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Dec 12, 2022
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How to install Dream League Soccer 2023 MOD APK v10.050 (Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Dream League Soccer 2023 MOD APK v10.050 (Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Dream League Soccer 2023 MOD APK v10.050 (Money) Game for Android


This is an excellent game, however I’m having two issues. The first is that I’m unable to locate an online game from my router. I am able to play every time I am connected to a different router. I would like to know how to fix this, as it reduces my playing time. The second issue is the fact that it can’t erase spam presses when the possession is changed. So, whenever I try to shoot , and my opponent has his ball away, the opponent attempts an evasive tackle, which usually results in the ball to fall.

Fantastic game! . The quality is fantastic! There are fewer advertisements. Enjoyable match. Good graphics. Great controls and plenty of possibilities in this game, just like FIFA. It’s a real soccer game. !!!. It is the fourth best soccer game played in the world. The other 95% of soccer games are full of advertisements and are of low quality. However, this game has a leaderboard. But one problem I dislike is that after about 15-20 minutes of watching advertisements to earn coins, ads begin appearing much less frequently, so please correct this. Other than that, everything is wonderful I love dls!

Quality has improved Overall. There are players who have higher ratings, but they are not showing if the player have already been purchased. It’s impossible to find the multi-player menu. And after upgrading to the most recent versionof the software, it appears that its settings have been altered, most notably the kick-assist. I’m really interested in knowing where/how to locate this multi-player (offline) menu.

Great Update! Since the update that was recently released I’ve updated my review. Much better game play! “Scenario” is very cool. The only thing I’d like to see more statistics. Average Points/Assists Per Game etc… Additionally the career mode is way too simple. After you’ve created your team, game is over. Perhaps, you are you carrying player cards and must continue to sign their contracts. This way, you don’t have an ideal team. A countdown clock in an extra period would be great. Thank you team!

3 stars on the graphic and new style. The analog controls aren’t very impressive. It’s almost impossible scoring a header, and it’s almost impossible to score outside of goals outside the box, and within the boxes. Then the marking/attacking([B]) is worse than ever. I’m not even able to collect the ball, and my phone’s screen is threatening to fall, but my players are all staring and I’m unable to capture the ball when attacking. When I do manage to take the ball away the foul is a red card and it’s a yellow card. The game will take me back to my home page.

Excellent game . But, the game is easy to play. It is very simple to score goals. Make every team extremely difficult to play against. This will make the game more challenging and enjoyable to play. Personally, I don’t enjoy games that are too simple for me. It’s very boring for me. Make the game playable which you are able to choose the level of difficulty or will be. If you take free-kicks, the ball won’t turn back. The ball goes straight to the goalkeeper.

Four stars for doing excellently. I had deleted the old version a few months ago before deciding to test the new update a shot. 1. You’ve been working on your control system and it’s much more precise and accurate as it used to be. 2. You feel good and the goal replay is now twice more effectively. 3. Excellent idea for the landing page even though the color scheme is not very appealing, as men are the biggest players and you should make the landing page have an appealing color, something that is more solid and solid. We’d like the sprint button to be a separate button. Tnx.

This is among the most enjoyable games to date but please work on the freezing issues when playing on the internet. Even with the best Internet connectivity it can freeze frequently and is a real problem. The ability to move the your cursor from one player’s to another can be a challenge often because it can find a player that is far away when there are likely to be plenty of players to be in the same area. Beyond that games, it’s great in many other ways. I’ve really enjoyed it for years and would highly recommend it to others.

To be honest, of dls2023 is quite a good game. This is the reason I gave it 4star. Even though there are a few issues in the game . Namely: 1. The game requires very robust internet connectivity to play careers or live. You can also play scenarios. 2. Players waste all of their time passing to the other side, and this permits your opponent to quickly take advantage of you. While you’re doing an amazing job, please keep it up!

V 10.0 Ah, yes. The 2023 version has been released. We’ve been watching for it to be released and now it’s happening. New interface, new graphics that are more realistic as well as a fresh look for the players, and much more. The goalie looks to be a downgrade instead of being upgraded. They’re the worst athlete on the field. My 50+ player could defeat them with just one step. Goalies also have an interest in watching the ball whenever they are able to take it in stride. FTG Please fix this.

More controls provide the player with the ability to run faster. Include more through ball features. Players must also have the option of support for forward runs as well as two player press. The game is enjoyable, but with the evolution through the years, it’s still the same controls. It’s really just three buttons and an analog. I’m still it’s a dream League fan though


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