Adguard Premium Mod Apk v4.0.78 (Nightly) latest version

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How to install Adguard Premium Mod Apk v4.0.78 (Nightly) latest version APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Adguard Premium Mod Apk v4.0.78 (Nightly) latest version APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Adguard Premium Mod Apk v4.0.78 (Nightly) latest version Game for Android

Learn more about Adguard Premium

ADGUARD SOFTWARE has released Adguard Premium, an ad-blocking program that is popular. This developer specializes in developing and providing security software for Windows phones and tablets. This application allows you to block multiple types of ads while using your phone, without rooting it. You can easily download, install, and protect your phone against annoying advertising with just a few simple steps. The application also makes your phone more secure and increases security.

Smartphones are a common tool that we use to spend a lot more time on our phones. While smartphones offer convenience and entertainment, there are also downsides. Pop-up ads are used by some websites. This opens up more browser tabs and makes it uncomfortable. Some websites can also steal your information and place malicious code on you phone. Sometimes, ads can drive you insane while you are playing games or using an app for photography. How can you solve this problem? Adguard Premium is the best ad blocking software for Android.

What is it used for?

The app not only blocks unwanted ads from online websites but also allows users the ability to remove advertisements from any apps they have installed on their phones. You will have a better experience and your phone will run more smoothly, as it won’t be slow down by unwanted ads.


Adguard Premium’s majority of features don’t require that your phone be rooted. This makes the app very accessible for even standard users. Our mod version is also smaller and more efficient, so it works on all devices. To get more advanced features, it is a good idea to root your phone before you can use them.

Amazing features

Adguard is one of the few Android users who recommend it as an ad-blocker. These are the amazing features that will interest you in ad blocking.

Adguard Premium mod APK program is one of the most famous and unique ad blocking programs for browsers and programs. Advertising online is one of the best ways to make money on the internet. Unfortunately, it has been used quite a bit in recent years. Advertising comes in many forms. Sometimes, the number of ads can be so overwhelming that it is difficult to find the content you want and then use it. Adguard pro apk uses its algorithm to automatically remove Internet ads. This program does not need to be rooted and allows users and you to add your favorite websites to its whitelist to ensure that ads are not removed from those sites. This program is very efficient and doesn’t take up much of your Internet bandwidth. This program will allow you to have a great experience with web browsing. It even gives its users complete control over its filters, allowing them to set their own rules for removing ads. It allows users to delete any type of advertising or content from websites. However, all of these actions can be reversed and any rules that were set in the past can be reversed. This program has been downloaded millions of times.

Block advertising on the internet

This is why Adguard Premium has been trusted by millions of users all over the world. This app works on all Android devices. It does not take up too much memory or affect your performance. The process of blocking ads happens naturally. This allows you to surf the internet and play games without worrying about memory and RAM.

There are many anti-virus and ad-blocking software available on the market today. Rooting your device is required. Rooting your device could make your phone unsafe, trackable and malicious. Adguard Premium is a convenient and easy-to-use antivirus that you can install on your device without needing to root it.

Create your whitelist

You can request that the application not work on your favorite websites. It’s very simple. It is as easy as adding these sites to the whitelist. The application will then unblock ads from those sites.

All sources of ads can be blocked

The main difference between this and other ad blocking apps is the ability to remove advertisements from all sources. Adguard premium, unlike other apps that can only block ads on specific browsers, allows users to remove unwanted ads from all sources. It can be used to remove ads from all sources, including browsers and apps. The large number of filters available allows you to block ads in various situations and on different platforms. It is therefore a popular choice for Android users. Adguard is also not dependent on rooting your device, unlike other ad blocking apps. Adguard uses a unique blocking feature that involves Proxy server and VPN. This allows you to block ads without the need for root permission. The app allows you to select which apps and sites to add to the whitelist or blacklist.

Trackers can track your data.

Accessing the internet can also mean that your personal information could be available to online trackers. While some may not care about this and consider it normal, others might be skeptical about protecting their privacy. Adguard understands this and allows users to remain anonymous online without being followed or tracked. Your password and other inputs will be encrypted to ensure that they are invisible to others.

Apps Management

Adguard Premium allows you to manage applications on your smartphone. This application shows information like traffic, filtered ads, and saved data.

Privacy Protection

You may be able to have some software running in the background that monitors your activities. This app will detect suspicious activity and delete it from your device. Your device is now more secure. You no longer have to worry about data loss or theft.

Adguard can block third-party cookies and hide your IP address from certain websites. You can modify your profile to browse anonymously.

There are numerous websites out there that collect user data. Adguard has specialized modules that can block any suspicious activity and protect your data.

Parental control

Protect your children from online adult content. Adguard can help you. Adguard will prevent you from accessing inappropriate websites and search results that contain obscene material. Parents can also customize the blacklist to ensure their children have access to healthy content while using the phone.

Enhance the device’s performance

Your devices will have less hardware requirements to function as a side effect of having less ads. Your phone will be faster and have more storage space. Additionally, fewer ads on your website means less traffic resources are used. Adguard will help you save significant amounts of internet traffic. Adguard also makes websites load faster and improves browser performance.


AdGuard users will also recognize that there are still annoying and unreliable video ads. An ad will appear when you view a video using a browser. You are then forced to wait until the ad is gone. If you don’t have internet access, the ad will eat up your device’s internet bandwidth. Removing ads can help you protect your device and conserve internet space.


You’ll discover several types of lists as you use the app’s functions. These lists will dictate how ads are blocked. The filter list collects all the ads that you might encounter in the browsers you are using. You only need to allow the types of ads you want the application to recognize quickly. Most cases you will need to disable all types of ads in order for the application to block them all at once.


The white list is another type of list you will find. It excludes websites that don’t apply the above advertising features. This is usually applicable to certain websites that are advertising-related. You may also click on ads to help the website’s creator. The white list is a good choice but be cautious when making your decision.


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