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October 30, 2022
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How to install Zero City MOD APK 1.35.0 (Unlimited Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Zero City MOD APK 1.35.0 (Unlimited Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


Players in the building and warfare game Zero City must struggle to survive in a shelter with multipurpose rooms. As you interact with survivors who have a variety of stats, you will be able to refine them. At the same time, you may increase the strength of your army, which is constantly prepared to fight in difficult conflicts.

Play base-building games in Zero City

An outbreak in the Zero City universe caused the zombieization of a large number of people. The survivors were terrified as their numbers grew to an overwhelming level. When the virus separates sick people into two groups, things do not end there. Particularly, one group will consist of of zombies that move and act according to instinct, while another, the intelligent mutants, will become the leaders of the first type.

The Master, the commander of the shelter that perished in combat, was one of the mutants that rose to head the army of zombies. Due to the monsters being led by smarter ones, the survivors were forced to retreat back to the refuge and fortify their defenses. The number of survivors in the bunker will also steadily grow, giving you a strong army with which to confront these terrifying foes.

Play base-building games in Zero City

Players in Zero City will arrive in a shelter with a variety of rooms and vacant cells where they may freely construct the rooms they choose. Each survivor of the zombie pandemic will show up in front of the shelter at the same time, and you will have to decide which room to take them to. Each space has a unique effect and is appropriate for a particular kind of thing. These characters were chosen for you based on their stats.

Play base-building games in Zero City

You may quickly view the character stats before escorting them to locations like the cafeteria. This makes it possible for the shelter’s rooms to operate smoothly. When some spaces, like the Command center, can be improved, things don’t end there. The consequence of the upgrading is equally clear since you will be able to access additional rooms with unique characteristics to support the expansion of your shelter.

Play base-building games in Zero City

Create strong teams to defeat zombies.
Players in Zero City must complete hard stages in order to eliminate zombies in various areas, in addition to building shelters. Two characters are available at first, with the remaining spots becoming available as you advance in level. The winning strategy in fighting relies only on power to overcome the opponent. You are in charge of employing materials to assist them.

Additionally, you may gradually uncover goods by opening crates with various rarities. You receive a surprising number of prizes, including cash, guns, and several other goods. As a result, while using more potent weapons, the character’s strength might be increased.

Play base-building games in Zero City

Survive in a world that is completely post-apocalyptic and features things like:

Mutant zombies pose a menace to humanity, and The Master, an army-commanding, intelligent zombie, is in charge of them.
The pandemic survivors will be gathered, and you will place them in the shelter’s function areas based on their talents.
The rooms’ quality will rise with time, and you’ll be able to find new ones with amazing features.
A fully equipped army where players may take control of zombie-infested areas.
To strengthen your army and enlist more fighters, you may acquire new equipment.
Download the MOD APK for Zero City v1.35.0 (Damage, Defense Multiplier).

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