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Dec 12, 2022
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How to install Dragon City MOD APK v22.10.0 (Unlimited Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Dragon City MOD APK v22.10.0 (Unlimited Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Dragon City MOD APK v22.10.0 (Unlimited Money) Game for Android


This game is my favorite. It’s amazing to be able to collect thousands to hundreds of different dragons. However, I recommend that the rescue function be updated. I have nearly 300 dragons and like to use them all to complete the rescue as quickly and efficiently as possible. It takes forever to complete every team. It would be great to have a skip battle option. It already auto-attacks so it makes sense.

This game is great! The dragons are gorgeous and it’s a fun way to pass the time. The only problem I have is the long wait times. I’ve seen a dragon egg take 40+ hours to hatch. After a while, you can get bored. It’s ridiculous to see the pop-ups when you open the game. Some of the prices are too high. This game is great, despite the small problems.

P2W is basically it. You get a lot for your money. The “deals” are usually bad because they are limited to a small amount and only one purchase limit. Bad deals are unlimited. You are also bombarded with ads in-game every time you turn on/off. Even a habitat will ask you to purchase a battlepass (PS7 or PS80??). You can’t pick it back up once you have placed it. This is also true for a few premium items. It used to be very charitable, as it was 2+ years ago.

Graphics can be incredibly relaxing and fun. There are many interesting options for themed dragon designs. Although it can be frustrating to see elite dragons, speed ups, event tokens, or activity speed-ups promoted as cash purchases in repeat popups (which is very similar to Pokemon), To play the game or obtain good dragons, you don’t need to purchase anything. There are no mobile ads. They make their money in the traditional way of in-game purchases.

It’s great to see dragons, but the screen is too blurred up. Second, you have to go through trials to be able to fight them. It frustrates me. But, there are some optional ads. Other than that, it’s a great game.

Pop-up ads were added after you have collected gold or left mini game events. If you forget to turn down your volume, they can be loud and shocking. Although there are many ways to view ads offering rewards, they force you to watch them at random times. This game was great fun, even though it took me a while to recover from an illness. If the pop-up ads keep coming up, I doubt that I will continue to play it.

Although I love the breeding results, I don’t like when it gives you a dragon that you already own. It’s almost like I just waited 24 hours for a dragon that I already have. It’s great that you can earn points and do quests. It can be very expensive to feed your dragon once they reach level 20. Overall, it’s a great and enjoyable game.

Here’s the deal. The game is great and I give it 5 stars for the play and task, and all the minis. Bravo! However, I wouldn’t recommend that you spend real money on them or give them your bank information. I’ve spent more than $200 USD before they took money out of my account twice for in-game stuff I didn’t purchase. It took me 2 weeks to get my refunds. Then I bought the monthly package deal, but it was not what I expected. 3stars

I used to play this a few years ago and tried replaying it, it runs well its just that I cannot see any texts, all I see are the codes like it would show Rockokey_DragonManager for the fire dragon. It didn’t work. I tried to delete it and then redownload it.

Dragon city is improving. 🙂 Most of the technical issues that ive had are now resolved. Although it looks like an incredible battle or reward for a newer player but is not enough to sustain certain things (dragons being nourished, etc. It is difficult to save up if i have to spend 50k on my dragon to feed it four times.

The game crashed when an enemy dragon used Dark ‘Craziness’ to rescue a ‘Very Rare’ drag-on (can’t recall the exact one). It crashed again after I restarted it. This needs to be fixed.

This game is great, but I have two problems. Problem number 1 is the slow loading of the game. (Btw, it sticks on 69%). Second, it can take days to breed and upgrade. It is not enough to have a great game. It is important to look at the issues and find solutions.

My current feedback is that the events should be presented in a single place and not be grouped together. It is frustrating to open the game and then be asked to exit 20 events before I can play. This makes me want exit and uninstall. You should have an Events tab in the UI

It is a great game, with balance ads that each player can select. League match up is a problem. It is beyond my team level. To upgrade my lv4 habitats, I need 2xx tokens. However, my lv2 habitats need approximately 4xx tokens. It is worth fixing it, or explaining what you need to do.

This game was great! There are many dragons to breed, and the game has great HD quality. This is not all. You don’t have to wait for your dragons hatch. There are a few things they can do every month. This way, you will never get bored. Although I am aware that this game can be time-consuming, I find it enjoyable. I have enough free time to play it every day for just a few seconds.

Although the game is okay, it is not as good as most mobile games. It is also very costly. I saved 15m gold just to finally get a hero.

It is a very well-made game. It was amazing. In less than a month, I was able to collect legendary dragons. I collected dragons, battles, breedings, farms, mazes & games. It was a lot of fun. There were not many ads, and it wasn’t that annoying for f2p players to see offers. Prices are not too high and they aren’t overpriced. However, I was irritated by the long wait that took for me to get my next quest after I had completed quests and dragon recover. Please reduce the wait time. Great game overall

It’s a great game. Although it is a little boring at first, it’s very addictive. There are many islands you can get to expand your fantasy world. It’s fun to play with other people who don’t know what they are and expand our imaginations. It takes up a lot of storage. My only reason for not giving it is that it’s too heavy. The device I use is my father’s old phone. And it has very little storage because it’s so old! It’s a great phone and I highly recommend it.

This game is a favorite! I have been playing it for many years. This is a great game! You can find so many different dragons! You have so many dragons to choose from! Dragon City, thank you!

4 stars, because I love it! I first played this game 8 years ago.

Dissapointing! It’s not about 3.49PS. It is about the fact that i need you to help me sort this problem out. I made a purchase for 3.49 and 65 gems. It said that there was an error with the purchase, but money from my bank account had been taken. If there are any problems, I won’t make any more purchases. This is something I have never seen in any other game. I purchased the next island to unlock, but i won’t be able use the discoun.


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