive rewards and skins



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