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How to install FIFA Soccer MOD APK 18.0.02 (Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded FIFA Soccer MOD APK 18.0.02 (Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


You may design your own soccer squad in the video game FIFA Soccer Mod APK. You can also select to play online against another team. This game has a lot of features and is completely free to download. The game requires an internet connection to download, but it is simple to setup and play within minutes. You may play against other teams for free, and you can also form your own club and modify its roster.


The gameplay is identical to the real-life game, although there are some additional additions. In addition to establishing your own squad, you may select from a variety of leagues and national alternatives. You may develop your players based on their abilities and mix them with other gamers and newcomers. The game also features lessons and activities to help you develop your abilities.


FIFA Soccer features a good degree of difficulty and simple controls. The game also includes a number of game options, including AI opponents and other players. Matches last three minutes, and there are four difficulty levels to choose from. You may level up your squad and collect cash and points after each battle.

Quick play, tournament mode, and ordinary season mode are all available game modes. These modes allow you to relive the whole soccer season and its most spectacular moments. For FIFA enthusiasts, the game also includes a variety of customization options, such as the ability to change the appearance of players. Furthermore, the game offers lag-free online play.


FIFA Soccer has an exceptional graphics engine, making it one of the most realistic sports simulation games on the market. The stadiums and players are realistically detailed, and the game features outstanding fluid movement. It also includes weather simulations. This is a fantastic new addition to the soccer genre.

The game also has a story option that chronicles one player’s life as he progresses through the levels of a football league. This provides gamers with greater creative power over their careers. The game is also the first FIFA game to be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and EA has fully used the consoles’ capabilities by employing the Ignite Engine.


FIFA Soccer is a game that will transport you to a real-life soccer stadium. This game has realistic soccer pitches as well as a full-fledged soccer league. You may select from a range of teams and play a variety of games. If you enjoy soccer, you will enjoy this game!

FIFA Soccer Next-Level Soccer Simulation is a World Cup simulation computer game. You select a team from ‘Pot 1’ and click to move them to their next Group. The game also replicates the draw, and you may use a rapid draw method to sort the teams at random.


Throughout the game, the simulation assesses performance at various moments. The 30-m sprint velocity, repeated sprint maintenance, and CMJ height of the players are all measured. To assess abilities, the simulation also employs an electronic opto-jump system. Timing gates and the Russel, Benton, and Kingsley51 procedures are also included in the game.

Another important component of FIFA is player ratings. This element has been a component of the game since its inception and is now considered standard in sports games. While it is not a new feature, it has altered how soccer fans perceive players. To form a good squad, you must have a high player rating.


The game is a realistic simulation of a soccer match. It has around 15,000 participants and 600 teams. Day/night/climate simulations, accurate 11v11 games, and realistic movement are also included.

The Ultimate Team option in FIFA 23 will include new Icons and Heroes. The new Icons will depict various stages of a player’s career. The base versions will be released at the beginning of the cycle, followed by the midrange and Prime versions a few months later. The Prime Icon Moment will be the player’s most memorable moment in his or her career. Here are some of the new Icons and Heroes in greater detail.

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