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Experience Adventure Escape Mysteries - a compelling escape game where unique puzzles and critically-acclaimed stories are enjoyed by tens of millions of players. Investigate cryptic clues, unravel mysteries, and solve puzzles in beautifully illustrated adventures!
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Jul 1, 2022
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How to install Adventure Escape Mysteries v19.05 Apk + Mod (Stars/Hints/Keys) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Adventure Escape Mysteries v19.05 Apk + Mod (Stars/Hints/Keys) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Adventure Escape Mysteries v19.05 Apk + Mod (Stars/Hints/Keys) Game for Android

Update: Extremely disappointed. The app is known to reset my progress in games when it changes. This has happened many times, and I’m very frustrated… It docked me 2 stars for it. I love this game as well as the previous ones too! The puzzles are logical and there’s enough story to draw attention without becoming boring.

I’ve just finished Paradise Mystery & enjoyed it greatly! The ending was extremely satisfying. Highly recommended! These creators are admirers of making games for free similar to these, with an approach that allows access for those financially restricted, but has a limited amount of ads. They don’t always have the ambience of other puzzle-adventure/point-&-click adventure games, but the puzzles are typically quality, challenging (sometimes even too obtuse! ), & rewarding, esp. If you play advanced ones!

Good puzzles. The funny thing is that when they say advanced, they’re simple. When they say easy, they’re difficult.. Each puzzle an logical and an actual challenge for the brain. I love solving these. Very creative in designing mini games. I have just discovered 1 or two games that are illogical, which that is, there are 100 odds of solving them, however there is only one right answer and you must try every one of them. The rest of the puzzles are amazing.. After completing two games, in the third game I can determine how the game would be constructed, and its fantastic

Initially, I did not give it a high rating since I was not familiar with the character. After playing the games according to their difficulty and being able to begin with the easier ones, I knew what I needed to be paying close attention to and how to handle the clues. I really like it and I am sure you’re going to enjoy it when you try it too!

Great games. Have played through them all and am eagerly anticipating the next one! Fun, complex puzzles, and romantic stories are a little silly, but I enjoy it for the puzzles and the art. I am sorry to hear about the team of artists in Ukraine I hope they’re getting along well over there. Keep going The games are amazing

I love all the games but the app won’t connect to Facebook to ensure that you don’t lose progress when it’s time to update, which means you must start from scratch and you’ll lose your stars, keys , and everything else. This needs to be addressed immediately.

Lost Ruins: Revenge of Atlantis. A great game that is a bit challenging occasionally. I have removed one star because of the numerous chrashes that occur in Chapter 6. Perhaps you take a look at the game (Android 12.2 on Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra). An addendum: I have I played Phychic Squad and Pirate’s Treasure. Both games crashed constantly. I would think that that the Android 12 fix is not yet completely resolving the issue. This is a real shame because I am a huge fan of the whole suite.

Great puzzles for solving. I find some “advanced” puzzles easier than those “beginner” ones. The only keys you get are two (to enable chapter) in every three hours meaning you only get to complete a few levels a day, without spending dollars on the keys.

This game is amazing It’s amazing! The visuals while the challenges are awesome! Absolutely challenging, but not overly difficult. The story requires attention to details. The story is very engaging and also very enjoyable! I am a huge fan of this game.

I’m hooked to this game. I check each time to see if there’s an update. My sole suggestion is that I hope that if a the new game releases take too long to release the developers could simply include past mysteries that aren’t in the app such as Cult Mystery, Haunted Asylum or Space Crisis. We could get something, even if it’s not new, but something to complete while we wait. We’ve already forgotten about these questions and how they can be solved. They’ll continue to provide entertainment and brain workout.

I am awestruck by this Haiku games. I am awed by the sounds, the stories, the art all of it. I laugh out loud whenever an unexpected thing occurs within the narrative. Edit Thank you for the update on your situation! I’m sorry to hear about artists who are impacted by the conflict. I thought the update would include an entirely new game however, your safety is far more crucial. We will be waiting for. Your games are fantastic.

This isn’t a game that gets enough praise, and honestly I enjoyed every one of the games and stories. were fascinating, there were no unwelcome ads every 5 seconds, or no ads at all, and the artwork for each of them is stunning.

I really enjoy these games. The challenges aren’t easy sometimes and the random stars that are given for clues during the game are not common ….but they are worth the effort. !!!! The covenant has me jumping several times.

It’s a great puzzle/escape game. There are many ongoing stories, and there aren’t any constant advertisements, which are usually just between chapters while loading the next chapter which is a fun game to playing experience. It is also possible to play back any of the games once you’ve having completed them, and they could be a great exercise.

I love this game. Absolutely an interesting. The only negative thing I can say is the time it takes in order to get keys back. It’s an integral part of the game however it’s like a long time to be waiting. It’s a fun game. Don’t let the waiting for keys stop you from playing.

All stars. I enjoyed every single level, the story line as well as the puzzles. Each area was unique which makes it less of all, there were several games to choose from. Bravo to you guys.

What's new

Improved support for Android 12.
Fixed another issue with notifications

We know many of you are waiting for a new game. We haven’t been able to get the game out as fast as we’d like. Our art team is located in Ukraine and has been affected by the war, but we're committed to continue working with them during this time. In addition, we’re working on a few unique aspects of the game which are taking us extra time to get right. The game should be out sometime in July. Thanks for your patience!



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