Toon Blast MOD APK (Lives/Coins/Booster)


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Jan 6, 2023
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5.1 and up

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How to install Toon Blast MOD APK v9421 (Lives/Coins/Booster) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Toon Blast MOD APK v9421 (Lives/Coins/Booster) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Toon Blast MOD APK v9421 (Lives/Coins/Booster) Game for Android


The game is extremely addictive and provides excellent puzzles. But, I’ve noticed that it “cheats”. When you reach certain levels, and you are running out of moves You may be offered the chance to view ads for three additional moves that in some instances can help you winning. When you’re sure to win with these extra moves, those ads “aren’t working” and you’re forced to play another game. This is very annoying, which is the reason I’m removing the game.

12/23/22: I’ve enjoyed playing the game for a few years and i love it! I’ve also never had problems until just recently. I am a huge fan of the ads to play for free lives and turns however, it seems like the new update has caused this a problem. It’s the TikToK ads that cause the game to crash and glitch. …..A adorable and kid-friendly game that is fun for all ages.

I’ve played for a few years and am also a team leader and am a part of a fantastic team. I’m extremely dissatisfied that the game chose to make use of political ads for the 3 move bonus every time I attempt to use it. It’s definitely one of those advertisements you can’t escape from. I’m going to stop using the app instead of being forced to allow political intrusion into the game I used to love. Shame on Toon Blast.

It is very frustrating because it’s like the game is manipulating your. Iv been through up to 100 trials on one particular game, but I’m unable to explode it. It’s unproductive at times. Take action about it. What time will the game come to an end? I’m getting tired of playing baxk and back in the champions league, whatever ….gush The game is getting increasingly annoying every day. extremely ridiculous super difficult levels. U can try up to 100 times and still fail. I’m thinking of absolving myself of the game

It’s not as fun anymore. App is not working properly. I’ve sent support messages twice. Cleared cache, trying to update but it isn’t working. Sometime, you get black screens or losing levels due advertisements for tik tok and I don’t like the game of pick a hat. I’m not able to win anything. I have uninstalled applications removed storage space, cleared it, and yet to update. Nearly ready to remove it. It’s a shame, as I’ve loved this game for a long period of time.

Fantastic game like this. Excellent graphics and Physics. Needs planning and thought. Learning is fun while you learn. Since reading my review I’ve joined a team (the most effective team). The cooperative competition is amazing! N.B. apart from King rescues on occasion the game is NOT as advertised in the current ad.

It’s not even close to the ads ….kinda as everything in other games. Perhaps I should continue playing until you reach the point in which you have to decide how you will save the bear or the Fox. …..??? I play the game again, simply clear the board. Yes, with plenty of excitement, objects explode.

I’ve played this game for over 5 years If you’re not able to beat the level, you’re just plain sucking… I don’t have money to play the game, and am currently on level 6712 and some levels are tougher than others, however if it were simple everybody would be playing, and no one would earn any money from playing the sport… put aside your whining and get playing… Toon Blast is among the games that the commercials display and it’s exactly as it is shown… I love the game

I’m completely hooked, but at times it’s a bit overwhelming! My only gripe is I’ve been playing for a while, and it gets a bit “harder” to clear to which you need to pay some money so that you’re free to continue. It’s not like I’d spend a lot of money as some players do, however I’ve had to pay two or three times the amount or else I wouldn’t be able to move into the next stage. . However, I understand that the game makers must be compensated for the time they put into making these games available for us to enjoy!


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