Kick the Buddy: Second Kick MOD APK (Unlocked)


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Dec 10, 2022
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How to install Kick the Buddy: Second Kick MOD APK v1.14.0 (Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Kick the Buddy: Second Kick MOD APK v1.14.0 (Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Kick the Buddy: Second Kick MOD APK v1.14.0 (Unlocked) Game for Android


The experience is enjoyable but there are times when ads automatically show up. when I play a video game when an advertisement popped up and directed me directly to Google Play Store I left at the home screen but the music was playing. I returned into the game and the ads stopped. I do not know why it is happening.

This is the best game I’ve played. You get to pick an assortment of weapons and objects to beat the opponent! I like all the weapons also! The only issue is that I need to watch 10 ads just to acquire one weapon! It’s a bit annoying. However, it’s very enjoyable.

Fantastic game! The only issue is that the buzzsaw isn’t working. It doesn’t appear when I select it up. Another issue is that certain objects cause death to Buddy too fast, and that can ruin the enjoyment. Otherwise, fun game! Absolutely recommend it!

The first one is still kind of like the second one, but I love it. However, that occurs when you kill your buddy is there are times when a box appears and you must look at an advertisement. It’s more irritating after you quit the screen and it shows you an ad. So far, this game has been a huge success Keep it up!

It has ads, but is the game is fun overall. It’s based off the character buddy, a puppet. You can You can do whatever you want with the puppet! The downside is the advertisements however it’s a great game. I would recommend it to other players. It’s an enjoyable game with 4 5 stars!

Excellent game, but I was not a fan of one thing the ads. They are great for breaks, but when they cross the thresholds, it’s not a good game. This is why I gave it 4 stars. Ads are fine, but not too often in the event that they become too annoying such as if you kick your friend four times, then it’s a good thing and not bad. Very nice game!

LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH! This game is by far the awesome thing I’ve ever seen. It is about an adorable doll who can move around and is named Buddy. Buddy is housed in a box made of cardboard and you can play with him and beat him! The red ribbon at the upper left corner represents Buddy’s notebook. You can make use of different weapons and also dress Buddy up! If you’re not sure how to create Buddy there is a option to learn how to create Buddy. It’s expensive but it’s scheduled to be released soon.

I am a player in this game. Every time I try to accomplish anything it shows me an advertisement. Maybe reduce the number of ads it’s going to provide you with when playing the game. and I’d give the game a five Star The game is fantastic generally, so Keep up the great work!

Nice game i see. The ad isn’t that irritating for me, due to the button that cuts off the advertisement. The only issue is that we must view ads for hours if you’d like to play for free with no premium, simply turn switch off your internet connection. it

I am enjoying the new kick the friend game as opposed to the game becoming more difficult as before, I’d struggle with weapons and numerous other things but now it’s much more simple than ever before. And if you’ve experienced issues with this, then you’re far from the sole one who experienced this issue.

I absolutely love the advertisements to the point where you cannot start the game without seeing 5-6 7-8 ads until the point where you just Uninstall this game. Thank you so much but. seriously , you need to solve this issue or remove certain ads since the previous KTB,s hidden the ads and sponsors, but with this one, it’s just similar to (boot into the game) …)BOOM! Ads, ads, and more ads. I’m saying there’s an endless amount of ads and I’m sure that even the game’s developers are aware of numerous, yet they’ve created the game is an exact copy of the original but this time with ads

I’m sure I’ve said this was fun, isn’t it. This is the second version of the game that you have removed the appliances as well as other items that were in the original game. I really enjoyed the game however, why do you need to take it off playgendary? I still enjoyed it, but advertisements can be irritating at times.

Fantastic game, but one issue. The trash bin and the bookmark keep getting glitched out, and preventing me from playing until I close the app and then re-open it which can be very annoying particularly when they crash out again within five minutes. If the bookmark glitches however, it opens the inventory item after I click it. the inventory is hidden until I close it by clicking elsewhere.

It’s a great game, but it’s just that you need to invest hours trying to make the gold bars.It would have made better , and also you have to pay $6.99 for a single pack that lasts for one month. you must pay for agean.

You can torture your buddy and there are some who believe that he is dying too quickly, so we need to torture more. 5 stars for the ability to inflict discomfort. However, the second game contains more things and the first one says coming very soon, and they used have everything. I know this because I was playing this a few years ago.

It’s an awesome game and does not have any graphics, but I’m not sure if it’s pushing the limits of advertising, however, it’s awe-inspiring and I’d suggest you keep up the great work.

I think it would be better with ads the chance to have to get a weapon for free, it’s excellent to have the first particulars about an arsenal it is displayed under your hands or on your wall when you look at the ads , but I love it.

I am a huge fan of kick the buddy as it brings back so many fond memories of the times I used to play the knockoff game with my older brother. It was so fun to play vs each other to see who could take out the your buddy first. The winner would receive a piece of candy. Playing an activity that triggers my memories is definitely a great thing.

I love it. is extremely enjoyable and offers a lot of possibilities! I highly would recommend it to those who enjoys playing with your hands. I give it 5/5! !

I think the developers could’ve made further enhancements to the game depending on how it was originally designed, since it’s the same thing, but just slightly different. to me, at least I’m unable to tell the distinction. Overall, it’s an extremely enjoyable game..


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