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Dec 30, 2022
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How to install Gangs Town Story MOD APK v0.24 (Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Gangs Town Story MOD APK v0.24 (Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Gangs Town Story MOD APK v0.24 (Money) Game for Android


It could be the most enjoyable game ever played, however I felt that the game can be played with ease to obtain what you want. to make the weaponds a pricey, I’d prefer to see more clothing and indoors, as well as the crouch system could be nice, as well as more mini games, as well as eating food such as tacos or pizza, as well as more main missions, and a recharge system that lets you refill whenever you’d like and, overall, a very good game that’s extremely addictive for all.

A great game. Love it. However, it still needs many improvement. Please refer to other gangster games like gameloft’s urban crime. Do not take anything away from the game, you simply need to add something that mimics the reaction of the peds when the guns are pointed at them There are bugs and lags, but some are present, like the car that bleed when it’s hit. The game crashes with high-quality graphics. Can you connect with games from Naxeex as they’ve got some amazing ideas, and you have done a great job with graphics and fine details and it will be amazing.

Avega Get rid of the districts! Include new guns, then add the full story! The first update begin by introducing part One of the entire story! I’m sure your whole community won’t be disappointed! Also, please address the sound issue that occurs when you are in an automobile when you have Ultra or High graphics! Also, add the gun shop, barber shop and clothing shop! I love where your game is headed and I suggest you improve on it, and I guarantee you will not regret it! <3

I don’t have anything to say about this sport… It’s a blast. However.. 1. playing multiplayer, games, free roam would love to play together with family and friends. 2. Add more cars such as lamborghini bugatti McLaren and more. You understand me guys? 3Editing button might be useful for creating ramps, spawning cars, as well as modifications… 4create a more realistic walking and running and climbing up and down. Five more skins of vehicles and player skins. I wrote too much mutch and by the way, it’s the best game ever.

When I first downloaded this, I had low expectations of it.. However, I was pleasantly surprised that the developer made an effort to make the program, even if it’s not perfect but is more effective than other big developers. Keep it up! !

It’s a good game, however, if improvements will be forthcoming, it’s a good thing. I’m happy with graphics, but the options aren’t as good if there are more options like vehicles and when it comes to the performance, it’s not as good because of crashes and hangs occurred although it’s a decent game

It’s a great game, but requires more features, such as adding a an exciting city, like Los Angeles, change police cars, like modern police cars, add more weapons, more vehicles, and add costumizations for characters. thank you

The game is fantastic and I love the game immensely, however the issue is that we aren’t able to swim in water . Please include water swimming in the next update. It should also be more realistic. The gun shoot and the vehicle’s driving isn’t as fluid, so please make it elastic for a better experience. Please pay attention

Fantastic game play, but the creator must focus on the design of the cars and add some bikes to the game. The game needs to have various weather conditions, climates, and characters. should have emotion and reaction on their faces. This game should have multiplayer mode and offline mode. The game should receive upgrades similar as GTA 5 I hope u will read my opinion and implement some of the previously mentioned updates as soon as possible.

Oh my god, the game is amazing! Graphics are great, the map and everything is amazing, however please include motorcycles and extend the map. Also, make sure you add planes as well as shops for clothing! 🙂

The game is very enjoyable because it has four issues, one. Please add a new supercar 2.please include new buildings, parks etc.3.please add more missons . 4. the final one is to improve the animation.

I really like the game, but please create an online mode for the game. Also, ensure that the game will to be the offline mode of story as certain people are unable to enjoy playing the game in the event that some missions are online.

Excellent game. Please include features on mobile phones, such as calling to request taxis or direct missions accepts mobiles and personal gun/car order options selfie, cheating option on mobile, and swimming feature.and certain features like helping cops earn money, bone break making the character move slower and bleeds to deplete health.

The game plays like GTA game. The graphics are stunning. There are some things that should included like more missions for as well as a mobile phone. Also, there must be more pedestrians in the streets, but the game is fantastic. finished

This game is great, but can you add the ability to take out pedestrians and their vehicles so that I could eliminate enemies quickly? Would you consider that a good idea for you guys?

This is the best game ever. However, please consider adding these items when you update the game. 1. Add an airport along with trains 2.add an additional character buy an house.and car collection garage. Also, a Bot collection garage. And gun collection space. 3.add the future of a car crash. 4.add sound missions 5.add the bank robbery in the future. 6.add automobile showrooms, gun shops and dress shops. 7. Add buses, bikes, and new vehicles. 8.add swimming in the future. 9.add phone. 10.add night and day time the night-time car’s automatic light in the in the future. Then we go to the river.


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