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Dec 11, 2022
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How to install Candy Crush Saga MOD APK v1.242.1.1 (Unlimited all) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Candy Crush Saga MOD APK v1.242.1.1 (Unlimited all) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Candy Crush Saga MOD APK v1.242.1.1 (Unlimited all) Game for Android


It’s a relaxing, enjoyable game that appeals about my need for order as well as desire to be organized. The downside is that after a certain point, the game turns intense, even if only against you! A majority of levels require boosters which you can obtain for at no cost, however the temptation is to purchase. If you’re not ready to invest money in the game, then you can choose to beating the levels without boosters. It’s all fun and addictive. If you hit a point that’s too difficult, just restart!

It’s okay…This game can be enjoyable in certain instances, but at other times the levels can be quite difficult and tough to complete even without boosters. The most recent issue is the strange vibrating sound during game play. It would be nice if you could add a feature to turn it off, as I find it distracting than anything else, and can distract from the focus frequently required to master a game.

It’s a fun game. There are no ads on the internet (excluding the reward advertisements) Weekly events, and race episodes. There is no such thing in previous versions of Candy Crush. However, I don’t like it when I’ve got 5 lives , and then I get another five lives. It does not sum up the lives up to 10. It’s capped at five. The new UI is a complete ripper. For instance, I was able to get “Sweet” but that word takes up all the screen, and I had a heart attacks. Another thing to consider is including Tiffi in the level user interface to display a reaction depending to how you play is not a good choice for me. Make the UI better, please. Thanks.

Extremely difficult levels Very difficult However, I’m addicted nonetheless I don’t think I’ll ever quit playing, and playing and playing it’s especially enjoyable in the winter months when there’s nothing else to do. Playing, playing and playing. The issue with the cartoon Tiffi which is in the corner. I’ve had it necessary to place the label on top of it since it’s very annoying.

It’s not simple, but it’s relaxing and can take some of the concentration off your brain as you attempt to complete. The prizes and prizes along with directions are simple to understand.I am a fan of the idea that there’s a lot to do and you can play with your family. It would be more enjoyable if the phone stopped freezing. I went through the memeory that was stored on my phone, and it was just 20. I’m used to being in awe of it.

As a child, the game brings back to so many memories . The only issue is that you need to pay for the privilege of playing. The game isn’t for everyone it’s only for really tough levels. Like the other games I play, this will have opportunities like win gold or other things. I’d rather see an advertisement for gold bars rather than have to pay for. According to me.

I’m getting close to being ready to erase and never go back. I am exhausted from finding myself stuck on a particular levelthat I keep playing repeatedly, purchasing packs to master it, and yet after a whole week of playing the same level I’m still stuck. It’s not enjoyable.

Perhaps a rigged time-waster. I’m currently at level 11,430. I’ve never paid a dime of real money in this game. And with the amount of ads they throw at you it’s still a good way to earn money even though you haven’t spent any money. Play for free, ignore the advertisements, and it’s an entertaining game. Be careful not to allow “the man” win.

Hello, I’m having an issue. I’ve downloaded the most recent update several times in the last two years. Each whenever I download a new update , I lose various things that let me play with the ads , strolls, and such,. I’m not sure what caused me to lost them, but I would be grateful if I could get them back. Thanks.

It’s addictive and fun to play just when you’re ready to leave the game, difficulty levels become extremely difficult. You’ll be given 12 moves to complete the puzzle (which they know isn’t possible) which is why you need to purchase additional. If you buy the puzzle, they’ll give you 35 moves because they know it’s a lot greater than twelve. I’ve never spent a penny and don’t expect to. If you’re looking to earn cash, you can take a fee for playing rather than trying to extort it of the players. We’re sure of the way you’re going.

I played this game in the latter part of 2019. I stopped playing the game because it was boring. I downloaded it again to relive the past and WOW! It’s fun greatly, however I’m not fond of the one years of fun! update. The purple candy is replaced by cupcakes! The only thing I don’t like is the new tunes. It takes away the pleasure of candy crush! We need to stop this now!

I’m not able to afford to spend money on features in this game. I’d be broke and never be able to do anything else once I paid the price for playing this game. While I enjoy the tiny rewards I do get from the game, there are instances when the difficulty levels are so high that I’m often tempted delete my application due to frustration. This isn’t a pleasant experience when that happens. I understand that there is an extremely delicate balance between free and profit, the number of games that can be played per day, and paying customers. I am a huge fan of this game however.

It’s addictive, fun, and highly recommended! Thank you to the developers This is an amazing application. The only thing I’d suggest doing is to add more events, and making the piggy banks free after it’s filled. If you still wish to make money with the piggy bank, design it available to purchase the items in it earlier to earn money, but when it’s filled, you can take it out at no cost! I’m looking forward to seeing future updates! Thanks.

This is just an idea… When you design levels that you are aware don’t have enough moves in the beginning to get through this makes the experience difficult. Level 12793 is an example of such a level. In fact, the fact you provide 35 additional move in exchange for gold bars a clear indication. 20 moves aren’t enough, and you were aware of this when you designed the limit.

Fun and addictive. It’s a shame that I have to begin all over again. Someone stole my Facebook account and I lost the progress I’ve made throughout the years. My suggestion is to use your email address to create an account, so your progress is always saved. Enjoy playing this video sport…

The game can be a cheater in many ways. For example, if you have a lot of fish that are knocking out difficult spots hardly ever hit the ball which will allow the final hard block candy to let the last cherry to fall which gives the player victory in clearing the board, even when you’ve bought a booster or the boosters of fish for this particular reason.

Still addicted after for so many years. But dang… The game requires you to buy additional items in order to win the game, and they are priced way too many dollars! It is obvious that I would purchase these more frequently when the costs were less expensive.

I am enjoying playing the game in general, but certain levels take a long time to complete unless you are willing to invest money to get boosters or other items. This isn’t always an option for everyone, so you’re stuck trying to conquer the levels and this sometimes becomes tedious.

A few advertisements (well you can disable your internet connection to avoid advertisements). The levels gradually become more difficult, but they’re not too difficult. Overall, it’s a pretty decent game.

Cloyce is my partner in crime This is the sky I’ve been playing for some time. In other games I play on various devices, I’ve got problems. The problem is Kool for other players when they request lives, but they never give me any back and I’m always willing to give whatever I want, but I don’t believe it’s Kool. I don’t request lives every day, only when I’m desperate? Apart from that, I really love playing this game because there are surprises at every turn


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