Adguard Premium MOD Apk v4.0.79 (Nightly)

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How to install Adguard Premium MOD Apk v4.0.79 (Nightly) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Adguard Premium MOD Apk v4.0.79 (Nightly) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Adguard Premium MOD Apk v4.0.79 (Nightly) App for Android

Learn more about Adguard Premium

ADGUARD SOFTWARE released Adguard Premium, a popular ad-blocking software. This developer is known for developing security software for Windows tablets and phones.

Some websites use pop-up ads to advertise smartphones. It opens up more tabs, which can make it uncomfortable.

What’s it used for?

This app blocks unwanted advertisements from online sites and allows users to delete ads from apps that they have installed. Your phone will be more responsive, and it will not be slowed down by unwanted ads.


Adguard Premium’s majority features do not require your phone to be rooted. The majority of Adguard Premium’s features don’t require that your phone be rooted.

Amazing features

Adguard is a popular Android ad-blocker. These are some of the most important features you will find in ad blocking.

The Adguard Premium mod APK program, which blocks ads for browsers and other programs, is one of most popular and innovative. It has been used a lot in recent years.

Block advertising in the internet

Adguard Premium is trusted by millions of people around the globe. It works naturally to block ads. This lets you surf the internet and enjoy games without worrying about RAM and memory.

You can find many anti-virus software and ad-blocking programs on the market today. It is necessary to root your device. Adguard premium is an easy-to-use and convenient antivirus that you can download on your device.

Make your whitelist

Request that the application be disabled from your favorite sites. This is very easy. This will allow you to remove ads from these sites.

All sources can be blocked

The key difference between Adguard and other ad-blocking apps is its ability to remove advertisements and ads from all sources. This allows you block ads without root permission. You can choose which sites and apps to be added to the whitelist.

Trackers can track your data.

Having your personal data online can lead to potential online trackers. Some people may not be concerned about this, but others might. Passwords and inputs will be protected to prevent others from seeing them.

Apps Management

Adguard Premium lets you manage apps on your smartphone. This app shows information such as traffic, saved data, and filtered ads.

Privacy Protection

It may be possible to have software running in the background to monitor your activity. No more worries about data theft or loss.

Adguard blocks third-party cookies to hide your IP address on certain websites. Modify your profile to surf anonymously.

Many websites collect user data. Adguard offers specialized modules that block suspicious activity and protect your data.

Parental control

Protect your child from inappropriate online content. Adguard allows you to customize the blacklist.

Increase the device’s performance

Because there are fewer ads, your devices will require less hardware to work. This is a side effect.


AdGuard users will recognize the annoying video ads that still appear when you view a YouTube video through a browser. The ad will then disappear and you’ll have to wait for it to go away.


As you use the app’s features, you will discover many types of lists. As you use the app’s functions, you’ll discover many types of lists.


Another type of list that you’ll find is the white list. Another type of list you will find is the white list.


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