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Dec 27, 2022
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Android 5.0 and up

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How to install Black Desert Mobile MOD APK v4.6.59 (Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Black Desert Mobile MOD APK v4.6.59 (Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Black Desert Mobile MOD APK v4.6.59 (Money) Game for Android


Awesome graphics, great character design, story is spotty (good in some parts, meh in others). The main issue is so many many many different systems. It’s an older game and they’ve tacked on one thing after another. Relics, alchemy stones, accessories, lightstones, rift stone, equipment and on and on. Each with its own different method of leveling up. I’ve been playing for a week now and I’m still lost as to what goes where. Could really use some streamlining. Going to keep at it though lol.

This is one of the best MMORPG that I have played so far. But I’ll give it a four star rating because as you progress in the game, it becomes really boring. It makes my phone heat up so I had to lower the graphic settings. It takes a lot of time and dedication to raise your CP (Combat Power), specially for f2p like me. The game is still great when it comes to character designs, unique skill sets, events, and abundance of rewards for every tasks. PvP Arena is really confusing though.

As a Hardcore player, i really enjoyed the game! The combat system, story quest, and an open world. But i would rate this game 4 stars because the render distance of the graphics is so low. The enemy would just appear in nowhere when you adjust your camera vision. But the game is great sometimes my phone stutter when playing, and i would advise if the game had an option to turn off auto run when clicking the quest, and lastly add an option to change the gender of the different classes, Thats all

I absolutely love the the game for its stunning graphics and the many available options, and this game would be the absolute #1 for me if it weren’t for the autoplay. Also the quests get a bit repetitive in my opinion. My advice for the creators: please, please remove the autoplay or at least put a switch button for it in settings, add more World of Warcraft-like quest lines and, while you’re at it, maybe make sure that interface has customisation or hide options, because it’s a bit crowdy.

Not sure why, but the game is laggy on my phone (redmi note 11 pro, which is pretty robust). The auto play is a bit annoying at times. I’m just a beginner and never played a pc variant, so all these ingredients and stuff are a total mistery to me, which makes me lost. Otherwise it’s a very pretty game)

I’m already addicted to the PC version and now I’m also addicted to the mobile too. It’s amazing how the map is mostly similar to PC! So many things to do. So many things are free. Tip: Mainquest till it’s over. It’s the only tip that helps. Don’t buy from the market yet if you’re still low level.

Could be a fun game, but I only play mobile games when I’m out of the house, and this game makes that impossible when it has a massive update anytime I launch it. The combat is just as flashy as the pc version but its built around idling even more than the pc version. I’ve been getting the hang of it and it’s actually a pretty fun mobile game, although it drains battery like nobody’s business. Also my eyes arent so good on a small screen so all the tiny writing has me squinting.

There is so much to learn first before you fully appreciate the entire game and I love that. The best feature about this game is that it never turn my phone into a flat iron, I one slept and woke up @6 the temp. Is still low, unlike other others games an hour of gameplay you can start cooking an egg over it. That’s amazing since I am just using a midrange device

Still one of the most beautiful and content-rich games on mobile. If you’ve got a high-end device, cut the graphics loose and enjoy it. Classes are varied, combat is fantastic. World is large and now with the new tougher zones is even more explorable. Kudos to PA for this version, it is truly amazing.

Absolutely amazing. If you’ve a low capability phone, dont get it. around nine GB of storage, it plays beautifully and the english voice acting is… pretty good honestly. It suffers from the same thing lots of mobile games do, micro transactions are a large part of the game it seems, but playing without paying is very rewarding nonetheless. the quests are quite simple, as most RPG’s are. Go here kill a thing, Go here talk to a person, go here kill a thing. Its got base building, somewhat… uhh


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