Pulsar Music Player Pro Mod Apk v1.11.6-211 (Hack Unlocked all features)

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How to install Pulsar Music Player Pro Mod Apk v1.11.6-211 (Hack Unlocked all features) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Pulsar Music Player Pro Mod Apk v1.11.6-211 (Hack Unlocked all features) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


What are the implications?

In Pulsar Music Player, Android users will get the complete music player with audio file manager that can help you manage your music and audio collections. It is free to scan your entire device searching for music and audio files to place them in specific libraries. Make use of the simple application’s UI and the useful features to begin organizing your collection of audio.

In addition you can also enjoy playing music and audio files using the music player that is fully featured within Pulsar Music Player that allows you to play around with its incredible playback options. Allows you to set up the playback preferences and enjoy useful featureslike gaps-free playback, lyrics display crossfade play speed adjustment tags editor, command voice equalizer and music visualization and many more. This should allow you to play your favourite songs or other pieces of audio to the max.


For those who are intrigued by the amazing mobile application Pulsar Music Player, you are now able to download the free version of the app through the Google Play Store, which permits everyone Android user to download it without any issues. However, since it’s an app that is free there are certain premium features will require real money.

Like other Android apps, you’ll have to supply Pulsar Music Player with certain access permissionsthat will allow you to use the features it offers without issue. Make sure to agree to its request when you open the application when you first start it.

To improve performance and stability of the mobile application for your devices It’s essential to keep your Android devices up-to-date with the most current firmware version, which is preferably Android 4.1 or higher.

Amazing features

Here are the most exciting features the app can offer:

Music player that is compact and light for all devices

For starters, Android users in Pulsar Music Player can enjoy working with the light and simple music player that is able to be installed on any device without any issues. The app will take just 4MB of internal storage. This makes it a great choice for modern and low-end gadgets. This means that every Android users will be able to enjoy the amazing mobile application by Rhythm Software.

Beautiful and user-friendly app UI

With Pulsar Music Player, Android users can now work using the stunning and user-friendly application’s UI It comes with stunning animations and vibrant designsthat keeps you engaged within the in-app experience. Additionally, for a freemium application, it’s not often to come across one without ads. However, Pulsar Music Player is one of those God-given apps that is designed for mobile users, making it an excellent replacement for the infamous Neutron Music Player, which isn’t accessible in the Play Store anymore.

Works well with all formats of data

Utilizing Pulsar Music Player, Android users can swiftly browse your music collection on smartphones and search for all available audio and music files without any hassle. The app is compatible with all common file formats like MP3, AAC, FLAC, OGG WAV, OGG, and numerous others. In the end, you will have a complete library, which includes all available music and songs. Use the Scan option when you want to update your library with new songs so that the application can contain new songs in the library.

You can effectively manage your library of audio

In Pulsar Music Player, Android users can access a simple and simple music library that is easy to managedue to the options available in the application. You are free to organize and play music according to album or artist, folder, and genre. This makes them much simpler to manage. This can be extremely useful when you have an enormous library that contains a lot of songs.

At the same time you are able to use the quick search function within Pulsar Music Player, which allows you to browse the entire library of music or songs by with specific keywords their name and tags. In addition, by having specific tags, such as album artists, release dates genres, release dates, and more your music can be identified easily in libraries, which makes it easy to browse through the various options.

So that for those who are looking to get involved, you can use the built-in metadata editor to edit and add the tags that are available on your music that will make your entire library much more well-organized. You are free to select your favorite tags for songs, or even create tags that you have created yourself to make the library fully managed.

Smart playlists to use

With the intelligent playlist and features that are accessible, Pulsar Music Player allows everyone Android users to easily work with their favourite songs. You can choose from your most played, recently played, Recently Added and other auto-generated playlists to listen to your most loved songs. You can also make your own playlists using the app, displaying every song you want to hear. Save your most loved playlists so that you can listen to them any time you need to.

In Pulsar Music Player The app helps you by automatically removing playlists that are not currently active and do not have any songs. You can also save and backup your playlists to ensure they won’t be lost.

