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FR LEGENDS is all about drifting!
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May 27, 2022
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How to install FR Legends APK v0.3.2 MOD Unlimited Anything APK?

1. Tap the downloaded FR Legends APK v0.3.2 MOD Unlimited Anything APK file.

2. Touch install.

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[Free Download] FR Legends APK v0.3.2 MOD Unlimited Anything Game for Android


I love your game there is nothing wrong with it, but I would like to make a couple of suggestion. It would be nice if you guys could add sleepy eyes for the Miata, if not for all the cars. Also It would be nice to have a couple of trucks added in the game, so players like me could drift trucks around. It would also be nice to have a V8, a super charger, and twin turbos added into the game instead of only being able to put a single turbo into your car.

Pretty good game so far! I’m enjoying making various vehicles out all the possible options available! one suggestion tho, is it possible to make it to where we can import an image from our device to make into a sticker to place on our vehicles?

I like the game alot but there’s alot of things that you should add and/or improve. Such as the tracks. There are very few tracks and the tracks that are available can get repetitive and boring quickly. And the tracks cost like $30,000 so I will have to grind the same track. Maybe a level system could work. Also I feel that there should be more online options such as hitting search and getting matched up with a random guy. Also can you make the prices more reasonable. Like 1200 for tires is bad!

This game keeps it real with the drift culture. I absolutely love the focus on the Ebisu jump drift section. Control-wise, the touch controls for steering are chaotic compared to steering with the phone. Customization is detailed and better than most games! Interior gameplay needs some work. My biggest complaint has to be the lack of tracks. I love the gameplay so much that I want to take it to many more tracks and the lack of it is a bummer. But I hope it’s currently in the works! I will still be playing this game and is my top go-to drift game. Amazing game, keep it up!

Love the game. It has a lot of customization and upgrade options and the game takes time to get through. You don’t play it for a few hours and then there’s nothing to do, you need to progress and it can be fun. Although there is a bug where the dialogue displayed on the screen (such as when you get a perfect transition or you finish the race) will actually jump out and freeze the game. And there isn’t a lot of cars in the game, having 7 in total. And to purchase different tracks is WAY too expensive. They’re more expensive than all the cars. The game seems unfinished but it is good and it can definitely improve. 8/10

Definitely one of the funnest drifting games for your phone. The physics are really smooth once you get used to them. You do have to spend alot of time playing if you want to have multiple cars but having the starting car doesn’t put you at a disadvantage. There’s lots you can do to customize your cars but they need to add more body kits and interior parts. Definitely more steering wheels and shifters. Once you start to have multiple cars it’s pretty hard to make the interiors feel different.

I loved this simple game! I only wished there was more I could do with upgrades. Like adding more decals, body parts, adjusting psi in the turbos. All those little things drove me to uninstall this game. Other then that, it’s a really easy game to play. Not so easy to earn money at first. Graphics are great! Controls could use a bit of love. For a small and simple drifting game… I would 100% recommend this game to anyone who enjoys a racing game.

I love it. I have been trying to find a game where you can customize cars amd drift without the lag of multiplayer (this one has multiplayer but no lag) and this has been the right game! I would like a button that you could press to make sure there is no damage. In multiplayer, you should get fined if you hit someone elseand not vice versa. Drone controls are a bit tricky and disapear randomly sometimes. Also I wish the cars sounded different with engine swaps. Otherwise a great game.

I really like the controls of this game, they have a really good feel. I do not like the amount of grinding required -the rewards are small and the prices to unlock stuff is huge. You would think that running a more difficult track would result in a higher cash prize, but that seems to be the opposite in this game. Longer, more difficult tracks seem to result in equal or smaller rewards. I unlocked “$35000 for 2” which seemed to only unlock one track, so I don’t understand what “for 2” means.

Really fun game, great customization, cars and physics. It really brings you a sense of pride when you complete your build that you’ve worked very hard on. The game has a lot of potential in the future. Would love to see more customization ie, change engine cover color, dashboard stickers, a color picker for certain parts like lugs and shifter and maybe steering wheel too, as well as the rims. Perhaps allow us to add stickers to stuff like the rear wing and front splitter. Great game!

Simply amazing. I’m a diehard gearhead, so I know a thing or two about cars and how blatantly wrong most car games are. If I had to pick only one car related game available to keep on my phone, itd be this one hands down. Honestly all I could ask for is just more cars and some more customization options for existing cars. Otherwise this checks every box for me. First drifting game I’ve found with damage, great controls, great customization, and very good user interface. Keep up the great work!

Amazing game overall, honestly cant wait for multiplayer features to be live. The physics are great and the drifting is just too much fun. I know the game is in the early stages but some more cars would be absolutely fantastic. If i had a real complaint it would be the car touching penalty. The game already senses when you hit a wall too hard, why cant the same be done for the cars? #rubbingisracing

Everything is awesome. But there are a couple of things that needs to be fixed. 1. It’s quite hard to do the touge mode considering the car tends to start drifting at high speeds and sometimes when turning too much. You should make 2 car controls for the touge mode which is Time Attack Mode and Drift mode. The touge mode will be much better to do if the car doesn’t slide tend too slide too often. 2. Please check the prices on some things especially the the price of the seat. The price is almost more expensive than a full bodykit. Also try to reduce the price for the tracks because some of them are vey high priced. I hope you could make these in the next update to make this game even AWESOME.


What's new

New Car
New Rims
New stickers:ReveD,RushD,MFC
No Collision mode option in Multiplayer
Ping limit in Multiplayer



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