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How to install Stone Grass Mod APK 1.20.2rc (Unlimited money and gems) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Stone Grass Mod APK 1.20.2rc (Unlimited money and gems) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


Stone Grass drags the player to the meadows with different colored grasses, and your mission is to utilize the available tools to chop them all. Each time the grass is cut, the grass will be connected into a group so that the player can quickly collect it and transport it to a machine to exchange money. Also, over time, fresh grasses will cause your car to get hotter and demand an update.

Stone Grass — Mowing Simulator

Stone Grass — Mowing Simulator
In Stone Grass, players will have an intriguing task: mow the locations you go to make money in this game. Players will be outfitted with a vehicle coupled to a sharp saw blade to be able to chop everything they can touch. At the same time, in mowing, you will undoubtedly confront specific problems regarding the sort of grass you need to collect.

Players will handle the truck with basic swipes, and of course, you can quickly maneuver your car to other areas. At the same time, the control operation does not demand too much expertise, so the player can rapidly understand the gameplay and begin the trip to conquer the enormous expanses covered with layers of multicolored grass. Of course, various grass hues will need particular equipment to be able to cut it.

At the beginning of the Stone Grass screen, the player will control the character from a third-person view, and the important grass you may cut is green. You are free to move and wait for the grass to fall off gradually. At the same time, the grass layers will automatically be rolled up into little groups, and if you feel sliced enough, you may move to gather them. They will be the things that assist you make more money in the game.

There will be a container used to hold groupings of mowed grass, and they will automatically arrange on the car each time you approach them. At the same time, they can load a very high stack without toppling, no matter how you drive the vehicle. You also need to pay attention to the limit of grass you may harvest, and this restriction is generally plainly shown on the left side of the screen. It is a bar with multiple display colors, and red means you have crossed the limit.

After you have stacked a particular amount of grass that you have cut, you need to travel back to the consumption area. Each place that you travel to has a particular function, and as long as you move to the region appropriately, the feature of that area will activate. Specifically, you may go to the site where you can earn money by mowing the lawn, and you simply need to wait a few seconds for the machine to function. After finishing the green grass, you should move to the other colored ones.

Stone Grass — Mowing Simulator

Players will note in Stone Grass that you can easily cut grass of different hues, but it won’t be simple. Specifically, you will be able to observe the color of the saw blade change red suggesting difficulties in cutting grass that is a color other than green. The only way to achieve this is to increase your truck’s performance, and from there, your work will become simpler.

Players will not be able to take their eyes off the spectacular upgrading aspects, and it will undoubtedly divide into two that you will need to care about. Specifically, for the saw that you use, you will be able to simply unlock additional number of saws for quicker harvesting, quality of saws for cutting different colored grasses, and many other things. You may also modify and enhance the trucks you are driving, and you will witness a substantial shift in them.

Lawn mowing will become entertaining and hard for players:

Players will drive a car with a saw to trim the lawns they see and take them to a machine to gain more money to utilize.
Every time your cars strike a patch of grass, they are tied up in groups and can be arranged behind trucks to create a stack.
Grass piles can mount up over time, and depending on the vehicle you’re driving, this will have constraints that you need to be careful about.
The user will be able to locate other lawns after completing the green lawn, and new ones might cause your smartphone to heat up.
One technique to protect your gadgets from heating up is to improve them with the money and the upgrade mechanism around the saw and truck.
Stone Grass v1.20.2rc MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Stone Grass MOD APK mowing simulator is the greatest grass cutting game you have ever played produced by Free plays Inc. In this game, you have to trim the grass on your lawn to make money, so you can update your cutting equipment. This is a really love to play games with wonderful animations and visuals. You may enhance your character additionally by earning money. This Stone Grass MOD APK a highly popular game with lakhs of downloads from the play store.

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