Automatic sync options to replace missing images

With the auto sync feature to replace missing images from tracks, artists, as well as albums Pulsar Music Player can quickly search for images that can be downloaded that allow users to use the features to the fullest. You can open the application to allow it to immediately transfer the images that are missing with your existing music collection. This will let you experience a more accessible and intuitive music collection.

Playback settings that are useful for your music and audio files

With Pulsar Music Player, Android users have the choice to use a range of playback options that will allow you to completely enjoy the songs you have selected and audio recordings.

You can use the playback settings that do not require gaps to play your music you have in the queue without having to wait. Check out the play speed settings to enjoy playing music at different speed, each with an individual audio experience for those who love music. Take advantage of crossfade, which can make your songs more thrilling and powerful.

Utilize the volume normalization settings to allow adequate volume for every track. Make adjustments to the sound balance settings to ensure accurate and consistent audio from both ends of your headphones, or from your multi-dimensional speaker configurations. You can set a sleep timer on specific playlists and queues so that you can relax while the app plays and end the music by itself.

Also you’re able to save your playback settings by using Pulsar Music Player, as the app allows you to instantly go back to where you left off. This is extremely convenient for audiobooks and podcasts.

A useful widget that you can enable to display on the screen you are using for your main screen

To make the application easier to use, Pulsar Music Player also comes with a handy widget that lets you connect to the Music Library on the home screen. You are free to play the audio , and make adjustments to the widget without opening the mobile application.

Make sure you have lyrics and visualizers enabled for your songs.

If you are interested, you can immediately enable your lyrics and visualizers within Pulsar Music Player, which will make the audio player significantly more thrilling and full of. Begin by choosing the correct lyrics from your library, and then link it to the right songs. A properly synced lyric allow you to sing alongside the incredible pieces of music. Additionally the music visualizer that has unique audio rendering lets you listen to the music with a beat that is music that is pulsating and animated. This means that you will be able to fully be absorbed in the incredible music.

Connect to a variety of gadgets and internet services

Since Pulsar Music Player now supporting the majority of hardware available and devices, you will always be able to experience the music playback experience to the max. Begin by connecting the application with your Chromecast devices to begin playing songs with lyrics and visualizers on large screens. This will make the perfect Karaoke arrangement for all who want to sing their favourite songs.

You can also connect the app to the intelligent Google assistant to allow voice commands to your devices. Connect it to speakers on external devices and smart devices that enable them to play music according to needs through Pulsar Music Player. The app also works with any system that is compatible with Android Auto, so you will always be able to have fun enjoying the incredible music experiences while driving.

Connect with your Last.fm account to gain access to additional features

For Last.fm users it is easy to link accounts to mobile application to gain access to more features. Enjoy working on the largest internet music service while making use of Pulsar Music Player. Utilize it to listen to tracks online, find out more about your favourite artists, get new music recommendations and explore the entire music scene whenever you’d like.

Themes that are interesting to add to your player

To make the fantastic mobile application Pulsar Music Player more interesting, Android users can also install a variety of beautiful themes to its interface, which will totally alter the way you listen to the music. Choose from many appealing themes in the mobile application and take advantage of the features to the max.

Available in a variety of languages

Be sure to take advantage of the various languages available that include more than 36 languages for Pulsar Music Player customers. This means that you will always be able to use the application in your own languages and be able to fully comprehend its functions. Additionally, expect localized options for the new languages in the most recent updates, which will make Pulsar Music Player even more available to all users around the world.

Have fun with the modified app on our website.

Then, last and not the least for those who are curious about the fantastic mobile app of Pulsar Music Player, you can now download the modified version of the app which is now available for everyone Android users to use without difficulty. Just download your Pulsar Music Player Mod APK and follow the instructions and you’re ready go. With this ad-free app and features that are fully unlocked music enthusiasts can really take advantage of using the platform for music players.

Final decisions

With a user-friendly interface and a variety of amazing capabilities, Pulsar Music Player allows music lovers to experience high-quality audio playback while on the move. You can use various features inside the app, which lets you use the features to the max. Don’t forget to opt for the unlocked version for free of the app available on our website. This will let you take advantage of its features without spending a dime.

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